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823 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. I have had lichens sclerosis for about 5 years now. I am 52 and have not had sex for 4 and a half years. I has caused me depression and I feel so less of a woman. I feel like I am going to be alone for the rest of my life! I need a change!

    1. I always enjoyed sex with my husband (well when I wasn’t
      tired). I don’t know the exact day I felt pain, but it was in my
      mid forties when I realized it hurts to have sex. My
      husband was so understanding when I explained…
      Year 46 was the year I began my quest to find why so
      much pain for something that used to be so much fun.

      I went to my gynocologist who determined it was my large fibroid
      cysts that were perhaps putting pressure on my cervics.
      Because I wasn’t going to go through menopause anytime
      soon ( usually fibroids shrink at menopause), surgery was
      recommended. I had a hysterectomy and my cervics removed
      but 8 months later, there was still no difference in the pain
      I felt before the surgery. I was sent to a Gastroenterologist just
      to make sure the pain wasn’t a result of my colon. It wasn’t.
      I was then sent to a specialist in Hershey who prescribed
      various drugs that may help my problem. I did start feeling
      some relief but sex was a careful evening planned out for

      While visiting Dr. Cohen for Dysport Day, I noticed information
      about a procedure called the O Shot. I thought why not give
      this a try…it sounds like such a healthy alternative (taking one’s
      own platelets and injecting them back in the areas compromised).
      I knew it may not work, but I believed I had nothing to lose and
      a lot to gain if this worked. I scheduled an appointment that day.

      Six months after my O shot, year 53, I experienced total pain free
      sex! The O shot brought the fun back into sex. I enjoy sex
      once again…of course that is when I am not tired.

    2. I have had it for 4 yrs now no sex if my hub dont like it he can leave i also had breast cancer ib 09 and now i have it again it seems like it never ends. But im not giving up hope ur not alone just remember that if u need to ttalk im here

        1. Dr. Heath Scott in Yazoo City has just started doing this procedure. It’s considered an elective surgery so the cost falls to the patient. Dr. Scott’s office is charging around $1200.

  2. I am so happy I have found this information they are doing research on lichen sclerosus. I have had this for 8 years, ever since to moved to FL from PA……I am VERY excited about this research!!!

  3. Very interested to know positive and,negative results for women who already experience great orgasms but take a dht blocker to keep their hair which prevents orgasming.

  4. I am 41 years old and it has always been difficult for me to have an orgasm. I have been newly diagnosed with Sjogrens in the past year and vaginal dryness is one of the symptoms that comes with this autoimmune disease. My question is have you had any patients to receive the O shot who have been diagnosed with Sjogrens if so what were their results. If not will there be any up coming trial studies.

      1. regarding lichen sclerosus i have had this for many years it is not just about intercourse but pain constantly skin splitting bleeding itching burning and not wanting to even get dressed . i have used a couple of creams to no success . i am in canada so maybe you find a dr in winnipeg manitoba who does this procedure thank you .

        1. Hi Vickie, the O-Shot can help significantly with Lichen Sclerosus. The treatment can help the tissue heal and reduce the destruction of the tissue. Not sure where you live but you are welcome to call my office at Seiler Skin, in Birmingham AL if you would like to come see me for more information.

  5. I had the o-shot a few weeks ago at Dr. Amy Brenner’s in Cincinnati. They were very professional and answered all my questions about expectations of the procedure. Though I was not experiencing any major issues, I felt there was something missing with sex and achieving orgasm. I have definitely seen improvement in my relations the last few days and am excited to see the full outcomes over the next months. It was such a simple procedure I wouldn’t mind doing it again! Thanks Dr. Brenner for helping me improve my quality of life!

  6. just seen gynaecologist Yesterday and she said I had the desease and she gave me an ointment to put on, she didn’t say to bath first and rub it in for 90 sec thanks for that information. I would love to do a trial and help out the research for a cure.

    1. We finally finished forming the legal entity to collect money as a non-profit to fund further lichen sclerosus research. The O-Shot group funded the first research EVER to show that PRP alone shows benefit with symptoms and on biopsy to help those who suffer with lichen sclerosus. But, a small study of only 10 people had a budget approaching $100,000. To really do this right, we need more funding (patients were compensated for travel, all lab testing, and the pathologists were paid). We are waiting now for approval from the IRS for text-deductible status (hopefully in the next 60 days)

    2. Thank you for making contacting us, Juliette. All of the O-Shot® providers contribute to the research but research is so expensive that the funding is not adequate and since there is no drug involved, there’s no big pharmaceutical company to fund the research. By filling out the form on this website (click) you’ll be notified of the next research project where patients are treated free.

  7. My o shot was done in September 2015 by Dr. Runels in Fairhope. I’m 63, hysterectomized, with Sjogrens in addition to normal postmenopausal dryness. That, and thinning of the vaginal lining, made intercourse painful, bloody, and very rare. Also, I had no desire AND I peed my pants when I sneezed. One week after having the shot, I had to wake my husband up in the middle of the night to service me! Now my husband is a whole new man and treats me like he did when we were first married 22 years ago instead of treating me like a housekeeper. As amazing as the change in me is, the change regular sex has made on his outlook on life is night and day! BTW, I don’t pee myself anymore either! If the shot ever wears off, I’ll be first in line to get another one!

    1. Thank you very very much for having the courage to tell your story.

      The procedure does not work for everyone, but it works so very well for over 80% of the women treated that we are pushing forward with more research to better understand how to identify those it may help and how to make it work better for those for whom it does not help. Sjogrens can be very frustrating and hopefully your courage will lead other women to healing and relationships to mending.

      1. Great to hear another great example and testimony. I am so happy to finally be offering the Oshot. Dr. Runels is a genius and I am proud to be a colleague of his!

        Warren B. Seiler III, MD
        Seiler Skin Cosmetic Laser & Aesthetics Center
        Birmingham AL

  8. I have not been diagnosed to have LS but I watched your video on it and I am 99.9% sure this is what I have. I am 60 years old have painful sex even burning as well as pain after sex. I have itching swelling and pain almost daily. I looked in a mirror at my vulvar and looks similar to pictures you displayed. I have had this problem roughly for a year. At first I thought it was a yeast infection and used vaginal cream but did not help. As you stated it is embarrassing and has taken me long time to realize this a serious ptoblrm. I am afraid I eons find a doctor that will treat me correctly. I understand you are I. Washington DC and I live in south Texas is there any recommendations of a doctor that’s familiar with the correct treatment in my area maybe corpus christi or San Antonio texas. If not perhaps in Texas at all

    1. Hi Renata, sorry to hear about your concerns. From your note, it sounds like the O-Shot would really help you. I am not sure who does this in your area, i am in practice in Birmingham AL and would be happy to see you here. My office is 205-870-0204.

    2. Rebate my ob/gun office does this procedure. They are in the woodlands, Tx about 3 hour 30 min drive for you. I would be willing to bet their are docs there who do it also. My place is The Woodlands Gynocolgy
      Link here.

      I see Laura Sheffar, Dr Peets PA and she is the most amazing person. Very intelligent about so many things.

  9. I’m 32 y/o Black Woman. I had never been able to have a vaginal orgasm ever in my life. I was very Sexual and had lots of Sex. I could only have clitoral orgasms. And for the longest time I had always faked orgasms while having sex. I always enjoyed the sex, but it was never enough for me. I was always the one that cared more about the guys pleasure than my own. Until I got with my last boyfriend. He was the same way, as far as caring about me being pleased before himself. So He would try his best to feel me orgasm, so when I faked it. He would say “I didn’t feel it”, and I knew he prob felt I was faking because it would still b kinda dry down there. So I started to Keigel my Vag on his penis, so he could think I did. Lol!!!!You can be the best actress, but if you’re not juicy, you’re not Juicy. So I decided to drive to Mobile, AL to get the shot in August 2015. The staff was very Professional, very Nice. The procedure only took 30 minutes. I was soooo excited. About 5-6 weeks passed, I didn’t feel any change. So they told me to come back so they can redo the procedure. They redid it, but wasn’t as friendly after I left. I kind of felt that they thought I was lying about it. But there really were no changes after the first procedure. The doctor just left me in the room by myself. I felt Sm type of way. They told me to call them back within a few weeks. But they screened my calls and didn’t answer. So I felt very disappointed because I called from other numbers and they answered. So I felt cheated, Big time!!!! After about a week, I started having this feeling of awareness In my vag area. And it would stay there for hours!!! But I still couldn’t have a vaginal orgasm. But my clit was a little bit larger and my Boyfriend noticed I was tighter and juicer. So, today Dec 30, I had that same hypersensitive feeling in my Vag. I had Sex And had a Vaginal Orgasm!!!!! About 15 mins later, I had another one!!!! I had to come and share this because I truly lost hope. I felt cheated. I checked this forum every week to read what others have to say. It took 4 months for my O Shot to work the way I wanted it to. I guess it’s true when they say Good things come to those who wait because I had given up! Don’t give up Ladies. I almost did.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you very much for your honesty and your courage to encourage other women!

      You could have kept this story to yourself. Also, here’s to your lover who has the sensitivity to be aware of your body and the affection to want to see you enjoy the gift of the emotional bond that comes with orgasm. Part of the difficulty of treating women who have difficulty with vaginal orgasm is that there is a component that requires some sensitivity on the part of the partner.

      The most difficult situation to treat with the O-Shot® procedure is trying to enjoy vaginal orgasm for the first time and does require awareness of the whole orgasm system (as outlined here).

      Here’s to your courage to continue on a path of closer connection and more intense pleasure. Sex really is an art and the best artists never stop learning. The good thing is that now that you’ve traveled the path to a vaginal orgasm, you’ll find it easier to find in the future and find variations of orgasm.

      Thank you again for encouraging others to not give up.

      1. I thought the forum was for honesty and experience. Don’t understand why say I could have kept the story to myself. I know other women that would relate to my story. I’ve encouraged other friends to get the shot and I was very real and graphic. I never sugarcoat. My experience is for others out there who feel and deal with the same as I. Yes, I could have left a little bit of it out. But I was giving my Entire Experience. Because I see women on here saying it doesn’t work and don’t know how to express themselves.

        1. Hi Amber Love, this is Dr. Seiler from Birmingham AL. I am a specialist with this procedure. Very happy to hear it works for you and yes, sometimes it takes time. i read the “admin” reply to your post and i think you may have misunderstood him saying that “you could have kept the story to yourself.” I believe that he was thanking you for sharing instead of “keeping it to yourself” because you do have a great story that could help a lot of women. I think he was only congratulating you and thanking you for sharing when you didn’t have to! Hope it continues to work well for you and happy to have you as a patient in Birmingham if you ever need my help!

    2. Hi Amber, that gives me some hope, I had my first shot nov, 5th, I never had a vaginal orgasm either, last week I was able to achieve an orgasm but only with masterbaition, still nothing with sex, I have my 2nd shot tomorrow! Hope this helps

  10. I am Vickie Hicks. I lost my ovaries at 14 due to multiple dermoid cysts. The ovaries actually ruptured. At 40 I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis. I have had many horrible breakouts. I have a lot of scaring. I no longer have a clitoris that I can feel anyway and my genitals are deformed from the scaring. I have not had sex in years and I hate it! And, so does my husband. I live in Southern Utah and would travel anywhere for help. Are there any viable options for me?

    1. Hi Vickie, the O-Shot can help significantly with Lichen Sclerosus. The treatment can help the tissue heal and reduce the destruction of the tissue. Not sure where you live but you are welcome to call my office at Seiler Skin, in Birmingham AL if you would like to come see me for more information.

  11. I received the shot 8 weeks ago, I can tell a big difference, I’m 48 yrs old & never have had a vaginal orgasm, the last few days I have had orgasms with masterbaition & they are very intense! I was just wondering , after I get my 2nd shot will it be easier to have an orgasm during intercourse?

  12. For those with Lichen Sclerosis – my dermatologist gave me a round of antibiotics and had me start taking bleach baths (1/4 cup) in the tub for 10 minutes three times a week. It’s certainly not a cure – but it certainly helped. I was to the point I couldn’t hardly urinate without almost passing out from the pain and this cleared it up to a tolerable state in about 48 hours. It’s worth a try – until someone finds a cure!

    1. Hi Vickie, the O-Shot can help significantly with Lichen Sclerosus. The treatment can help the tissue heal and reduce the destruction of the tissue. Not sure where you live but you are welcome to call my office at Seiler Skin, in Birmingham AL if you would like to come see me for more information.

      1. Thank you. I will be calling your office for an appointment. I will be traveling from Southern Utah so I will have to get a flight in and out for the appointment.

        1. Great. We often see patients from other states. I will let my patient coordinators (Laura and Abby) know you will be calling and they can help get you scheduled. We have a special Seiler Skin rate at nearby hotels if you need to spend the night. I look forward to helping you!

      2. Hi,
        Will this procedure help with tightening of the vagina? That’s the problem I’m having. It’s much too loss. I want a tighter feel and si di my husband. I just want to make sure this procedure is right for me.

        1. The o shot combined with the femilift laser procedure or LEO (laser enhanced o-shit) will significantly tighten the vagina. We offer this at out Fairhope office. I would be happy to discuss the details with you further. 251-517-1050

  13. I was just diagnosed with lichens about a month ago :(. I haven’t had sex with my husband in over 3 months because the pain is unbearable. It has came to a point of letting him move on to a another woman. I can’t stand walking, sitting, etc. I’m only 32 years old, what can I do?. I cry myself to sleep every night, because of the pain.

    1. Hello Katie,

      Some diseases deserve to be hated…lichen sclerosus is one of them.

      Dr. Runels has formed a non-profit to further fund research in this area. PLEASE don’t give up. In the mean time, see one of our providers who offers the O-Shot® procedure with a combination of steroid cream if needed.

    2. Hi Katie, I hate to hear you are suffering but the O-Shot can really help with Lichen Sclerosus (in most women). I would be happy to help you. My practice is Seiler Skin Cosmetic Laser & Aesthetics Center in Birmingham AL at 205-870-0204 and we would be happy to see you!

    1. I am 64 and have been suffering with this condition 7 years now. Just last week I found a Doctor who knew something about this condition. I have suffered to the point of suicide as a way out of my suffering. After reading post here I see I am not alone. I would love to know more about the O-shot, side effects ect. I am only 130 miles from Birmingham and willing to give the O-shot a try.

      1. Hi Julie, sorry to hear you are suffering and i would be happy to help. You are not alone, and this treatment could really help you! For more information, you can go to my practice website at I can also send you a free copy of Dr. Runels’ book “Activate the Female Orgasm System” which is a quick read but very informative and we would be happy to see you for a consult. I also offer consults over skype for patients who live farther away (and this works nicely as i see patients from many different states). Please call us at 205-870-0204 to schedule.

  14. Hi,
    I am definitely going to get the OShot and can’t wait to experience vaginal orgasms. I have no problem achieving an orgasm but not vaginally. I noticed that the O Shot either works approximately 4 to 6 weeks and/or with receiving more than 1 shot. Is this common for most or it depends on the person. Also, I read the book “Activating The Orgasm System” and I could not put it down. Some of the patients noticed a difference immediately. Why is there such a difference in the time frame and only after receiving the first shot?

    1. Women younger than 35 or so who are functioning well sexually and are getting the procedure to help with mild to moderate urinary incontinence with exercise etc are those most likely so see extreme hyper-sexuality the first few days.

    2. Hi Vickie, there is some variability in results and time to see them. I believe that it depends on your body’s own ability to respond to the O-Shot stimulating tissue regeneration and improvement in sensation and tissue health. it also depends on severity of your condition and the cause of your symptoms. However, it really does work in most women and most patients see a great result.

  15. I have been diagnosed with Lichens Sclerosus and have a history of vaginal/vulvar squamous cell carcinoma. I was prescribed topical steroids but was unable to tolerate the side effects of intense burning and itching immediately after use. I get frequent fissures, as well as pain and bleeding with intercourse. The perineal area is so hypersensitive, especially in the repair area, that the thought of a needle going there scares the crap out of me and I’m a registered nurse. Is anesthesia provided for the injection or will I need Valium (lol)? No, really! I’m 53 and had surgical menopause at 28. My doctor is stepping me off estrogen (that’s scary too) and my sex drive is really low. With my vag history, am I a candidate for this Tx?

    1. Hi Rachael, sorry to hear you are having trouble. When i perform the O-Shot, we use a strong topical numbing agent and i do a small local lidocaine shot. Believe it or not, it is usually painless to near painless. I know it sounds scary but it is really simple. Most patients do not even know i am doing it since the numbing works so well. I have only had one patient that had a burning sensation with the treatment which took about 4 minutes to go away. there is no pain afterwords other than an occasional since of needing to urinate for about 30 minutes after treatment. The O-Shot helps a lot of women so i would encourage you to get it! Not sure where you live, my practice is in Alabama, but there are providers around the country. Just make sure that they are certified by Dr. Runels to provide the treatment!

  16. Hi, im waiting for a consultation with a specialist after my gp diagnosed LS. Im wondering is it just me or does anyone else feel tired all the time ????.

    1. It would be a good idea to talk and understand what is going on to make you feel that you need the o-shot. There is not an age limit but we should make sure it is what you need before you invest in the procedure 251-517-1050

  17. I see. I am a 40 yr old of mother of three. I am post menopausal already. My phycian confirmed with my blood work. Sigh. I have noticed a lower libido but I can manage with it. However would love to increase it. Would you recommend it still?

    1. Yes absolutely, from what you have described, you are a very good candidate to see potentially great results. Happy to see you as a patient if you can come to my office (Seiler Skin in Birmingham AL). Would be happy to see you for a consult in person or on skype to discuss further. Our number is 205-870-0204.

      1. Thanks Kristin! I am currently doing a hormonal therapy now. I am going to setup a consultation for my OShot this week. Hope it helps!

    1. No. You are right that Emla does not work. I use a very strong compounded lidocaine and prilocaine cream that I’ve been using for years. I’ve compared it’s over 40 numb and creams in this is truly the best. It is the same one that I use for my facial resurfacing that makes the tissue completely numb.

    2. Most providers are using a topical BLT bream containing benzocaine lidocaine and tetracaine. Applied in advance it works. There is also a anesthetic block procedure that can be done prior to treating the clitoris.

  18. After performing the O shot for several years on many patients and having several of them myself, I think the procedure is great for stress incontinence and vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation. To me it works best if your hormones are balanced using bioidentical hormones. It is showing great sucess in improving the symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus. Most times it requires more than one treatment. In my opinion this is best done by a board certified Gynecologist or board certified Dermatologist. Dr. Runels has trained many of us. It is easy to look up your state and fine the doctor that is closest to you to go yo for treatment. Check the credentials of that doctor or give their office a call to see what training that doctor has had. Take care and I wish everyone better health and healing.
    Kathleen Posey MD FACOG FAARFM

  19. I am a 60 yr old young who has desire, loves sex & has the most patient lover & at my age no problem getting wet. I have no pain from sex. However, I no longer feel the sensations, nor have orgasms, past 4-5 yrs. I did have the O-shot 6 months ago. There was slight sensation the 1st couple weeks & nothing since. Has anyone experienced this and had additional shots that may have helped.

    1. Hi, everyone is different in result and time to seeing result. At six months, you should be seeing results. However, it may take longer in some patients depending on how much “tissue regeneration” is needed. I would say that since you did see some result, and if you are healthy otherwise and do not have any complicating gynecological problems, that you should see more to come but that it should also help to have another treatment. Most certified providers of the O-Shot usually offer a second treatment at around six months. Hope that helps!

  20. I was biopsied and diagnosed with LS 2 years ago. The Gyn has me on Premarin and Anucort (1/2 capsule every other day vaginally). LS is ruining my life, in every way. If I get the O-Shot will I be able to discontinue Premarin and the steroid? Neither have made my LS any better. I am 67 but am not ready to give up my sex life but at this point it is non-existant. We LS patients need help.

    1. Hi Marcia, sorry to hear about your suffering from LS. The O-Shot can be very effective in treating/reducing Lichen Sclerosus, in some patients it can be near-curative. if you get the 0-Shot and get significant improvement then we would wean you off of the topicals (especially since you said they are not helping). Steroids can actually decrease your healing ability too so that’s another reason to try to get you off of the topical steroid. It sounds like you would be a good candidate for the O-Shot! If you don’t mind me asking, where do you live?

  21. I am a 41 year old woman that has struggled with incontinence issues (any time I run or jump) for the last 13years ( after my first child was born). About 3 weeks ago I was in Boca Roton and received the “O shot ™”. The results were almost immediate and continue to be amazing. I ran 3 miles this morning and It sounds rediculous, but I was smiling almost the entire time! I feel as if I need to inform every woman I possibly can. This is something (Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP) that comes from your own bodys blood and is injected into the vagina. With a little topical anesthetic, the injection is both painless and non invasive… with no side effects!!! In my opinion it should offered at every urologist, OBGYN, Med-Spa etc.. This injection has changed my life:)

    The inventor Dr. Charles Runels is a brilliant man and all I can say to him is THANK YOU !!!

  22. I wish you weren’t so far away, but even if you weren’t, there is No Way I could afford the procedure! Don’t know if our problems are unique to others… But my partner (man), no longer has any desire to have sex anymore and I have been having problems of wanting sex also! We have had sex 1 time in over 10+ years, & during it, it was very painful for me & bleeding and soreness followed, during & after! It started after I had to have an emergency Hysterectomy at age 38y/o. I have had many problems since I was 16, & had my first surgery, due cysts & other things that were not completely explained to me at the time of 16 y/o! I was in the hospital for 11 days, being pumped full of antibiotics the whole time. Though I would have pain in my abdominal area every time I ovulated, I still had a nice sex life with the desire! You should probably know, I got pregnant at 15 y/o, & by the time my son was 9 mos old, is when I started having the pain that became unbearable!! They first thought it was a UTI, while I was on the antibiotic things calmed down, within 2 weeks after I was done with the meds, everything came back, except 10x worse! Even after the operation, I still had problems but just learned to deal with it! At 19 y/o, I found a wonderful Dr & she did a dye test to see if my tubes were open, as most of my pain came during ovulation, my tubes were mostly blocked, but some of the dye came through. My Dr. went in and removed the tendrils off my tubes and got them opened, folded and hemmed my tubes in the hope they would stay open, there were numerous cysts & she removed my left ovary & half or more of my right! At 37, I had a huge cyst on my left side, my Dr had just retired the day it ruptured, I had to find a new GYN & she kept saying I had a cyst on my left ovary, I kept telling her I did not have a left ovary, she told me I didn’t know what I was talking about, & since I couldn’t get my medical files, as they were being distributed to a Dr, my old Dr thought would be best for me. It was Nov 1st, 1999, that the cyst ruptured, I was miserable and in severe pain!!! My PCP, sent me to the GYN, who wouldn’t listen to me, she finally set up the appointment for the Hysterectomy on January 18th, 2000, the day after my 38th birthday! After the operation was over she told my mom and boyfriend that, no wonder I was in so much pain & I was right & I did not have a left ovary… Needless to say I was LIVID over the way she had treated me, my PCP, is who gave me some pain killers, until I had the operation!! In October of the same year, I awoke to go to work, & I fell full body slam to the floor and started having MAJOR MUSCLE PAIN, my joints were swelling & muscles seizing, & absolutely MISERABLE!! It took over 2 years before it was confirmed, I had R/A!! Since then I have been on A LOT OF SERIOUS MEDS!!! From the normal R/A drugs, to high powered pain meds! I know that the Opiates can have an effect on male and female libido’s, my man became more addicted to the drugs, than I did & I have spent the last 2 years getting off as much of the Opiates as possible, but the R/A Meds are not & haven’t done much if anything, & we have tried ALL of them!! Currently, I am having an Infusion, (Biologic) of Acterma for almost a year now and it’s worked better than anything else, with very little side effects! I am still taking 60-90mg of Roxicodone, a day… Now that I have given you my history.. lol, I’ll let Our current problems out. My Man has come off the drugs he was taking from me, but still has the Want for the drugs, I only take what & when I need to, mostly 30mgs, every 12 hours as needed!! I have the desire for sex, & I had hope that once He was off the drugs, his desires would come back, to no avail! A few years back, he did go to a Dr, that tested his testosterone levels, & the Dr said he had less than most women do! He is at least 100#’s over weight and won’t discuss ANYTHING with me! While I’m going through my own Libido problems and not sure if I need a Hormone or if something else is the problem, I have the desire for sex, but my body is not doing what it should! As in, no normal lubrication is happening, & I have kind of marked it off to, If you don’t use it, you lose it! As it has now been over 13 years since I have taken any Hormone Replacement, I don’t know what the problem could be, other than what I’ve already told you! I guess my question is, is there anything out there to help men?!?! He said that his Dr put him on Cialis, which he didn’t tell me about it & was not making any advances towards me, & has rejected me to the point that I know longer even try to make ANY TYPE OF ADVANCES towards him & when I bring up the subject, he is VERY DEFINSIVE about it, we can’t even discuss the problem & he has NOT gone to ANY Dr, since they did the tests on the testosterone!! I’m now 54 y/o, & quite frankly have thought long and hard about having an affair, but that is NOT REALLY ME!! I don’t know who I should turn to, or how & why I should, if he’s not willing to participate! Sorry for the LONG STORY, just thought it would be helpful, as I don’t understand why my body isn’t responding as it should either! Ever since I first heard of the O-Shot, I have wondered if it would help me, but then again, why go through it and get all hot and bothered, & NOONE to enjoy it with!! Should I see a new GYN, or go back on Hormone Therapy, or go to a Psychiatrist/Counselor about the situation!?!? Any suggestions would be happily accepted! Thank You for your time and any help or suggestions, you can give me!! Just call ME OVERLY Concerned & FRUSTRATED!!! Sincerely, Sue

  23. I am 64 and have LS same as you do, and used the same medications with no relief. I was desperate and tried everything and finally found what works for me is vitamin E oil or olive oil 2 to 3 times a day. This has been a miracle for me but not a cure.

    1. Hi, yes to both! the O-Shot uses your own growth factors and other elements in your blood to help rejuvenate tissue, increase blood flow and tissue function and can even be preventative in patients who are not seeing problems or are just beginning to, in addition to those patients who are experiencing more severe issues. I am happy to give you more information if you want to contact me at my practice (Seiler Skin, 205-870-0204). Hope that helps!

    1. Hi, yes to both! the O-Shot uses your own growth factors and other elements in your blood to help rejuvenate tissue, increase blood flow and tissue function and can even be preventative in patients who are not seeing problems or are just beginning to, in addition to those patients who are experiencing more severe issues. I am happy to give you more information if you want to contact me at my practice (Seiler Skin, 205-870-0204). Hope that helps!

      1. Dr. Seiler – Many thanks for taking the time to address my questions concerning vaginal thinning. It is a plus to have such a knowledgeable and experienced physician addressing questions on this site. I called your office this morning and spoke with Abby. She was very kind, professional and helpful! I reside in Ohio. At this time, secondary to my work and school schedule, it appears it will be best that I have this procedure done by a trained and certified practitioner in Ohio. Should that not materialize, I will keep you in mind. Thank you for all you do for others and for being so helpful, kind and compassionate.

        1. Hi and my pleasure! I totally understand with you being farther away. You can find a list of certified providers on this website. If doing your own research, make sure that the provider you go to is listed on this site (only certified and trained providers are allowed to offer the O-Shot). I am happy to help anytime with any future questions. Good luck and I would love to know how it goes if you want to stay in touch, you can email me directly at

  24. I have had lichen sclerosis for about 5 yrs and its ruined my life ..I am 65Yrs old and had a good healthy sex life now I am so ashamed of my genitals and it hurts sonetime all the time ..I need a doctor to help me..I have a lot odvlife in me

    1. Hi Ms. Pollard, sorry to hear you have been suffering. I believe that the O-Shot could really help you. Providers of this procedure have seen really good results in patients with LS. Please contact me if you would like to discuss (Seiler Skin, 205-870-0204).

  25. My daughter is 21 years old and has lichen sclerosus. The steroid cream has helped somewhat. She is unable to have sexual intercourse due to the extreme pain. Maybe some pelvic floor dysfunction too. Her hair has thinned drastically in the last year. Her joints are very hypermobile. (My son recently saw a rheumatologist and was diagnosised with Ehlers danlos type 3. I am 99.9 percent sure she has this collegen disorder too and her problems stem from this auto immune disorder.) would the o shot be beneficial to my daughter?

    1. Hi Karen. Although i do think the O-Shot would help, she also needs to see a rheumatologist or other specialist to get a full diagnosis and treatment plan. That being said, i do think that the O-Shot should help with the LS and her pain. Platelet Rich Plasma has also shown great results in helping with thinning hair and both procedures can be done in the same day with one blood draw. Happy to give more advice if you want to contact me at my practice (Seiler Skin, 205-870-0204).

  26. From the time I was 20 years old I had chronic/severe pelvic pain. To the point I would hit the ground from pain going through my pelvic area, to my back, then to legs. This would last for several minutes. I was diagnosed at 14 with Endometreosis, and Gynocologist attempted to treat me for years. I had a “total hysterectomy” at age 30. I had no “side effects” that women have when they go through menopause. However, the pains kept happening. I was sent to Gastrointestinal Doctors (prescribed meds, had several Coloniscopies) and still had pain. However, my sex drive was crazy!!! And multi-orgasmic from both areas. When I turned 44, I began bleeding so I contacted a new Gynocologist who then referred me to a Gynocolical Oncologist. A Robotic Hysterectomy (to remove the 1/2 cm Cervix that was remaining) was performed, and part of my Vagina was removed. I was in Hospital for 16 days in total, and then I started having Vaginal Dryness, Severe Pain in intercourse, and Itching. As well as, Orgasims happen-but only Clitoraly and not a gusher like before. My husband says that when he tries to have actual penetration, it’s like Vise Grips Squeezing his Penis, and it is painful for him. Also, it is extremely hard for us to actually do penetration. Since our Sex Life used to be daily, and more than once per day, this has put a strain on the marriage. I’m about to be 48 years old, and there are no Doctors who seem to be able to help me (or us). We are both Sexual and I still Mentally want it, but Physically my body fights me when we attempt Penetration so it’s only Oral for us for the last 2 years and only about 2 times per week. It’s very frustrating! I’m concerned for the marriage, and I’m tired of the pain, itching, dryness. I have had a total of 14 surgeries since I was 26 years old, and still no medical help or relief. Can this help me?

    1. Hi Tamela, sorry to hear of your troubles and suffering. This is obviously a complicated situation and question. Honest truth is that I don’t know if the O-Shot would help. In theory, it should, with how it works to increase function of the tissue and help restore function. It also helps to rejuvenate tissue. I would never want you to waste your money on something that won’t provide an effect, that being said, it certainly won’t hurt. I am an optimist and would suggest that you find a provider near you and try it. If the cost is reasonable to you (and it seems as if you are in the mind set to try anything) then i think you should try it, even if it helps just a mild to moderate amount, it could really change things for you. In addition, you are right in thinking that there is not anything else that would really help with those issues after so many surgeries so i think that the O-Shot is worth a try.

      I would also be interested to see other providers’ opinions to your question on this forum. Please contact me if you would like to discuss further (Seiler Skin, 205-870-0204). I am happy to discuss with you over the phone to see if it would help you, even if you are not close enough to me to get the treatment with me, i am happy to tell you about my thoughts on it.

    1. Hi Rachel, yes the O-Shot can help with lack of sensation and engorgement. The treatment works by helping to regenerate your own tissue that may have atrophied from many causes. Atrophy of tissue can cause a decreased sexual sensation and lack of blood flow and that is exactly what the O-Shot can improve!

  27. Thank you so much for responding to my email ..Becauae I am constantly in pain and there are other things that I would like to discuss with you..I will be contacting you thanks again..

  28. Thanks for responding to my email ..there are lot of issues that I have with LS that I would likevto consult with you about ..cannot express how thankful that I am to have found thus website and I will !! and I will be in contact with you…

  29. Suffering a great deal from LS. I’m 33 years old. Have had it for 3 years after being burned down there with a hair removal laser. Clitoris has totally shrunk to a tiny pea and no sensation, cannot have sex let alone orgasm. I feel like my life is over. No doctors in the UK can help me I’ve been everywhere. This is impossible. They say they’ve never heard of this before and keep telling me to take Amytriptyline which is an anti depressant and good for pain management. Why doesn’t anyone understand what I am going through?

      1. Thank you. I will look into that. I contacted several private hospital dermatology clinics who also said they hadn’t heard of this issue before. Either more women need to come forward and not be afraid to open up about this issue and doctors should invest more into research in this country because I have felt at a complete loss for three years. One hospital consultant dermatologist explained v rejuvenation is not available on the National Health Service which is so unfortunate and forces patients to go to private doctors who are not part of the NHS meaning the patient is not covered in case something were to go wrong. Thanks for the helpful guidance.

  30. I have been suffering from what was diagnosed as Lichen Sclerosis back in 2010, for at less ten years. It has worsened over time, and I am so afraid it will turn into cancer. I am too young to be this sexually void, and I don’t feel like I am a fulfilling wife. My husband understands, but he doesn’t know what to do because he cannot help me. I have tried all the over the counter remedies, natural remedies, and prescriptions, nothing keeps it at bay for long. Its miserable to have to pee in a public bathroom and people hear me sobbing from pain. I just want to feel better.

    1. Hi Julie, sorry to hear you are struggling with this. Many patients do. You are not alone. The O-Shot can really help with LS. I would be happy to see you as a patient. My practice is in Birmingham AL. If you are from another state, we can consult over the phone or skype. Feel free to call us at 205-870-0204. My practice website is I would be happy to hear from you to try to help you.

  31. I am very interested in the O shot and PRP information and any clinical trials that I may be able to participate in.

    Thank you,
    Michelle Holobetz

    1. Hi Michelle. You can find a lot of information on the O-Shot website and also on my website ( about the treatments. We are starting a trial involving the O-Shot for Lichen Sclerosus. Hope that answers your question.

  32. I would really love to get the O shot is there any one in Toledo, Ohio who gives these? I’ve always had a problem with having an orgasm! I’d love to try anything that would help! Please help me I’m 39 years old well almost 40 in a week and want to experience the best sexual experience I can!

  33. I have lived with LS for my whole life. I got diagnosed with it about 16 years ago. I am miserable and have had no luck. I just want to not be miserable!!

    1. Hi Nicole, sorry to hear you are suffering. The O-Shot has shown great results in reducing LS significantly, even near-curative in some patients. I would be happy to see you. My practice is in Birmingham AL. If you are too far away, i would still be happy to talk over the phone or skype to give you information and there may be a certified provider close to you. Let me know what i can do to help!

  34. I had the o-shot 2 days ago.I had a little pain with the procedure.I still feel burning on the inside of my vagina.It feels like a yeast infection? Is that normal? It is uncomfortable.

    1. the initial reaction to the PRP can be more inflammation (whether it’s for dyspareunia or for lichen sclerosus). usually that goes away by the end of week and then improvement will start to happen until better than when started. often there will be left a small area that should be retreated at the end of 6 weeks or so, then we are seeing resolution in some (not all) for up to a year or more. What you do with the steroid creams, biopsies, etc., should be looked at on an individual basis with your provider until we get collect more data. We FINALLY have a non profit put together to help fund more of this research. So, far it’s come out of the pocket of the O-Shot® provider group (at around $100,000) but to pay for lab testing, patient reimbursement, pathologists, Institutional Review Board, mathematicians, etc, for large convincing studies, we will need much more…and since there’s no drug to sell…there’s no pharmaceutical company with stock holders to help finance. More about this coming soon!

      1. thank you for the response.My provider said vaginal discharge,burning is normal and some irritation.I was not informed of a re treatment after 6 weeks.Is that usually the case? I did use a certified o-shot provider.

        1. Not usually needed for stress incontinence and female sexual dysfuntion (only in about 15-20%) but with lichen scelrosus, often there will be much improvement but a small place that does not completely resolve the requires a second treatment.

    2. Hi Mel, i agree with the admin comment. some burning after the procedure is normal, especially if it is with urination. The risk of complications with this procedure (if performed correctly by a certified O-Shot provider) is very low, but i would still discuss your symptoms with whomever provided the procedure. Hope that helps!

  35. I have had lichen sclerosis for 26 years. Despite being under treatment for 25 years, symptoms have worsened over the years. This summer, I had a bilateral partial vulvectomy to remove VIN2 which did not respond to
    Imiqunoid. Luckily the surgeon got clean margins. Of course, now my cancer risk has increased. I feel as if things are going from bad to worse.

    1. Hi Amy, sorry to hear that you have been suffering for so long. Although this is a difficult case, i would hope that the O-Shot should really help you and i would not think that it would change your cancer risk, although that should be discussed with your cancer doctor. Happy to give you more information if you need!

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