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917 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Can O-Shot help a transgender woman with a neo-clitoris and a neo-vagina? I have lost considerable erogenous sensation since gender confirmation surgery. And if so, are there any physicians willing to provide such care?

    1. yes we do have providers. Call Carolyn Delucia (see our provider list). Either she or one of the physicians she trained will help you.

    1. In my experience the O shot will almost certainly help with the ramp up time and quality of your orgasm. We always like to check hormones as well since testosterone is important in a woman’s arousal and subsequent orgasm. Unfortunately many meds such as antidepressants can worsen this problem as well.
      As for the O shot unfortunately we can’t say the O shot always works but most providers are like us in that they offer a money back guarantee if you are not helped.
      The duration of the O-shot is variable but 8 – 18 mos. is the typical duration.
      Again I would highly recommend checking testosterone and estradiol ratios. These can’t be overstated.
      After typing the above I just asked a staff member who I gave an O shot to about 7 weeks ago how she is doing with it (believe it or not we haven’t discussed it even though that is what we do here). She had an identical problem as yours and her quote is “Oh my Gosh yes it has worked. It is faster and SO MUCH BETTER!” That really is the typical response. Tediousness will likely be a thing of the past.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Karen,
      It’s a little different for everyone, but average is right around a year with the range of 9-18 months. I recommend repeating annually. I had one person who had a great response and it wore off right at 4 months. I gave her a second O-Shot at no charge.

      Emily Porter, MD
      Austin, TX

  2. I‘ve had the O shot about 3,5 weeks ago. I can‘t feel any difference and I‘m about to give up. I am a healthy 30 year old woman, no kids, very active, with s healthy sex drive. Though I can reach clitoral orgasms I‘ve never felt pleasure during intercourse. I have been faking all my life and I am blaming myself for ‚not functioning‘ like everyone else. I started to hate myself.
    The O shot is my last hope. My provider (yes he is listed) told me to masturbate everyday to improve results, is that true?
    Also, he told me to come back again (if necessary) for a second shot after 8 weeks.
    So, many people here were saying that 4 werks isn‘t enough to say whether the shot had worked or not, but when is the time to really give up?
    After receiving 2 shots with no difference? What’s the limit?

  3. Hello,
    I am 27 years old and I have not had a sex drive in over 3 years. My husband is very understanding but it is so hard for me to explain how I just have no desire to have sex. I have been to 3 different gyns. Have had my hormones checked and was told they were normal. I had my birth control switched several times and in July I decided to just go off of it but I still have no change. I have tried different natural supplements , etc. I am pretty sure I have HSDD from doing my own research but no dr has ever even brought up the possibility to me. I don’t have any pain with sex or urinary problems, just no desire… have their been proven cases of the o shot helping people with situations such as mine? I am thinking of making an appointment with a provider listed here but It is not a cheap procedure and am nervous that it will not work for increasing my sex drive…

    1. Kira,

      I’ve been there. And it’s no fun at all. Sure, birth control pills can decrease testosterone and stopping them can help some. There are tons of other medications including blood pressure medications, anti-anxiety medications, and especially anti-depressants that can also squash a libido. I’m not at all surprised that you saw 3 gynecologists and were told your hormones are normal. To be honest, I’d be very surprised if a single one of them actually checked your testosterone. Estrogen and progesterone play a much lesser role in libido than does testosterone and also your thyroid. I suffered for years after having my children with libido and newly unsatisfying sex when it did happen. I finally checked my testosterone and it was undetectable! I’ve benefitted greatly from bio-identical hormone pellets and a testosterone in the 150-250 range. I’ve also really enjoyed the O-Shot and while it definitely does improve orgasm and sexual satisfaction, I have no doubt that your results will be multiplied (and your money much better spent) if you optimize your testosterone prior to getting the O-Shot. Imagine spending $1200 to have your car professionally detailed only to find out when you go to take it on a joyride that there is no gas in the tank.

      Emily Porter, M.D.
      Austin, TX

      1. Thank you for your reply. I checked my tests and one test did have my testosterone checked and it was :
        TESTOSTERONE, SERUM 43 8-48 ng/dL
        FREE TESTOSTERONE(DIRECT) 2.4 0.0-4.2

        That was while I was on BC. I recently had tests run while not on BC by a different provider and you are right, they did not check my testosterone and then I noticed it said amount was not sufficient for them to check DHEA And total estrogens. So there was so information on my recent testosterone, estrogen, or DHEA while not on BC. Not sure if that would have made a difference in anything…
        This was from a provider who does the OShot, but I did not meet with the provider , just the nurse practitioner and she ordered the tests then I received the call that “all is normal” I asked for the results to be emailed which is how I got the above information. Not sure what to do now 🙁
        No one in the office brought the OShot up to me.. I know I am younger so maybe not the average patient but still a little upsetting.

  4. I have been diagnosed with LS for two years. I am now 23. The pain is unbearable. I use the clobetasol cream and it help for a little bit. But I have to use it everyday. And even with that, sex hurts so bad. I am at a loss at what to do next.

    1. Haley,

      I am so sorry to hear you’re suffering. Lichen sclerosus is a terrible disease and pain with intercourse is one of the most terrible things because it’s difficult to pretend when things are hurting. First, if you didn’t have a biopsy as part of you’re diagnosis, I’d recommend one. Albeit rare, especially at your age, vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (risk of developing into cancer) can look like LS.

      I and many other physicians have successfully treated LS patients using the O-Shot. It sometimes requires 2 or 3 shots about 2-3 months apart, and usually involves some injections in the affected areas of the labia (and not just the clitoris and internal vagina). If you’re going to go that route, I recommend finding one of us who has the icon next to their name that we’re comfortable treating it. I also recommend holding the Clobetasol during the treatment period because it interferes with the inflammatory response we are trying to elicit with the injections. In my experience, a series of a few injections and then maintenance every 6-12 months has done the trick for nearly everyone. I truly hope it can be the case for you, too.

      Emily Porter, M.D.
      Austin, TX

  5. I had the O shot done exactly a week ago and I havent had any results. I have actually had a harder time acheiving an orgasm and the inability to produce arousal fluid. I think something is wrong. In addition, when I research the procedure it mentions a shot to the clit. However my doctor injected me twice in the clitoral hood and not my actual clit. Please advise.

    1. ? Injected the hood?
      Someone on our directory? (go here to check).

      If so, please write to me ( and tell me who. If not, then it’s not surprising. We have many imitators who think they can guess the technique that took us 9 years and much money and work to bring to it’s present excellent (but not perfect) state.

      Even when one of our providers does the injection, nothing is perfect, here’s more about what to expect after the injection

  6. I can not find any information about when I can resume having intercourse with my boyfriend. Can anyone answer that for me?

    1. Very good question. If you had a laser treatment or a Thermi-O® treatment (using radio-frequency), then usually there’s a short waiting time of a few days (this should always be as per your provider’s instructions because everyone is different). If you received the O-Shot® [Orgasm Shot®] as a stand-alone procedure, then most physicians (including me) tell our patients that they can have sex immediately (again, you must ask your physician, but this is what’s normally recommended). You’ll want to sit in the tub and wash off the numbing cream. And the effects will vary over the coming weeks as per described here…

  7. Hi just wondering if the o shot would be a step in the right direction to curing my Vaginismus. I’m 2- and have never been able to fully have sexually intercourse.

  8. What is the 3 day 3 week 3 month mean? I had the O-Shot yesterday and my doctor did not mention anything about that.

  9. I had mine done 3/21 mainly for my inability to get lubrication during sex, low arousal & orgasm. My drs office (one listed here) has said it takes about 3 months to kick in. I’ve not had any improvement at all. I’m 41. I feel like if nothing happens by the third month I’m going to have to pay for a second shot all over again since the office hasn’t mentioned money back or any other options. Would a second shot even help at this point or am I more or less “immune”.

    1. Have you had your testosterone levels checked? They decrease as we get older.A lot of women struggle with these issues. I would look into a bio TE provider near you:)

  10. I tried the O-shot and nothing changed. The doctor suggested going back for a “booster” shot, but with the upfront expense of the first shot with no results I’m extremely hesitant to try.

    1. Two things…

      1. Is your provider on the following list (if not, then I have no idea what was done and it could have been not good)…
      list of licensed providers< ---

      2. Most of the licensed providers will repeat for free or return money if you saw now results. Contact your provider and let her/him know what’s going on with you.
      Also, see this (since there’s not mention about what the problem is or how long it’s been, you could still see results with the first procedure).
      click< --

      Let us know what happens. Very best wishes for the result you’re looking for.

    1. research shows your clitoris is likely hidden by phimosis and is healthy, it’s the clitoral hood that needs attention. Look at the research published by Kathleen Posey on the following page to see what’s possible with a combination of surgery with the O-Shot® procedure. Nothing is 100% effective, but you’ll see photographic evidence of what’s possible…
      click and scroll down to find the research by Dr. Posey< =-=<<

  11. I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis and year ago ,it’s been life changing for me I would really like some help and I don’t know who to turn to in Ireland as all I’m been offered is steriod cream , Maria

  12. I am 51 years old and noticed it was becoming more and more difficult to reach a vaginal orgasm. I made an appointment with my Gyno and she recommended the OShot and a facility that could help me. I made an appointment and had it done on June 5. I am close to 4 weeks in and have not noticed any changes. Is it still to early? I see most reviews noticed immediate changes. Of course this is not my situation, just my luck!

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