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    • Most providers charge around $1,200 to $1,500. It takes about 20 minutes to draw your blood and process it. It takes only a few minutes to do the procedure. The doctor will also spend time learning more about your health and sexual health. So, it’s more than just a procedure..but the procedure takes about 30 minutes counting drawing the blood and processing it with the centrifuge and giving the shot.

        • $1,200-$1,500 If someone offers for less than that, I’d worry that the materials being used may not be FDA approved.

          • Very good question.
            Ask to see the centrifuge used to process the blood and the tube that contains the blood. Then google it, or simply post the name of the tube or device here.

        • Usually people with dyspareunia start to get relief around the 4th week. Sometimes the maximal orgasmic response does not appear until the 8-12th week. A second shot seems to be beneficial as well.

        • Though some women experience hypersexuality the first week, most women do not experience any effects until after 2-3 weeks–the stem cells need time to grow. Full effect is 3 months.

          The initial effect is just from pressure from the injected fluid (that contains the platelet-derived growth factors). It takes at least 2-3 weeks for most women to START to see a difference.

  1. I have a 66 year old friend who is a survivor of breast cancer going on 9 years. She is currently on 1 mg of Anastrozole daily.
    Can the O shot help her……if not, why?

    • From what you've told me, she likely has estrogen receptor positive breast cancer and they're trying to keep levels low.

      The O-Shot (R) would help rejuvenate the vaginal tissue without raising her estrogen levels (so the shot would be safe). Since I'm not sure what her complaint is (urinary incontinence, pain with intercourse, decreased ability to orgasm...and since I've not asked her other questions about her health, I cannot say for sure that it would help. But, the shot does help women with all of those problems and by our recent data, she has a 67% to 95% chance of seeing significant improvement depending upon which problem bothers her.

      She's blessed to have a friend that is searching for a way to help her.

      I'd encourage her to see one of the physicians listed here on this website for a consultation.

      Charles Runels, MD
      The Inventor of the O-Shot (R) procedure

  2. I just had a question, you posted that it only takes about 30 mins for everything to be done. Is there a certain amount of time before you can be intimate?

    • can be intimate immediately! I’ve even had couples come and ask me to leave them together in the exam room. Only problem is that you have numbing cream on that should be washed off first.

    • some will have mild pressure at the time of the injection. some will have mild burning with urination for a couple of days but most do not. A few have had sexual arousal with urination for a few weeks after the injection. Some can have pain during the injection (it is an injection) , but most do not.

      Some have extreme and near continuous sexual arousal for the first week after the injection (about 10 percent). This can be an inconvenience for some (if their lover is not available) and others find it very pleasurable.

      Other than that, no side effect have been seen.

  3. I was the first woman in the world to have this shot. I have to say I am in love with it! I think it is the most impressive and successful procedure for a woman ever invented. With Dr. Runels as the leading creator and teacher; I am confident this will change the worlds intelligence of medical technology and make in the history of medicine. He has developed this shot with the precise science and technic that is specialized for the female bodies superior function. It is a painless procedure that is minimally invasive to the body that has zero down time. It is drawn from your own body therefor any side effects are nonexistent. The results from this O-Shot Procedure are outstanding and everlasting. All I can say is its a rejuvenating experience that I do believe every woman of all ages should consider. As a woman of the 21st century, I am shameless to confess the levels of pleasure and healthy functions is un imaginable and its non surgical! How could we ask for more or better?

    • Since the shot rejuvenates tissue and since PRP has never been associated with serious side effects, in theory you could have it done every day. But, it’s sort of like fertilizing your rose plant–you don’t really need to fertilize it every day.

  4. How long lasting are the effects of the procedure? Is it a one time thing or will I need to get it done again in a couple months?

    • Have not seen anyone where the shot wears off in 2 months. The earliest seen in our group has been 9 months. Most are still doing great at 2 or 3 years out.

      However, there are some who after the first shot urinary incontinence improves, but not until after the second shot does the sexual response go crazy.

      One husband said about his wife, “After the first shot, her pain went away. After the second shot, she was UNCHAINED!”

      Usually the second shot is best done around 8-10 weeks after the first one if the woman wants additional benefit.

      • The result of the procedure can be maintained by maintaining optimal health. The healthier a person is the better their growth factors and the healthier their cells including their stem cells. This will usually involve lifestyle modifications, wholesome nutrition with reduced overall but especially simple carbohydrate intake, more vegetables and fruits, specifically those with lower sugar contents, healthy fats from tree nuts, olives and olive oil, coconut oil, omega 3 fatty acids, whole eggs, good quality proteins. Eating organic food products whenever possible. Avoiding wheat and dairy products. Stay physically active. Reduce stress, get more sleep, and reduce your toxic exposure. It is also good to have your hormones in balance. These will not only maximize the results from your O shot but will improve your overall health and vitality.

        Whenever a new procedure is developed my patients usually ask my opinion about it. I have a simple answer to them. I ask them to find out what percentage of doctors in that field have had the procedure done. I am happy to report that all the female doctors that I know who have been properly trained and licensed to offer this procedure have all had it done and are pleased with their results.

  5. How long will the shot last? Does it have to be repeated later on? I am 62 years old and went through menopause early 40’s I have not had an orgasm at all since. I absolutely have no desire at all because of this. Would I benefit from the o shot ?

    • Factors other than vaginal tissue can be involved in the Orgasm System (see the book by Dr. Runels, Activate the Female Orgasm System). Hormones (especially testosterone) and relationships are examples of other factors. But many women in their 60’s have orgasm and even ejaculation for the first time in their life after having the O-Shot(R) procedure.

      • You mention ejaculation. I have experienced this insanely satisfying sexual response just a handful of times in my life, and would love to find a way to increase the chances of repeat performance!! 🙂 Can you share any input from O Shot recipients concerning their experiences with female ejaculation?
        I am 58 and have been on bio identical hormone replacement therapy for 5 years. The first 4 years were not very successful, but, I never gave up, and have finally found the right doctor. The last year has been very successful, and my libido and sexual response has greatly improved. However, I want what every woman, or man, for that matter, wants– as satisfying and fulfilling a sex life as possible. So, I am looking at every option available. The O Shot seems to be my next step.
        Thanks so much for making this information available to everyone.

        • Hello RJ,

          Thank you for your encouraging words. It’s odd that people will get 2 or 3 opinions before they get their house painted but then only seek one opinion when it comes to health. A smart and confident doctor will encourage second and third opinions. None of us can know all or be all. If someone is not finding better health with their current physician, that physician should encourage consultation with others.

          As for ejaculation, I’m a little hesitant to tell most of the stories we’ve heard because it would sound so sensational as to be unbelievable. Hopefully a simple, “yes, it does help with ejaculation,” will be enough.

          We think what’s happening is that the growth factors released by the platelets are not only helping remodel and scar tissue from child-birth or previous surgery into healthier tissue, but also may be encouraging the flowering of the Skene’s glands (peri-urethral glands) into healthier tissue that produces more ejaculate.

          The extreme ejaculatory orgasms appear most often in those who have the shot who are already functioning normally or in those who have the second shot (to see additional benefits after finding healing).

          We do see some who experience ejaculation for the first time (even in women past 60 years old) after having the procedure done.

          Good luck, thank you for your honesty, and let us know how it goes. Remember, maximal effect is 2-3 months and usually effects don’t start to appear until after 2-3 weeks.

        • Hi,
          Who are you using for hormone replacement that you say is actually the right doctor? Can you give me a name? I have been doing it for about 5 years and I haven’t found that it has truely made a big difference. I have often wondered why I even bother. Thanks. Michele

          • Hormone replacement, perhaps, is the most difficult branch of medicine since every organ system is effected by almost every hormone. Thyroid receptors can be found on the brain, the heart, the gut, the skin…everywhere.

            The same applies to growth hormone and testosterone.

            Don’t give up. A confident doctor will not be threatened if you seek a second opinion, but first let the doctor you’re seeing know what’s going on and ask for a referral or that he/she rethink your therapy.

    • The first shot was done about 3 years ago, by Dr. Charles Runels, who then started teaching the procedure to other physicians. Almost all of those first patients are still doing well without a repeat procedure, though some have wanted another procedure for additional benefit (the sexual response seems to get stronger when the procedure is repeated).

    • Absolutely! And post mesh or post sling.

      If by “help” you mean for urinary incontinence–then absolutely!

      If you mean for sexual dysfunction, then for full function, if the woman had ovaries removed as part of the hysterectomy (oophorectomy), then the woman should also have adequate hormone replacement to have full sexual function. On the other hand, we’ve seen women who are not able or desiring of hormone replacement still see excellent sexual function after the O-Shot (R) procedure. Still, probably, the greatest chance of failure of the procedure is in a woman post oophorectomy or post menopausal not on hormone replacement.

      You can see all the components of the female orgasm system and best protocols for treatment in the book by Dr. Runels, Activate the Female Orgasm System: The Story of O-Shot

    • Thank you for inquiring. We have many doctors in training, so even if there’s no one listed yet, keep checking. But as of the present moment, all of the doctors and nurse practitioners providing the procedure can be seen by clicking here.

      If you would like for your physician to consider offering the procedure, please direct them to this web page (click here).

      We do NOT want this procedure to develop a bad name by having one unqualified person doing the procedure improperly. Because the procedure was first conceived by and done by Dr. Runels, he personally owns the trademark and does not allow any physician to use the name without agreeing to the protocol found to work best and to use an FDA kit approved for preparation of PRP (the blood derived growth factors).

      So, though physicians any where could start using PRP to rejuvenate the vagina, only physicians who go here and apply and then go through the proper training are allowed to use the name.

      You will find doctors who use the name who are not listed. Those doctors either are or will be answering attorney letters from the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association (for damages to the licensed doctors and for fraud to patients) and form Dr Runels.

      So, just send this link to your physician if you’d like for them to consider being trained.

      As for your immediate treatment, if you go here and type in your zip code, the software will find the nearest provider.

  6. I previously worked as an OB/GYN nurse, and delt with a lot of women with sexual dysfunction. I’ve seen everything used: kegels, HRT, counseling and some procedures. I am now 42, and have experienced some dysfunction myself in the last 2 years. I’ve been in my relationship for 20 years:). Numbness, clitoral atrophy, and decreased ability to orgasm have become an issue. I do not do well on HRT, and all of my labs are within normal limits. While I realize there are some things that are associated with aging…. This isn’t normal. What are your criteria to be a candidate for this procedure?

    • Since the treatment involves only your own blood, the contraindications are few. If you have and active infection or cancer, then we would not want the effects of those to be confused with effects of the shot (though you could make the case from the research that PRP helps fight infection…even some with vaginal herpes have fewer outbreaks). So, if someone had herpes you’d want to not be in an outbreak.

      Same with pregnancy, nothing about PRP to hurt a baby (Kim Kardashian was pregnant when she had her Vampire Facial treatment), but you just don’t want to be doing things to pregnant women unless it’s needed.

      You need healthy blood (no serious diseases that cause low platelets).

      The basic question is “are you healthy enough to heal a wound?” the mechanism is the same as if the body were healing a wound (the growth factors from the platelets)…so someone with HIV could still have the treatment if doing well. Same for diabetes.

      If a woman had a mesh or sling previously, she could also have the procedure (I would expect PRP to be used in the operating room with these procedures soon because the PRP helps with healing and helps prevent scar formation).

      Hope this helps.

      • No infections or cancers…. Or pregnancy:) So I guess a more direct question would be, for the numbness, have you had any experience with neuro-regeneration after the procedure? While I know “size does not matter” in relation to clitoral size, I am wondering if the atrophy has greatly diminished the sensation, and has this procedure helped to regenerate any of the clitoral tissue sensation? Arousal hasn’t been the issue as much as the actual ability to reach orgasm has. Compounding the affect by the usage of high intensity vibrators has also created the snowball effect of even more numbness:(

        • This past Thursday I drove to have my first Oshot with Dr. Runels himself. After a little anxiety of the actual procedure, I have to say it was only mildly uncomfortable….a bug bite has hurt worse. It’s only been 48 hours since my procedure, and I am already seeing the benefits by having my mild stress incontinence GONE! I’ve even tested it by pushing my bladder beyond what I’m normally comfortable with….

          I’ll update in a few weeks the rest of my progress:)

  7. More about how to understand how the FDA is important…this article refers to hair, but the same principle applies…

    Is PRP Approved by the United States FDA?
    The use of PRP in the United States as part of Hair Transplantation does not require FDA approval, just as the use of blood transfusion during or after surgery does not require FDA approval. Use of PRP as part of the surgical treatment is defined as a procedure and is not subject to FDA regulations.
    In the United States, the device used to prepare PRP must have FDA approval. Centrifuges that separate PRP from whole blood for a medical purpose (e.g., to assist tissue healing) are medical devices covered by the Federal, Drug and Cosmetics Act. Federal law requires that manufacturers of medical devices must obtain clearance or approval for the products before offering them for sale. We use only FDA approved separation devices.
    The FDA has not approved PRP as a medication specifically for use in hair transplantation. FDA approval would be based on objective evidence of efficacy (e.g. promoting healing, promoting hair growth) and safety.
    The use of PRP specifically in hair transplantation to promote healing and hair growth could be considered when, for example:
    Clinical trials of appropriate size and design are approved by the FDA, and
    Results from the clinical trials convincingly demonstrate that the end-point goals or efficacy and safety have been met.

  8. Nobody can tell me where it’s available near Austin, Texas. I was referred to by a doctor in Florida but the site says it’s “under construction.”

    • I’m sorry you had trouble. .com is not active yet. is the official website (confusing, I know. I’m sorry) But, all the providers listed there are up-to-date and understand how and are using FDA approved kits. Any doctor not listed there, may be wonderful, but he/she may not be and may have just liked the name or may have been kicked off the site for not following the accepted protocol.

      Some doctors don’t understand trademarks and think trademarks that indicate a particular procedure are not useful; but those same doctors have a name of their clinic, or a name of their hospital, or their own name…which they would not want someone using who is not actually a part of that clinic, hospital, or the actual person.

      The O-Shot name works exactly the same way…it implies that a doctor/nurse practitioner is part of a group. Instead of the name meaning doctors who are all in the same building or the same hospital, the O-Shot(R) name means a group of doctors who agreed to a particular method of rejuvenating the vagina that was invented by Dr. Charles Runels and taught to other doctors (some of whom are now teaching other doctors).

      That method includes using kits (that are expensive) that have been approved by the FDA for safely isolating platelets. The FDA does not govern procedures but it serve a very needed function of making sure that kits used by doctors to prepare platelets are sterile and prepare the blood in a way that does not harm people.

      Either way, any doctor using the O-Shot, trademarked name, who is not on the website…is breaking the law. It would be like a doctor claiming to be a part of Mayo Clinic who is not even associated with the Mayo Clinic. He may be a wonderful doctor, but he is definitely not too proud to pose to be something he is not.

      Buyer beware!! One doctor, in particular, claims (falsely) to have helped invent the shot. NOT SO!

      If a physician is not on this website, that physician may be doing something good, he may not, but he is not part of this group of physicians and we cannot be sure exactly what he’s doing.

      There are no guarantees with any procedure, and there is no governing body that has approved platelets used in this way (as a medical procedure, the FDA does not govern how blood is given), but at least the doctors at agree to do things in a standard way using FDA sanctioned devices.

      Here’s where to find a provider (just type in your zip code):

    • There are physicians in Dallas that do this procedure. Use the Doctor link in the previous posts. I considered Dallas as an option but found one closer. Hope this helps!

    • Platelet derived growth factors have been used for over 10 years by orthopedic surgeons and dentists. Only within the past year have insurance companies started paying for the therapy. That only after thousands (literally) of research papers and 10 years.

      That time frame is not unusual. Usually it takes 20 years for something new to make it mainstream in medicine…10 years to prove it and then another 10 years for payers and most physicians to adopt it.

      The first heart cath was done in the 1940’s…heart caths were not commonly done until 30 years later, in the 1970’s.

      In the 1980’s, doctors still debated in the cardiac research about whether aerobic exercise is beneficial. George Sheehan, MD (one of the first MD’s to recommend aerobic exercise) was considered by most cardiologists to be a quack. It’s difficult to believe now. Doctors in the 1980’s worried that the heart would become too enlarged from walking or jogging and people were told to go to bed and do almost nothing for the rest of their life after a heart attack. Not until 20 years later did aerobic exercise become standard for cardiologists to prescribe. Now we know it does more to prevent heart attack than any of the cholesterol or blood pressure medicines (do not stop the medicines though, just start walking).

      There’s no reason to believe that PRP for vaginal rejuvenation and health will be adopted any sooner unless women demand it.

      The FDA approved kits, and the time to actually understand the woman’s condition, are valuable, so the procedure is not cheap. But, the price is about the same a s new set of tires or a transmission repair on your car. Most women think their health is worth as much.

    • It is not covered by insurance…but that’s not the fault of the providing physicians (as some seem to think). The FDA approved equipment is expensive. And, insurance companies have been slow to endorse many treatments that have been proven effective. For example, it was many years after hyperbaric therapy was proven to improve wound healing before insurance started to pay for the procedure.

  9. Can this procedure help ladies with LS (lichen sclerosis)? My lady has none other of the mentioned issues. She is 59 still has her ‘parts’.

    • LS can be devastating to a woman and I’m grateful for your question.

      Yes, we have seen scattered reports around the world of PRP healing Lichen Sclerosis (LS).

      There is no 100% cure with any therapy. But, we are also seeing wonderful results with incorporating treatment of the local lesions of LS into our O-Shot (R) procedure.

      Though some go to the extra expense of harvesting stem cells, PRP seems to be the most important ingredient (stem cells are ALREADY IN THE TISSUE OR YOU COULD NOT HEAL A WOUND). So, the same simple technique for drawing blood, centrifuge, followed by injection of the PRP seems to be working very well without the added expense and trouble of stem cell harvesting.

      You will see when you research this that the O-Shot (R) procedure for LS is not considered standard therapy. As you know, standard therapy does not usually work well.

      Also, the FDA governs the manufacture of the devices used to harvest and to process the blood, but the FDA does not govern procedures. Another example, the FDA does and should govern who can sell suture material so repair a wound…but the FDA does not tell a surgeon how to sew or how to do surgery (procedures).

      In the same way, the FDA does not endorse the O-Shot (R) procedure–it’s just not what they do…they do not govern how doctors do procedures. So, the O-Shot is not FDA approved for treating LS…but the FDA will never look at the procedure…it’s like asking them to inspect your roof or rule on the engine of your car…they just don’t do that.

      But, every O-Shot (R) provider should be using only FDA approved kits for the preparation of blood for use in the body. Important: Not all doctors who use PRP use FDA approved kits or use a standard, well-thought-out procedure for harvesting and injection PRP. If you do take your “lady” to see a physician for treatment of her LS, please be sure you only see physicians listed here as licensed providers of the O-Shot (R) procedure. Those who use the O-Shot (R) name who are not listed here, are violating patent and trademark laws and may be doing an inferior procedure.

      We here on the site hope that she finds healing. Glad she has you pulling for her!

  10. Starts off about faces but becomes much more personal. Another very brave woman shares her experience with the O-Shot (R) for the benefit of all women:

  11. I was wondering if there have been any case studies where the o-shot has helped reduce or eliminate recurring bladder infections after sex. I understand that the infection must be treated, but curious to know if the PRP injections would aid in the healing process and possibly reverse UTI in certain cases.

    • We do not have research in this area, but logically, the procedure could help prevent recurrent infections by improving the health and the integrity of the tissue surrounding the urethra.

      Much research to be done, and you just pointed out one of the projects that are in line. Thank you very much for your comment.

  12. I will be getting this done tomorrow. I’m a little bit nerves and worried it won’t work. It seems too good to be true, but my husband is on board and he’s says its worth the try if it will my me happy. I will keep you all posted.

    • Very best of luck.

      A few things to remember: 1. Nothing’s perfect and works all the time…but most people are seeing benefit. 2. Starts to work in about 3 weeks (in most women), with full effect in 3 months (that’s with both urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction). 3. Some women will have symptoms of increased arousal or sensations when urinating but these go a way after few days. 4. Hormone replacement (if needed) done accurately testing (as described in the this book will increase the chances of improvement (testosterone replacement is especially helpful with desire and orgasm).
      We see post menopausal women get better without hormone replacement but the chances are definitely improved with replacement.

      Please keep us posted.

  13. I’m 23 years old and ever since I’ve been sexually active I have never had an orgasm. Is it okay for me to get this shot??

    • The shot seems to wrk especially well in younger women. Please be aware that birth control pills (bring it up since you’re young and possibly taking) can cause a drop in testosterone as well as changes in natural estrogen levels and cause detrimental changes in the vaginal tissue. We’re not saying do not use birth control pills. We are saying that birth control pills are proven to be detrimental to the sex drive and to orgasm ability in SOME women (not all). Just be sure to talk with your physician about these issues in concert with the O-Shot (R) procedure.

      And be aware that well trained sex educator can be very valuable in the process.

    • One other tip about being 23…in the minority (but we do see it happen ) especially in younger women that sexual arousal can be very extreme with sometimes even spontaneous orgasm (as in just walking around) or new onset of ejaculation. Even in women over 65 years old, our patients have reported multiple orgasms and ejaculation occuring for the first time. So, though it’s seen in the minority (to have the near continuous arousal and spontaneous orgasm), it’s good to know that it’s a possibility since if you do not have a steady, available lover…it can cause frustration.

      Some of our younger patients have found this initial arousal extremely pleasant to the point that it’s almost like a recreational drug (with the side effect of making the tissue healthier). We don’t encourage an injection every time you’re going on vacation for the weekend, but we have patients who love it so much that’s what they’d do if we let them.

      On the other hand, the arousal can be so severe that it can be an inconvenience. Again, this is the minority, mostly in women less than 30, and it calms down usually in a week or so to a more reasonable improvement. We are still learning about the procedure and the possibilities.

  14. Hi I am a 23 year old college student I was placed on implanon birth control and could no longer get wet during sex and it put a strain on my relationship. Even if I was sexually aroused my body would not respond (lubrication) I have since then removed the birth control and though some lubrication has returned it has NEVER been the same… Can the o shot help me in this department im desperate I miss my sex life!

    • Unfortunately, the same difficulties can happen with implant type birth control as seen in birth control pills. The unfortunate side effect is that the pituitary gland quits making the hormones that keep the ovaries from not only releasing eggs but also from producing important hormones. I wish it were not so…but many women suffer migraines, weight gain, loss of sex drive, and sometimes difficult to reverse adverse changes in the vagina.

      Be sure and think about an overall plan, but absolutely the O-Shot (R) seems to help the majority of women recover healthy vaginal tissue.

  15. Ever since i was placed on birth control i could no longer lubricate naturally making intercourse uncomfortable for me and my husband.Since then i have removed the birth control and even when i am aroused i cannot lubricate can the o-shot help me out with this?

    • You bring up a good point. Birth control pills can cause changes in the vagina that are difficult to reverse.

      Of the possible benefits from the O-Shot (R) procedure, lubrication is the most reliable and pronounced. Definitely talk with one of the providers closest to you.

      • I’m 62 years old on a mild dose of Paxil cr 12.5 mg. Have extreme vaginal dryness and lack of desire will the o shot help me?

  16. I am 28 years old and have had a few issues with sex, as far as pain, and sometimes dryness. I have a very serious boyfriend, in which we are talking about marriage and wedding rings. I am very healthy, work out 4-5 times a week and eat very clean (organic foods, no sugars or processed foods). Sometimes however, I do have pain or dryness, or trouble getting aroused. When I have good sex, I love it and want more- but if I’ve had a bad experience due to the above mentioned issues, it completely turns me off. I feel like I am too young not to be enjoying sex every moment I get. I should note, that growing up it was taught that sex and libido were shameful and not talked about. There’s sometimes thoughts of guilt due to my childhood upbringing at times, when I get horny, or sometimes during sex, which is another factor that might be an issue too. I’ve talked to my counselor about the physiological issues. But am wondering if this shot would work on the physical issues? Am I too young? Why is there no provider in the Seattle area? The great women of the pacific North West like having good sex too, ya’ know. Anyway, is someone could answer my questions that would be great.

    • Hello Amanda,

      I commend your understanding of the complexity of the sexual response and encourage you to continue to explore your emotions with a counselor; such introspection takes courage but would benefit anyone.

      As for the physical components to your changes, the first culprit to consider in a young woman are the changes that can happen with birth control pills (both to the tissue of the vagina and to the overall endocrine/metabolic state of her body–not usually beneficial changes).

      Yes, the O-Shot (R) procedure seems to work especially well in younger women (sometimes flipping things to the hypersexual side) and I encourage you to add the procedure to your overall plan for wholeness.

      As for why no-one in your area…it’s common with any new procedure. The first heart cath was done in the 1940’s…they were not commonly done until 1970’s…30 years later. The first person to suggest the germ theory was kicked out of the hospital. In the 1970’s and early 1980’s, most cardiologists thought aerobic exercise was quackery and that exercise lead to enlarged heart and possible early death…George Sheehan, MD (the cardiologist who along with Dr Cooper championed the idea of aerobic exercise being beneficial) was considered a quack by most cardiologists in the 1970’s.

      Bottom line, Dr. Runels did the first O-Shot (R) procedure in the world only 3 years ago, so expect it to be another 10-20 years before it’s commonly done and covered by insurance (unless enough women get behind it and demand that their gynecologist or family practice doctor learn the procedure).

      In the mean time, we do have providers in several countries and in most areas of the country… so go to this page, and put in your zip code and look for the closest one [or send your physician to this page and ask them to consider learning the procedure].

      Very best to you and hope you find healing.

      (P.S. Consider studying the action lists at the back of this book about the Female Orgasm System)

  17. I am a breast cancer patient taking Effexor, tamoxifen and Zoladex to suppress my estrogen. My sex drive is gone and reaching orgasm nearly impossible. I am a 31 year old women and would like to enjoy sex again. Will the shot help?

    • Two things to consider…

      1. There is some evidence that using testosterone in the face of breast cancer could be protective. Every person is different. Read this page (click here), then discuss with your physician.

      2. Yes, the O-Shot (R) can cause a very dramatic effect in sex drive and orgasmic response. We’ve seen an excellent response in most women who have the procedure who are not able to use hormones. But, nothing works perfectly (including this shot and we do have occasional failures…with no improvement). To improve your chances of success, be sure to consider the whole picture and get expert advice about the possibility of testosterone as well.

      Wishing you the very best and prayers and hopes for your healing.

      You may also look at the whole picture by going over the checklist at the back of this book…

    • Yes, we are seeing very wonderful results…but we need to do a real clinical trial before this will be commonly done by all gynecologists.

      If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial for vulvodynia, please put your information in the form below and we will contact you soon to see if you want to participate after we get IRB approval for our protocol. The study will likely take place in the northeastern part of the US.

      There will likely be a placebo part of the study (and if you are put in the placebo group you would be injected with saline…not given the real thing). But if you’re in the placebo group, you would be offered the real thing at the end of the research.

      We are doing the research because some have been greatly helped by the procedure, but we need to prove the results with good research.

      In the mean time, those who live in other areas or who want treatment now, could see one of the providers listed on the website (because this is not a drug, but a procedure that’s been proven to be effective with very low risk in other parts of the body, the physician can determine to treat you on an individual basis before the research is complete).

      If you’re interested, then fill out this form (by filling this out, you’re giving us permission to contact you sometime before August of 2014). So, the we will know it’s really you, after you fill out the form, then go to your email (and it may be in your spam folder) and click the email we will send so that we know that you want to be contacted.

  18. Vulvodynia was recently called (by the editor of Obstetrics & Gynecology) an “agonizing disease” that is often “poorly recognized and poorly treated.” This video shows recent research:

  19. I am 51 years old and used birth control pills for 20 years after 2 vaginal births. I am healthy (high blood pressure managed with meds – atenolol and lisinopril), exercise regularly, and eat relatively well. I have always had an enjoyable/active sex life but didn’t experience an orgasm until age 46 with a vibrator. I have never experienced an orgasm without a vibrator. I had the O-Shot procedure 2/22/2014 from a certified provider but have not noticed any changes. A recent physical indicated that my FSH and LH levels appear to be in the postmenopausal ranges. Where should I go from here?

    • Birth control pills are notorious for lowering sex drive and testosterone levels even in 20 year olds. Definitely need to talk with your physician about measuring and correcting free testosterone levels back to healthy levels. There could be more, but that’s a very likely help if you’re on birth control pills.

  20. Is the shot safe during pregnancy? Im 30 and have never had an orgasm since I started having sex some times I even wonder why bother. Its painful most of the time I have issues with self lubricating also. I barely get any pleasure from sex, even when I receive oral sex nothing! I think my brain just isn’t sending the signals its suppose to be to my vagina or maybe I’m incapable of producing the sexual chemicals I’m suppose to. I’ve spoken to two doctors and they were just as clueless as I am…I need Help! Please!

    • Nothing dangerous about your own plasma even during pregnancy. When Kim Kardashian had her Vampire Facial, she was pregnant at the time.

      However, with all that goes on with growing a new person, I’d recommend you give your self permission to have any type of sex drive that you happen to have until after the pregnancy, then think more about how to make things better.

    • So, do we. The FDA approved kits are expensive, and doing this properly means taking time to understand the problem(s). Hopefully, insurance will eventually pay.

    • Dear Dr. Runels, I had the O Shot on August 9th of 2017. I’m 64 years old, been married, September 27th, 48 years. I’ve never had an orgasam. Needless to say, after a hysterectomy at the age of 28, I’m having a few problems now. I’m very dry, painful sex and have never had any sexual desire. I was looking for miracles I guess but so far nothing at all has happened ?. Do you think I’m a lost cause? I’ve been reading some things on line and the o- shot they’re saying is a gimmick . Please tell me I haven’t wasted $1200.00 that I didn’t have to throw away.

      • I’m very glad you wrote. It takes at LEAST 3 weeks to start to work. Full effect is 3 months! That’s the usual amount of time it takes in the studies done on PRP (over nine THOUSAND in teh medical literature). Please read some of the other posts on this blog for more details. Amazing that people still think that after 3 research papers (more on the way), and with over 900 providers in over 40 countries, that people think all these providers (including faculty at many medical schools) have the need to trick people out of their money. Those who think it’s just a gimmick are reading Marvel Comics instead of the medical literature.

        Second, most of our providers will return your money or offer your a repeat treatment for free if you’ve seen no effects…so you have not wasted your money (but you don’t want to repeat until 8-12 weeks after this procedure, since the body needs time to grow the new tissue from the first injection).

        Did you see one of our certified providers (otherwise, I don’t even know what you had done…maybe something far inferior to what our O-Shot® Provider Members do)…
        is your provider on this list (click)<--

        I know you want to be well…so the other reason to go back to your provider if you’re not better after 12 weeks is to make sure that all has been done. It’s not a magic shot, it’s part of a recipe for some people.

        Be sure you and your provider thought about everything in this book…

        keep us posted.

        • How do I see if I can receive a 2nd shot for free. My first one was done 2 1/2 months ago and still nothing . I still leak and my orgasims are not getting any more intense . Please I want this shot to help me .

      • Hi Mary,

        Don’t give up. I would recommend a second shot in
        8 to 12 weeks as well as seeing a specialist with hormones. Find someone who you can talk to about sex possibly instructing you in the use of a vibrator. Thank you for having the courage to post this.

        Kathleen Posey MD

  21. Size matters…of the clitoris!

    Researchers reported in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (April 2014) that women who achieve orgasm are more likely to have a larger clitoris and the clitoris is more likely to lie closer to the vagina. They used detailed MRI studies to document measurements.

    The article starts by reminding us that female orgasmic disorder occurs in 1 in 5 to 1 in 3 women (it’s more common in younger women). Also, remember, by definition, it must be causing the woman distress to be counted in this statistic.

    The authors conclude in the final paragraph:

    In conclusion, a smaller clitoral glans and greater distance of the clitoral body from the vaginal lumen were noted in women with anorgasmia. Although, adequate sexual function is complex, we document that clitoral size and location may be paramount in implacting sexula rfuntion, specifiaclly orgasm. Although these physical characteristics cannot be changed, understanding the physiology of the female sexual response advance knowledge. In addition, such awareness may highlight stategies for teatment of women distressed by sexual dysfunciton.

    In response to that conclusion, here IS such strategy that DOES enhance the clitoris.

    The O-Shot ® procedure.

  22. I have never achieved orgasm through intercourse. I am 55 yrs old, excellent health, eat clean and exercise- RARELY sick. I have had extremely low sex drive and pain with intercourse throughout this dreadful “change”. I believed I was the perfect candidate for the o shot! (periods over, still having hot flashes) l had the procedure 5 wks ago and have had NO response. My Dr. suggested I have my hormone panel done which I have scheduled in the next month. Are balanced hormones necessary for the shot to achieve maximum results? I know it takes a full 3 mo.s for full results. I am so dismayed…….Do I need another shot?

    • Hello Carol,

      Thank you very much for writing.

      I want to reassure you that you are very likely “fixable” —-please read the following very carefully…

      That you are having hot flashes and very low sex drive with painful intercourse does indicate that you’re going through the “change”–as you called it– and likely suffer with significant hormonal imbalances.

      Though we do see some help with people who just can not tolerate hormone replacement...the shot does not take the place of adequate and expert hormone replacement.

      Rather than being the “Perfect candidate,” if you are showing signs of severe hormone imbalance and low testosterone levels without treatment, you’re actually someone most likely to NOT see resolution of your symptoms with the O-Shot (R) procedure unless you simultaneously correct hormone levels.

      Also, the O-Shot (R) STARTS to work at 3 weeks and full effect not until 3 months. So, it’s only now time for you to start to see results. I would not give up on the shot and have another until at least 8 weeks after the shot. Also, unless you have reasons to not have your testosterone levels replaced to put your free testosterone levels in the upper end of normal, then I would not have another O-Shot (R) until after starting hormone replacement.

      The most likely failure with the shot is a post menopausal women who is not on hormone replacement.

      The most likely success with the shot is a premenopausal woman who used to have good sex, but something changed (trauma from childbirth with dyspareunia after for example). Other more likely success cases are a post menopausal woman who used to have good sex, who is either on hormone replacement (especially testosterone) or who starts hormone replacement at the time of the O-Shot (R) procedure.

      We do have cases of pre- and post- menopausal women who find wonderful results from the procedure who have never had good orgasms.

      Also seeing shocking results can be in women already having good sex who just want to see if things can be better (either in women just trying to make sex better or in women with urinary incontinence (1 in 20 women in their 20’s suffer with this). They get the shot for the incontinence, but then the sexual response goes out the roof!

      Here’s a link to Dr. Runels talking about hormone replacement (he’s involved more in researching the O-Shot (R) now and not taking new patients, but these recordings give you a good idea of what questions to ask..also the links at the bottom of the page give more research about testosterone and some of the benefits.

      Bottom line is that you’re far away from using up all you options and just now in the beginning stages of when the O-Shot (R) should kick in…but listen to those recordings of Dr. Runels and take the advice of whomever gave you the O-Shot (R) and have your hormones checked too.

      You have a new life coming…just keep moving in the right direction.

  23. I am taking an antidepressant (SSRI at the lowest dose) that causes difficulties with achieving an orgasm. This has been added to my Wellbutrin (which didn’t have this effect). Does the shot help with this side effect of SSRI’s?

    • Sometimes the SSRI’s like Prozac can just make it near impossible. But the shot does help. Also, testosterone can help with depression as well as with orgasm. So, be sure free testosterone levels are in the upper range of normal.

      Here’s some of the research supporting the idea.

      So in summary, yes, the SSRI’s can make orgasm impossible on some women. But, combining the O-Shot (R) with testosterone if levels are less then the upper 1/3 of normal, usually results in better orgasms even when taking SSRI’s

      Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

  24. I’m a 23 year old female that experience no pleasure in my clit …it is sort of a numb feeling i believe my sensitivity has dimnished i was wondering would this benefit me? ..i also have a hard time holding my urine

  25. I’m a 30 year-old woman in the UK and I’ve been with my husband for 11 years now.

    After our first year together (he was my first and only sexual partner), I began to experience pain during intercourse. I’ve seen a number of doctors and gynaecologists about it and I was eventually diagnosed with vestibulodynia. We tried an anaesthetic gel for a while, but it prevented me from feeling anything during intercourse. Over time, I’ve learned to deal with the pain and even enjoy sex despite it, but it’s still very painful at the point of penetration and nobody has been able to offer me any sort of solution.

    I read about the O-Shot recently and although the primary interest appears to be in stimulation, there have been brief mentions that it can be used to treat women who experience pain during intercourse. Unfortunately, I can’t really find any more information on this use! Can you please tell me whether it’s likely to be able to treat my condition and if so, how I might go about finding someone who can administer the injection?

    • Hello Vicki,

      Thank you for writing. Painful intercourse can be the most disturbing of all the sexual dysfunctions (you can fake and orgasm and desire, but pain makes sex very difficult). I’m sorry that you’ve suffered this problem.

      Yes, younger women with vestibulodynia seem to respond well (though, as we’ve said, nothing is perfect). We think the mechanism is that (in the same way the PRP helps resolve scar tissue in wound care) fibrosis and abnormal tissue is remodeled by the PRP.

      We will be training physicians in the UK starting in July. If you want your physician to consider training, you can refer her/him to this page (click here).

      You may also want to pick up the July issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine (the UK version), where the inventor of the procedure (Charles Runels, MD) and several of his younger patients are interviewed. You can download the July issue to your iPhone with the app found on this link: ===>>> Click Here to download “The Orgasm Doctor Will See You Now” in the July Cosmo Magazine UK

      The website directory will reflect the doctors offering the procedure (hopefully, there will be UK physicians there by the end of July (Click here to see).

      I hope and pray that you find healing.

  26. I’m wondering if you might be able to point me to any research that has been done on this procedure specifically that would show the benefits that it’s supposed to have for women. I’ve read your research page and all of those studies have been for use in other applications than in the vagina. Do you have any collected information from yours and other clinics that documents the number of people who described benefit and what benefit they found? I’d just like to find out more than that some people said that it worked for them. Thanks.

  27. AT LAST!!!

    I am in the UK and it’s about time something was being offered to help women.

    In the past I have tried testosterone cream and even a Viagra tablet that I got hold of! Nothing worked to make me feel turned on anymore.

    I agree with Tamika. My brain doesn’t connect to that sexy feeling down below. I want to feel horny and sexy again, I did in my 20s, I am now 53 but have felt like this since my 40s.

    So, count me in for the injection when the doctor’s start offering it here. YES, YES, YES!

  28. Hello, I’m pleased to learn that there will be UK physicians providing this procedure, however, I live in France and would like to know whether there are any French physicians or main land Europe physicians also training for the procedure?

    • We finally have a doctor providing the procedure in London. Dr. Wakil flew over from London to the US to train personally with Dr. Runels (the inventor of the procedure).

      Dr. Wakil has a vast experience with blood-derived growth factors and therapeutic injections (thousands of patients over the past 8 years). Now that he’s trained with Dr. Runels about the specific techniques used with both the O-Shot (R) and the Vampire Facelift (R), he will be a leader in offering both procedures in Europe.

      You’ll find Dr. Wakil’s information listed on the provider list (Click here, then click on the countries tab and then on United Kingdom). Dr. Runels will be flying to London soon. Hopefully we will have more physician’s trained in France and in Great Britain very soon.

  29. Can the therapy be used in the perineal area to improve thin fragile skin that tears easily? Is there any risk to trying it?

    • Yes, we’ve seen tremendous success for women with thin skin (usually from Lichen Sclerosus or after child birth).

      Sometimes, it’s taken several treatments for complete healing. But, do not get a second treatment until after 8-12 weeks so you can see the effects of the first treatement.

      We’ve seen women who bleed (every time they have sexual intercourse) recover to the point that sex becomes comfortable and without bleeding.

      We have not seen any serious side effects. There are no reports in the medical literature of serious side effects as long as the provider is using kits approved by the FDA for preparation of the blood-derived growth factors.

      Very best to you. Hope you find relief. Let us know how it goes.

      • Which doctors on here have treated he most patients with lichen Sclerosus ?
        I want to go to see that Doctor.

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