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890 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Can O-Shot help a transgender woman with a neo-clitoris and a neo-vagina? I have lost considerable erogenous sensation since gender confirmation surgery. And if so, are there any physicians willing to provide such care?

    1. yes we do have providers. Call Carolyn Delucia (see our provider list). Either she or one of the physicians she trained will help you.

    1. In my experience the O shot will almost certainly help with the ramp up time and quality of your orgasm. We always like to check hormones as well since testosterone is important in a woman’s arousal and subsequent orgasm. Unfortunately many meds such as antidepressants can worsen this problem as well.
      As for the O shot unfortunately we can’t say the O shot always works but most providers are like us in that they offer a money back guarantee if you are not helped.
      The duration of the O-shot is variable but 8 – 18 mos. is the typical duration.
      Again I would highly recommend checking testosterone and estradiol ratios. These can’t be overstated.
      After typing the above I just asked a staff member who I gave an O shot to about 7 weeks ago how she is doing with it (believe it or not we haven’t discussed it even though that is what we do here). She had an identical problem as yours and her quote is “Oh my Gosh yes it has worked. It is faster and SO MUCH BETTER!” That really is the typical response. Tediousness will likely be a thing of the past.
      Hope this helps.

  2. I‘ve had the O shot about 3,5 weeks ago. I can‘t feel any difference and I‘m about to give up. I am a healthy 30 year old woman, no kids, very active, with s healthy sex drive. Though I can reach clitoral orgasms I‘ve never felt pleasure during intercourse. I have been faking all my life and I am blaming myself for ‚not functioning‘ like everyone else. I started to hate myself.
    The O shot is my last hope. My provider (yes he is listed) told me to masturbate everyday to improve results, is that true?
    Also, he told me to come back again (if necessary) for a second shot after 8 weeks.
    So, many people here were saying that 4 werks isn‘t enough to say whether the shot had worked or not, but when is the time to really give up?
    After receiving 2 shots with no difference? What’s the limit?

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