Difference between the G-Shot® & the O-Shot®

The following video explains the difference between the O-Shot® and the G-Shot® procedures. Though I consider the O-Shot® to be far superior in safety and in effectiveness when compared with the G-Shot®, I would likely have never conceived the method had I not been carefully studying the ideas of Dr. Mattlock (the inventor of the G-Shot® and a brave and brilliant physician). So, I have the utmost respect for him and his work and that of Dr. Grafenburg…the great Jewish gynecologist who first proposed the idea of the urethra being of extreme importance in the sexual response. Without the work of these two great men and that of the many excellent and expert providers and teachers and researchers of the O-Shot® procedure, women would not be seeing the great benefit that they do and our research would not be progressing at the present impressive speed.
–Charles Runels, MD (designer of the O-Shot® procedure)

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Chapter 15 describes the O-Shot® procedure…


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