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965 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Dr. Posey gave me the O-shot and my life has improved. I suffered stress incontinence for several years and tried different treatments, including a shot of collagen. The collagen shot helped but eventually wore off. The O-shot has helped my stress incontinence and improved my sex life. I would recommend Dr. Posey and the O-shot to anyone.

    • testerone will cause positive things for wemon, but its true its, no profitable, for the f d a to approve it, but as a woman, I can yell you we , need it. donna ps and yes I had incontance, at stress times, but with, testerone, its positive, stress and you become stronger alert, a strong drive for what , evar it is , you are striving, for. This is , what living and life is, about, to be alert, to be erect in body and mind, is life, itself, when you begain, to loose that, is the begaining, of death. to understand, this is to defend, yourself, against it, read and understand, what finding, the correct dosage, of testerone, CAN make a life changing difference in your life !!!!!!!!! !! donna

      • Hello GiGi,

        Glad to get the word out! Thank you for letting people know! Let Dee know that she can contact Dr. Runels for personal updates that she pass on to her group at the following email address:

        We are extending the study that we did with Andrew Goldstein, MD. The method that Dr. Runels demonstrated for him showed positive results so the study is being extended to more people. The initial study will be presented in June and the final results of the extended study (if positive as expected) will likely lead to a multi-center study across the US. So, let’s keep you guys in the loop.

  2. I had the O shot the week before Christmas by an approved provider trained by Dr. Runnels. I have had extremely poor results, in fact, making it almost impossible to achieve an orgasm at all! I had no trouble with achieving orgasm before with a vibrator, but was hoping for better luck with intercourse. Now, I have no desire, and almost feel numb around my clitoris. The dr that did my procedure immediately said I would need at least two treatments, at $1600 plus tax per procedure. I am scheduled soon for the second one but read on this site that Dr Runels said it is not recommended as a two injection procedure. I would love to hear from Dr Runels or someone in his office for advice. thank you very much for reading. do your research before doing this! you may be worse off than before and $1600+ poorer.

    • Hello Priscilla,

      Thank you for writing. I’m sorry about your results. Here’s a few things to know.

      1. At only about 3 weeks post procedure, it’s just now time for the procedure to START to work (takes a full 2-3 months for full effect.

      2. Though both pain and sensation sometimes get worse before better, there has never (out of literally millions of injection in the face and over 10,000 injections in the vagina) a case of PRP causing damage to nerves and sensation. It’s actually used to restore nerve tissue in some studies.

      PRP is not inert. It actually causes a reaction at the cellular level that stimulates stem cells, os there must be time for growth. Those who see an immediate response are seeing stimulation from the volume of the initial material, but the growth starts at about 2-3 weeks. We have seen a few women where sensation decreased before coming back stronger than ever.

      We are essentially creating an artificial scab…like on your knee when you fell as a child. When the scab goes away, it is replaced by new healthier tissue, but while it’s there it can decrease sensation.

      So please, give it time. Anything can happen with the most simple of procedures (which is why we have a consent form that lists the possibility of a change in sensation). But so far we do not have anyone who was left with a permanent decrease in sensation and 65% improve with the first injection and it jumps to 85% after the second.

      3. So, it’s way too early to get another injection or to give up hope!

      4. The procedure is absolutely cumulative (gets better with repeat injections) in the face, in orthopedic indications, and with the O-Shot and the Priapus Shot). So, Dr. Runels has not said that is should not be injected for the second time, only that the majority of people are well after the first one.

      5. It’s too early for the provider to hit you up for a second injection. We are very very careful to keep the quality of our providers high. There is no guaranteed safe procedure. Around 30,000 people per year die from bleeding ulcers just from taking a simple aspirin. But so far we’ve had not one serious side effect with the O-Shot, so don’t give up…with over 10,000 done so far and with using a material that’s used to make scaring BETTER and to make nerve tissue GROW, your symptoms will likely be temporary.

      6. So, please give it another month. Also, if you want, contact Dr. Runels on the following email address privately and let him know the details of your case so that he and your provider can discuss. Many of our providers also return the money if someone does not get a good result (which hardly any doctors do anywhere) so talk it over with your provider at the 8-10 week mark. No procedure guaranteed, but no reason for you to feel ripped off. For many women, however, the biggest benefit comes around 8-10 weeks (remember it STARTS to work at 3 weeks, so way to early to give up).

      Also, consider a testosterone cream applied directly to the clitoris (talk over with your provider) to act synergistically to promote health to the inner clitoris (like two fertilizers at the same time).

      Please keep us posted as things progress. Several have blogged about less than ideal results initially, and then added later that things were wonderful!

      • Thank you so much for your prompt and thorough reply. I will do as you suggested and wait. If things do not improve I will contact Dr. Runels as you suggested via private email. Thank you so much and it helps me to decide about my follow up appointment. I am not opposed to paying for another procedure IF that is thought to be best at one month. From your professional opinion and advice, I am much more comfortable waiting. Even possibly seeing Dr. Runels himself for follow up. Thanks again.

      • Hi,
        4 wks ago I got the Oshot done. Everything was fine until now. I am urinating blood. Is that normal? I went in to the ER with UTI symptoms thinking its a UTI and test results came in, no signs of UTI. Cat scan done and everything looks fine. Is it possible the Oshot can cause it? if so is there any way they can remove it? I hate the feeling!

        • Hello Sandra,

          I’m very sorry that you

          ‘re having problems. PRP is used to treat wounds (platelets STOP bleeding) so if you had a bleeding wound (which it doesn’t sound like you had) it should be getting better not worse. Blood starting 4 weeks after the procedure would be coming at time when the healing effects should be starting.

          If you gave anything to over 10,000 people, statistically it would be possible that one of them would have almost any symptom (in the research you look to see if the unusual symptoms occur more than placebo). If this is from the O-Shot, then you are the first one and having at a time that does not match the science.

          Can’t tell what the feeling is that you hate but again that does not sound like what happens from the o-shot…sounds more like something with the urinary tract.

          Still, you are doing the right thing in seeking treatment. Something is causing it and you need to know what. We can talk in general terms, but there is NO possible way to diagnose you with this blog (obviously you knew that). Keep doing whatever your doctor says. Bleeding sometimes just goes away without anyone ever knowing why. But blood in the urine is serious enough it needs a complete evaluation until your doctor is sure you’re ok.

        • i had the same effect about 3 weeks after he o shot. i thought it was a UTI tests were negative as well, It was from the o shot. I had urinary frequency as well.

      • I am a Catholic Nun who suffers with Lichen Sclerosis It gets worse at night , I am afraid to tell the Sisters in the Convent because I am afraid I will be judged

        • Sister,

          I’m very honored that you wrote to us. Please allow me to make an observation and a suggestion?

          First an observation. Whether a woman be married to the Church or to another person, in either case, if pathology of any kind develops on the genitalia, some very scary possible reactions may occur. 1st. the partner may think the pathology is possibly sexually transmitted from recent or even distant past contact. Either way, the partner may recoil. For this reason, many women (and men…where lichen can affect the foreskin) will stay silent and in secret and often suffer breakup of relationships and suffer alone for YEARS!

          For YEARS! Alone. Suffering. Felling unlovable.

          And some will judge them for the rash. Others who read this judge them for having those feelings!

          Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone read C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity where he talks about sexual misconduct–pointing out that Christ was a friend to the prostitute…saying that the repentant prostitute on the back row much better than the self righteous prig on the front row. Not that your Sisters are self righteous…on the contrary…I’d think that they would be sympathetic with the right Spirit and comfort you.

          Whatever the scripture that people may read, you’d think that LOVE and COMFORT not Judgement and Persecution would be the theme. But, it seems with every scripture there are those who would twist the love into bombs of either words of condemnation or those dropped from planes.

          From your place of spiritual service and leadership, help us think more about how to support and encourage others who suffer with lichen–help us block the bombs aimed at those with this disease. Here’s Dr. Runels email and phone ( & 888-920-5311). Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” was never taken away and we never know why. But, out of our thorns (as you know better than I) can come our greatest gift to others and perhaps there’s a gift of encouragement and healing to others that you will bring.

          Not sure what the mechanics of you being treated would be (payment and travel) but I think Dr. Runels may be willing to treat you for free (and others in the group).

  3. I had breast cancer and cannot take hormones. After chemotherapy , intercourse became very painful even with lubricants. No sex drive. Since the O-Shot, the pain is gone and my desire is returning. My husband is sending Dr. Posey flowers!

    • Thank you very much, Mrs McHugh for letting us know. Between the lines we can see your courage and the love between you and your husband. You are very kind to share your encouraging story.

      Of course estrogen helps keep vaginal tissue healthy. But in those women who have suffered from breast cancer and trying to avoid estrogen, the O-Shot procedure gives a possible alternative.

  4. This is my second comment. Dr Posey did my first O shot procedure and I had less than satisfactory results. I was very unhappy as I have suffered with difficulty to have orgasms for years. I was married 17 years before had I had my first orgasm and that was with a vibrator. I was 38 years old. Early in my marriage, Masters and Johnson published their first research and I read all the books cover to cover. When I divorced, I experimented, trying to find the solution unsuccessfully. I knew I could use a vibrator, but it was not easy and took a long time. Few lovers were interested in helping with this. I had one who was able to help. I always felt less than other women because of this problem even though to look at me one would never guess. at the age of 40, I looked like Rita Hayworth with natural beautiful red hair. I looked hot. And I was. I wanted it, and I was never satisfied. To compound my frustration, I now have problems with incontinence.
    During my follow up visit with Dr Posey, we discussed my concerns and her reaction to my posting on this page. Dr Posey reassessed my hormone level and repeated the O shot. During the procedure this time, she inserted a catheter into my urethra to assist with anatomical reference. She realized my urethra deviated to the left and adjusted the application of the intravaginal injection accordingly. the lab work showed that I lack the enzyme to assimilate Testerone. I am the second patient she identified this in. Dr Posey stated that that she was adjusting my bioidentical Rx and starting me on Testosterone shots.
    Since the last procedure a few weeks ago, I have noticed an improvement with my incontinence. Also, my ability to orgasm has greatly improved, less than 6 minutes today! I greatly appreciate Dr Posey listening and hearing my concerns and helping me. I was already sold on the O shot, even when I did not respond with the first procedure. I’m relieved to know that an inability to assimilate Testosterone is a contributing factor to my ability to orgasm, that it is a medical issue and ‘not in my head’. I hope the shot doesn’t wear off too soon.

    • Thank you for your follow up comment.

      Yes, it’s actually dihydrotestosterone that provides much of the benefit and many physicians do not test for this. If you’re one of the ones who do not convert testosterone to dihydrotesosterone, you may get O-Shots and use testosterone religiously and never see results.

      It’s wonderful that Dr Posey found this about you and corrected it. Dr. Posey is an experienced provider of the O-Shot and board certified gynecologist who has been helping tremendously as we research how best to use this new tool

      You also make the very important point that this is NOT a magic shot. It makes vaginal tissue healthier, but the whole orgasm system and all it’s components must be considered

      The last part of this book outlines what should be checked (click).

      Read it free on Amazon. If you buy it, all of the money used for research. Here’s the current project we are finishing.

      Keep us posted. Things should continue to improve.

      • I took a medication that I believe lowers the amount of alpha-5 DHT which in turn does not convert testosterone to DHT. I was really hoping that this shot would help me with my desire and difficulty in reaching orgasm. Are you saying that it does not work for patients who cannot convert to DHT? I was really starting to get my hopes up.

        Thank you for your help

  5. I would like to be removed from your mailing list. Two of your promotional post cards came in the mail. Please see that I am removed. I am a sex therapist and find your materials to be tasteless and unprofessional. Have you considered that people may not want their children checking their mail and finding your materials?

    • Hello Anonymous,

      We can’t really remove you from our list without knowing who you are.

      It has been surprising that some sex therapists have been resistant to the procedure. The post cards have no graphic photos and link to websites that talk about sex research (not pornography). Do your children know what you do for a living and does mail about your sex therapy practice come to your home?

      We only mail to those who have given us their address, but still, we never want to offend anyone, especially a child. Send an email to this address and we will take you off the list of educational mail outs:

      • Is it possible that sex therapists object to the O-Shot because it may take clients away from them? A well read person in sex therapy books and sessions, I find many therapists are down right prudes. This is the 21st Century.

  6. I have just come across Dr. Goldstein’s video on Lichen Sclerosis and would like to have an appt with him to address my issues. Have felt significant pain and discomfort for 6 plus years and in 2010 was diagnosed with the disease. I have used clobetasol but only 3x a week as prescribed by my former uro-gyn physician. Please advise if I can be seen and be a candidate for his suggested treatment plan. I have every symptom and effect of the disease. My current uro-gyn wants to perform a vulvectomy but am reluctant until I see a Vulvar dermatologist. I have a lot of scar tissue. Please advise.

    Kind regards,

    • Hello Ellen,

      I always encourage people to get second or third opinions. You get two or three quotes before you paint your house!

      Your vagina is certainly more important so know that any quality physician will encourage you to research and get second opinions before proceeding with surgery. What a brave and strong woman you must be to have come this far. The good news is that you are treatable and your pain will end. Vulvectomy can sometimes be the treatment that’s needed to take the pain away—BUT—I very strongly encourage you to consult with one of our providers to at least TRY getting things under control with the O-Shot technology with or without an aggressive steroid treatment following the O-Shot (if needed).

      Dr. Goldstein can be found here –>>> Click

      Other providers of the O-Shot® procedure may be found here –>>> Click

      Not all of them treat lichen, but many do.

      Very best to you and I’m sure many readers of this blog will join me in prayerful good wishes for your future health.

  7. Dr. Kristen Kalmbacher, Bayside Regenerative Medicine in Fairhope, gave me an “O” Shot in May of 2014. She was trained to give the “O” Shot by Dr. Charles Runels. The reason I wanted the shot was due to the common urinary incontinence issues we face as we get older. This shot has changed my life. In fact, the first night I slept all night. I highly recommend both doctors.

  8. I received my first O shot on September 24, 2014 and another on December 26, 2014. I have had no response from either and I’m wondering if it will ever kick in or will I have to get a third? I am also on the hormone pellets, I have had both of my ovaries removed but still have my uterus. I’m only 46 and this is so worrisome.

    Thank you.

  9. I have studied and gone to get certified in the O Shot by Dr. Runels. My clients have had great success. It is so rewarding to be able to offer this procedure for patients, some who have suffered for years. Find a provider in your area and schedule your appointment. You will not regret this and the joy that it will bring to you and your partner. Take a positive step to bring back intimacy to your relationship.

    • Some of our providers are expert at treating lichen sclerosus and some are not. Best is to call the providers closest to you and ask.

  10. Hello Beth! I am also looking for treatment of LS and LP. I have had this condition for three or more years. My original doctor could not even examine without putting me in the OR with anesthesia. I have had my vagina reopened three times. My doctor will no longer open me up because there is soooo much scar tissue I have very little left. We have talked about rebuilding my vagina but not until the disease is somewhat controlled. But he was not sure he would even try rebuilding my vagina. He said there are other ways to have sex. Very disappointing to me. I have Lichen all over my body and in my mouth. The oral surgeon says I will loose at least seven teeth due to the Lichen. But once again I cannot be treated until the disease is somewhat slowed down. Now I’m worried about it getting in the way of urinating. It’s got about a half of a inch until it starts getting in the way of urinating. My mouth is in great pain and the vagina hurts and bleeds all the time. I thought this site was about Lichen but don’t really see any additional info for the disease. I need help! This disease has ruined my life. I cannot do anything due to the extreme pain I have from this disease. I live in Colorado and need help if anyone has any info I would love to hear about it. Thanks!

    • I would see Dr. Shelly Lovitt at Lovitts Gynocoly Denver Colorado. I have LS and have just had the PRP injections. To soon to tell you how its going but from the blog information feel assured I will have improved tissue growth over all the scarring of LS.

  11. I am a 30 year old woman, and want an opinion on whether or not the O shot would be beneficial to me. This is my deal— since I was young, I have only been able to feel anything in the O realm (and I’m using this term VERY loosely) by rubbing my legs together or rubbing on the floor (all with clothes on) . However, the feeling produced from this is extremely unsatisfying…it only lasts about a second, and I’d give it like a 1/10 on enjoyment scale. It isn’t really. On rare occasion, it will be very mildly so. I have tried to use a vibe more times than I care to remember and every single time the same thing happens….I reach a point where *that* should happen, but instead of *that* I get contractions with NO feeling – not even a 1—I am talking a 0. At that point, any further stimulation is annoying, and it’s completely over. It is very upsetting and frustrating. Same thing happens when I try to use a shower head. I am gay and doing things with my partner does not work either. It always seemed like the vibe was my best chance of getting anything more than a 1, but it’s the worst of all. Also, I never liked using my hands. My libido is very, very low too. It would be nice to be able to have a normal O – gosh, even a regular 5/10 would be great right about now—done in a more normal way. Do you think the O-shot could help me? Please be honest….I have tried so many creams, supplements, hormone type things, vibrators, etc. Nothing has made a difference, and don’t want to get my hopes up or put a further dent in my wallet.

  12. I just had the O shot yesterday to see if it would help my urinary incontinence. It has been less than 24 hours. Last night, I felt like I had to urinate constantly and never felt like I was emptying my bladder completely. I thought it was probably from the lingering numbness and procedure. I was hoping that it would be gone when I woke this morning, but it isn’t. It isn’t quite as bad as it was last night, but still am feeling the sensation. I was just wondering if this is an expected and normal side effect that will stop and if so, about how long does it last? Thank you.

    • odd sensations for first few days are normal. sometimes feels like need to urinate. sometimes, urination can cause sexual arousal. What about the incontinence? Keep us posted please. We will be wondering. Usually takes 3 weeks to start to work and full effect in 8-12 weeks but sometimes incontinence goes away the day of the procedure and never comes back.

      • Thank you so much for your response. It has now been four full days since my Oshot and the sensations of having to constantly go to the bathroom and not emptying completely have subsided. YEAH! I’m not sure at this point if I would say the Oshot has helped my urinary incontinence. I haven’t been very active, as my doctor advised me not to exercise for a couple weeks. Also, with the weird sensations the first few days, it was hard for me to evaluate. I think I will have a better indication over the next month. I will report back and let you know how its going. I am 42 and have had nine babies. I decided to do the Oshot because I really don’t want to get the mesh. If this Oshot helps me, I will be singing its praises and eager to let you know. My doctor also told me not to be disappointed if I don’t get the results I am hoping for after the first shot. He told me about the cumulative effect of the shots, and that I may need more than one. Again, thank you for your reply. I truly appreciate it.

        • Thank you for the update and glad to hear the initial unpleasant feelings are gone (it can be just as disturbing when some women have continuous arousal for 3 days after the procedure).

          As for not exercising for 2 weeks, your doctor knows best but usually there’s no reason to not exercise because of the O-Shot (maybe you were told that for another reason?)

          Often people will go jump on the bed (literally to see if it’s working) or go running the day of the injection…and find that the incontinence is already decreased significantly. There’s nothing you will “shake loose” and the extra blood flow helps the growth factors work better (in the same way the smoking will interfere with the effects).

          Thank you VERY much for your feedback…we are holding our breath and hoping for the best! So update when you can.

  13. I am very interested in this course of action for lichen sclerosus. I was diagnosed at 12 years old, and I am now 25. Living with LS has had a huge impact on my life. Along with LS I have localized morphea/plaque type scleroderma, so growing up was very difficult. I never felt normal, and I never had normal pretty skin. On top of that I was always in so much pain. Now I have all sorts of creams/ointments to try and manage my symptoms, but it seems my body isn’t accepting. I use clobetasol, dovonex, Premarin, zypram, lidocaine creams, and nothing is working anymore. I’m at a complete loss, and have lost all hope. I cry everyday, I try so hard to cope but just don’t know how to anymore. I have a 9 month old daughter, and wanted more than anything to deliver her naturally. Amazingly enough, I had NO symptoms my entire pregnancy, and my doctor and I decided to go for it. I was able to successfully deliver my daughter vaginally with no complications. Now though, my LS has come back with a cruel vengeance. It is very severe, to the point where my skin has been comin off in “sheets”.

    Sex has always been very painful, I have constant ripping and lacerations. It’s really taking a toll on my relationship. I love sex, I want sex, but my body has other plans. Lubrication does no good and different positions haven’t done anything. I have needs as a woman and my husband does as a man, and neither of us get that intimacy we need in the bedroom. So now I’m scared for my relationship 🙁

    Just so depressed and I don’t know what to do anymore. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, or any treatments that they have had great results with, PLEASE let me know. I just want to have a normal life with my husband and daughter. I want to be able to take showers, go on walks, sit in a chair, have sex with my husband, play on the floor with my daughter etc without being in excruciating pain. Please, I need a miracle 🙁

    Thank you so much for your time,

  14. I was referred to Dr. Julian Rowe in New Mexico, but he is not on your list of providers when I search for my state. Dr. Rowe’s office has indicated that he was certified and trained by Dr. Runels, and prior to making an appointment I would like this confirmed. Please advise, is Dr. Julian Rowe in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a certified provider? Thank you.

  15. Here’s the preliminary results of our lichen sclerosus study.
    Very grateful to Dr. Andrew Goldstein for spearheading this research….

    Doctors interested in learning the procedure and joining our group may go here (feel free to forward to your gynecologist, dermatologist, or primary care physician):

    Because initial results were positive, we want to extend the study with more women in an effort to think more deeply about why it works and how to make it work better. Here’s where to apply to be part of that study…

    Very encouraging for those who suffer with this cruel disease.

    Peace & health,

    Charles Runels, MD
    Inventor of the O-Shot (R) procedure

  16. I am inquiring more about O shot. I have never had an orgasm. I do however have a very healthy sex drive. Occasional vaginal dryness, but for most part can relate directly to mid cycle or actual times of menstruation. I do have some problems with hormone levels. Also I have tested high for testosterone levels in my blood which have correlated to times I have migraines. I am only 37 years old. I have had partners willing to help me and have been supportive. When I have spoke with various Doctors regarding this problem. Many have not taken me seriously. One did give me testosterone and other hormones to that were unsuccessful. Recently I spoke with a practitioner in my area who does the O shot. He did not seem too interested in providing the shot. He was more insistent on giving me testosterone. I worry as I my body was so sensitive to any hormones given even those in birth control. I am very interested in trying the O shot. I would like to know average costs and if any is considered a problem that insurance may be talk into account. Are there any practitioners around San Diego, CA area that anyone would recommend. Not against traveling if not too outrageous in cost. Any advice or information welcome. Thank you

  17. Does the O shot help assist those with Lichen Schlerosus have less pain with sexual intercourse?

  18. Prior to receiving my o-shot injections completed some research to educate myself about the procedure, all the benefits, possible complications, reviews, what exactly PRP was and the process of extracting PRP. Upon my research I found the oshotinfo website which is very informative. Signed up to receive additional infomation. I cross referenced the information and all the information I found on PRP visually showed and was documented PRP as being a yellowish color. After my blood was spun in the centrifuge and was getting prepared to inject I noticed my “PRP” was red not yellow. I stated to my doctor and nurse “I thought that the platelet-rich plasma was supposed to be a yellowish color not red?” He stated that PRP was not always a yellowish color.
    I was confused on why I didn’t read that PRP wouldn’t always be a yellowish or golden color so when I got home I tried to locate documentation or visuals on the various colors of PRP. I could not find any information that stated PRP was any other color than yellowish/golden.
    What color is/should the PRP be? If PRP is/can be variois colors please send me the link where this information can be found or documentation stating it can be various colors.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Becca,

      Thank you for writing. It can be confusing and since there are over 20 companies selling PRP kits that are FDA approved, there is a variation in how the process is done and in quality and even in how PRP is defined! It’s part of the reason that we advise going to someone on our provider list so that you know you’re seeing someone with a quality kit.

      On the other hand, some of the better kits actually DO leave red cells in the plasma and even a few red blood cells make the fluid look very red even though it’s mostly plasma and even a very quality PRP.

      for example, this is a very quality kit (and one of the more expensive ones, that does leave the fluid looking red)–>>click

      you can see a video of it working here…

      • I appreciate the follow up as well as the additional information. I did use one of the very accredited doctors listed. This is one of the reasons why I requested additional information specifically from you. The information in the link provided shows the same centrifuge machine my doctor used but my PRP was not yellowish / golden as shown in the video. I am still confused how there could be variation in the color of my PRP, blood drawn, placed in same centrifuge system, PRP red prior to any growth factor added. How would the quality of the PRP kit affect the color of the PRP directly from the centrifuge? If a good kit is used and could cause color variations why can’t I find information on these variation? It would be most comforting and helpful if you include a video or link where I can view an example of each possible scenario.

        Thank you,

  19. Please, please, please consider me for any trial for the O-shot in ANY studies that pertain to Lichen Sclerosus. I’m a healthy 53 year old married woman that has been experiencing LS since my 20’s. I have a suitcase full of ointments, cures, hopes and dreams to find a fix. I am not employed, so I can make myself available anytime, anyplace. Thanks!

    • Hello Ms. Dole,

      Your inquiry shows why we hate lichen sclerosus. We just hate it. It’s OK to hate a disease.

      There will be more studies for sure. To be considered for future studies, please make sure you fill the form at the bottom of the following page—>>Click to Register

      In the mean time, some of our providers do offer the procedure as part of an overall treatment plan for lichen sclerosus.

      Very best wishes for your rapid healing.

  20. I stumbled across the O-shot today and it caught my attention, wondering if it is something that help me. Background story, had a very rich full sex life including being extremely multi-orgasmic (vaginal and uterine O’s being the strongest) until I had a hysterectomy 14 months ago. I retained my cervix and one ovary. I still have a good libido, not quite the 16 year old boy loose in the playboy mansion I had pre-surgery, but still very much there. However I can not achieve orgasm anymore. I have had a few very incredibly weak and unsatisfying ones every once in a while, but I pretty much remain aroused without release. I have just undergone several months of therapy including intra-vaginal massage because my vagina and pelvic floor was in a constant state of over-tight spasm. We have gotten to the point I can comfortably take my husband again and even feel some sensation but there isn’t a release for me. I very much would like to be able to orgasm again, its messing with my sleep, and stress levels. Do you think the O-shot might be something worth trying for me?

    • Absolutely could help.

      Read about the Orgasm System. Hormonal changes happen after hysterectomy even without oophorectomy.

      Also, know that physicians who treat muscle and joint pain have used the same PRP technology that we use and many of our providers will inject pelvic floor muscles in the same way physiatrists inject the tender muscles of the back.

      Keep us posted!

      • Thanks, I did notice there is a provider in our area. I may schedule a consult with her. The Physical Therapist did wonders for my pelvic floor but as far as regaining sensation or orgasms it didn’t help. I also purchased Dr Runels book via Amazon for Kindle last night for more information.

  21. Is it normal to have pain, a 5 on a scale of 10 the day after the procedure and needing to sit on an ice pack like after a vaginal delivery of a baby? My entire vagina, clit, labia, all is very sore and bruised out. You state in your book that this procedure is almost painless but that is a flat lie. The procedure is VERY painful and I am still in pain the day after the procedure. The doctor that did the procedure said to return to normal activities immediately and you state that women have sex right away with orgasm but hell, I can’t even sit on a hard chair or stool due the pain. It is not “pressure” but outright burning pain. How many other women have experienced this pain from your O Shot procedure?

    • Never ever heard of anyone having this much pain from the procedure…never, ever. Sometimes those with lichen sclerosus can have pain before, during, and after the procedure. In that case, preop meds with Lortab or something similar is worth doing. But for the usual O-Shot, this is really very rare.

      Please call Dr. Runels at 888-920-5311 so we can find out who did the procedure and make sure it’s being done by the proper protocol. We do not tolerate variations of the procedure without approval. A main purpose of the name, O-Shot, is to reassure patients of a quality procedure by a provider using a proven method.

      If you saw someone on our list and had this result, then we need to find out if that provider is doing something out of our protocol and either correct or drop the person from our list. If you saw someone NOT on our list and they claimed to be one of our providers, there’s an even greater chance the what you received is not what we recommend and the person is breaking laws by pretending to be part of our group…so we will have our attorneys stop the false advertising.

      On the other hand, the other rare possibilities are that you either had an allergic reaction to the topical anesthetic or had an allergic reaction to your own platelets…rare but could happen, in which case a few days of prednisone should make things back to normal.

      Either way, the chances of permanent damage are practically zero with PRP but the discomfort and the possibility of a less than premier procedure is not acceptable. We want anyone who is treated with the O-Shot procedure to receive the most comfortable procedure possible with the greatest chance of healing.

  22. Have had lichen sclerosus symptoms for several years, but didn’t know what it was called. Saw several doctors and no one seemed to know what I had. GYN exams were no help–doctor was like “oh! Barbara” but no help. I suffered bleeding during a bowel movement–saw my family practice doc-he examined me said “he had never seen anything like it”–sent me for a colon scope to determine the “problem” and it was that doctor who did a biopsy and gave me a name for this horrid problem–BUT I still don’t have a regular doctor to treat this. Saw a dermatologist and she gave me a RX that actually made it worse. So who should you see for this–it affects all areas of my life.

    • So many women suffer in silence and often for years before finding out the problem. Even afterwards, the suffering often continues in the search for a solution. I am very sorry for your pain.

      Some of our providers are gynecologists and dermatologists who also take a special interest in lichen sclerosus. Using PRP as part of an overall plan looks like a good option (considering the research that we are doing), but it should be done as part of an overall plan. When you contact one of our providers (click to see closest one), be sure to ask if they are interested in lichen sclerosus and have experience in the area.

  23. I’ve had 2 injections with zero result. The first, I waited 6 mos. the second, now 3 months and still no result and out $1500.
    Not happy 🙁

    • Most of the providers will return your money if you do not see results. We do not intend to take advantage of anyone. Very uncommon for physicians of any type to see everyone get well from any procedure. And I do not know of any specialty that offers money back...but most of us do to keep our reputation clean. The O-Shot is not 100% effective. We see 65-95% effectiveness depending on the problem and the patient (for example, smoking makes the procedure MUCH less effective in the same way that most plastic surgeons will not operate on your face if you smoke because it posions the cells the regenerate new tissue). Also, not every problem is solved by rejuvenating new tissue. Sometimes it's a combination of hormonal (for example low testosterone or high prolactin in woman with low libido or trouble with orgasm), partner education (for example with premature ejaculation and woman trying to have vaginal orgasm). You do not say what your problem(s) are but I recommend you read this book (click) and go back to your provider for further advice or even a refund.

      I hope you find healing. Keep us posted.

  24. I read through most of these reviews. I am surprised that so few people have tried the homeopathic and naturopathic creams available as well as adding probiotics to their diet. I have had LS most of my life, 64 now, and with alternative treatments it has been manageable with symptoms decreasing from severe to mild.

  25. The O shot has changed my daily life is a very positive way and I want to share my story.
    I had a biopsy performed on my vagina tissue to confirm that I have lichen sclerosis. I was prescribed clobetasol, cream and ointment. I tried clobetasol cream and ointment, neither worked and left my skin even more irritated. This disease causes constant burning and itching it’s miserable to say the least.

    While searching the web for information about Lichen, I found the “O Shot” . I became excited that there may be an alternative to treating this disease. I contacted Dr. Posey’s office and had the procedure performed two weeks ago. The procedure was almost entirely painless because numbing cream was used and it was very effective. I woke up the morning after my procedure and knew immediately that I felt better. The itching/burning/pulling feeling I had lived with for over a year was gone…..completely gone! I am so happy and thankful for Dr. Posey’s desire to help women like me and encourage anyone who may be suffering from this terrible disease to have this procedure – it’s wonderful! I am hopeful that it last for a long time but I would not hesitate to have it done again if it wears off.

    Using your own blood to repair your body—- Dr. Runels, you’re a genius-Thank You and Thank you for teaching other caring and devoted doctors like Dr. Posey to perform this procedure.


    • I have been diagnosed with LS. I don’t have a lot of itching or burning but I do have fusing of the labia and clitoris and what appears to be an overall diminishment of female parts. Would the o-shot be helpful to me? Would it help regenerate new healthy tissue?
      I live in Chicago but would be willing to travel anywhere for a qualified doctor.


  26. I just did an o-shot on Wednesday the 29th of July. What changes am I meant to experience? I have not had a chance to have sex yet as my partner has been out of town.

  27. I am now postmenopausal. I was diagnosed with vaginal and vulvar atrophy when I was only 28 years old because doctors over-treated my vaginal and vulvar tissues for HPV with Effudex (also called 5-FU) and tricholracetic acid (TCA) leaving my tissues extremely thin and burning. It is excruciating. The only relief I had was a 5 year period when I was on hormone replacement therapy around peri-menopause. I can no longer do HRT due to endometrial hyperplasia. I now have burning and even more burning with urination. One doctor even thought I had LS due to the appearance of the tissue but it is atrophy. So, would the O-shot be likely to help make my burning and burning with urination go away? The tissue looks white and shiny like LS but it is very thinned scar tissue without proper blood flow.

    Also – will only one or two shots last for life?

  28. I have been coping with LS since I was 34. (Now 66). I would be pleased to have ongoing updates on treatment. Thank you for sharing resources.

  29. Can I have the O shot if I was diagnosed with uterine cancer that had not spread beyond the uterus. I have had a hysterectomy and a bladder sling but still have to take vesicare for dripping. I was recently diagnosed by a dermatologist with lichen sclerosis but it’s not in the vagina. I have it on my upper leg and stomach and under breast. This is a last effort for me as I can not use hormonal creme or homones because of the cancer.

  30. At the age of 22 I have both ovaries removed and could take hormone replacement therapy because of endometriosis. Sex became painful, there was no drive, it took forever for climax and then we just stopped having sex altogether. I don’t want that after 32 years of marriage. I want that closeness w my husband. I was diagnosed w uterine cancer in October and had a hysterectomy and cervix removed along w lymph nodes. The cancer did not spread beyond my uterus and it not far advanced. I just had a bladder sling performed 3 weeks ago but I still have low sex drive. I still have to take vesicare for the dripping that still continues. 6 weeks ago I was diagnosed w lichen sclerosis I have it on my leg, stomach and under breast and was given a creme for it that side effects seem worse than what it could do for me. I have been told because of the uterine cancer I can’t take the creme or hormones that would help me get my sex drive back. I looked on the list and that my dr I went to b4 the uterine cancer is a provider for this. I just want to know if I’m a candidate. I want a normal sex life I miss that fulfillment. Please let me know if at 52 years of age I can find the enjoyment of sex again!

    • Please look at some of the other comments here…nothing works for everyone, but some women who were treated with the O-Shot® procedure post cancer surgery have done very well when all else failed. I’d recommend you see one of our providers who offers money back if it fails. Many will.

  31. I suffered with extreme vaginal dryness for a long time. In part to delivering an almost 8 lb. baby breech in my mid thirties. Had a lot of vaginal repair surgery work done in my late forties. The dryness was like having sandpaper rub together. My doctor suggested the OShot. So thankful she did. I had the OShot almost 4 months ago, and my life has changed. No more dryness!! My interest in sex has improved. Overall I feel much, much better, both attitude and physically. By, the way I am over 70.

  32. I was just diagnosed with Lichens 2 weeks ago..I have been suffering for a year-not knowing my disease..My Dr. had me on topical estrogen and topical steroids…it is relieving some and my husband and I attempted intercourse for first time in 2 didn’t hurt at first..then it did..I’m red,raw and sore today and “white” tissue looks worse..I’m so scared I’m going to have cancer..please consider me for this study..I have no insurance..thank you*C.Williams

  33. I just recently was diagnosed with LS, after I had a biopsy, I have been suffering with this for over 8yrs now, I was never treated for menopause, and feel like perhaps this is one of the reasons I may have Gotton this? Is this a possibility? I am currently taking Premarin for treatment but fear I may get cancer or dementia one day…..please help me, I have decided not to have any relations with a man ever again because I don’t know what would happen so I’ll remain abstinence, please,please help me I suffer with unbearable itching EVERYDAY even wit the Prenarin,HELP! !!!!!

  34. Hi, my girlfriend is only 21 but has been suffering from low libido due to antidepressant, she is now off the antidepressants but still has no sex drive. Would the O shot help in this situation?

  35. My daughter is 8 years old and was diagnosed with LS 2 years ago. She suffers terribly and it has now spread to her bottom. Some days she can not sit down due to the pain.

    We have tried lots of steroid creams but nothing seems to last more than a few weeks before she has a flare up

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks

    Catherine Martin

  36. I am need of treatment this disease is taking over my whole body in different areas. My doctor said perhaps light treatments would help me. What is your opinion??

    I am 70 years old and this was just diagnosed 2 years ago but I know I had it longer. Please help me. Thank you for your consideration.

  37. A woman who received an O-Shot® interviewed—>>

  38. To any woman (or her MD) who is even thinking about the Oshot, and wondering if it would work for her, I would like to say,quite simply, that the O shot has changed my life. Literally. Having been in full blown menopause for the past decade, I experienced all the unfortunate effects; one of which was a thinning of my vaginal walls which made sex, something I had enjoyed in the past, now just painful and unpleasurable. I sought help from several high level MDs and OB/GYN’s in Los Angeles and elsewhere. The only real suggestion I received, hormone suppositories, did not seem to work for me, were costly, and required weekly multiple applications. I had resigned myself to a life without vaginal sex, until I spoke with Sylvia Sylvestri RN, and she told me about the O Shot. Luckily, my new OB/GYN Oncologist in LA was supportive. With the O Shot there are no hormone or drug issues, as it uses my own blood and platelets. Although in my advanced state I did need two rounds, I am now experiencing sex without pain, something no other Medical resource I contacted could even offer me. I will be forever grateful (as is my husband!) for this exciting breakthough treatment, that has naturally restored a very important part of my life.

  39. I have had the O shot in two separate procedures now totally $2000. The first one was back in February of 2015 and I saw no results. I waited till August 2015 to get the 2nd one and my provider claimed that they got a new more expensive kit that would create more plasma. It’s now been 2 months since that shot and there is still no difference in my orgasm ability.

    • The most difficult problem to solve is improving orgasm-especially in a woman who has never had good orgasm. If the woman used to have good orgasms and now not so good, it’s a much higher likelihood of success. You didn’t mention the rest of your treatment plan. Or you following all the adivde in this book:

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