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965 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Can O-Shot help a transgender woman with a neo-clitoris and a neo-vagina? I have lost considerable erogenous sensation since gender confirmation surgery. And if so, are there any physicians willing to provide such care?

    • yes we do have providers. Call Carolyn Delucia (see our provider list). Either she or one of the physicians she trained will help you.

    • In my experience the O shot will almost certainly help with the ramp up time and quality of your orgasm. We always like to check hormones as well since testosterone is important in a woman’s arousal and subsequent orgasm. Unfortunately many meds such as antidepressants can worsen this problem as well.
      As for the O shot unfortunately we can’t say the O shot always works but most providers are like us in that they offer a money back guarantee if you are not helped.
      The duration of the O-shot is variable but 8 – 18 mos. is the typical duration.
      Again I would highly recommend checking testosterone and estradiol ratios. These can’t be overstated.
      After typing the above I just asked a staff member who I gave an O shot to about 7 weeks ago how she is doing with it (believe it or not we haven’t discussed it even though that is what we do here). She had an identical problem as yours and her quote is “Oh my Gosh yes it has worked. It is faster and SO MUCH BETTER!” That really is the typical response. Tediousness will likely be a thing of the past.
      Hope this helps.

    • Karen,
      It’s a little different for everyone, but average is right around a year with the range of 9-18 months. I recommend repeating annually. I had one person who had a great response and it wore off right at 4 months. I gave her a second O-Shot at no charge.

      Emily Porter, MD
      Austin, TX

  2. I‘ve had the O shot about 3,5 weeks ago. I can‘t feel any difference and I‘m about to give up. I am a healthy 30 year old woman, no kids, very active, with s healthy sex drive. Though I can reach clitoral orgasms I‘ve never felt pleasure during intercourse. I have been faking all my life and I am blaming myself for ‚not functioning‘ like everyone else. I started to hate myself.
    The O shot is my last hope. My provider (yes he is listed) told me to masturbate everyday to improve results, is that true?
    Also, he told me to come back again (if necessary) for a second shot after 8 weeks.
    So, many people here were saying that 4 werks isn‘t enough to say whether the shot had worked or not, but when is the time to really give up?
    After receiving 2 shots with no difference? What’s the limit?

      • I received my o-shot 7 months ago and I had zero results. I would say nothing changed except I do have a new pinching sensation at the injection spot. Did you all ever see any results? I am a healthy 30-year-old as well however my provider never told me to go back for a second shot.

        • 1. make sure your provider is on our directory (otherwise, there is no telling what you even had done to you).
          2. Nothing works all of the time (5-10% of people in hospital with pneumonia still die, and up to 30% of people in the intensive care with pnumonia still die– even with antibiotics but we don’t say that antibiotics “don’t work”), and how this procedure works depends on the problem being treated and the person’s overall health. But, all or our providers should offer either money back or another procedure to anyone for any reason.
          3. If you do not get results you should let your provider know (make sure it’s someone on our list). If you have a not good experience, let us know what happened and with which one of our providers–but please speak to the provider first.

          Keep in mind the ideas here as well…

    • Any follow up on this? I had mine done 2 days ago by one of the listed doctors. I know 2 days is way too early to tell but I see/feel zero difference so far and have read that a lot of people at least notice a slight difference within the first day. Worried I just wasted my $$

    • If you’ve never had a vaginal orgasm there is hope. What I did was practice with a dildo only with no vibration. No clitoral stimulation . It took me about ten tries on different days. Letting the desire build. Also very very naughty thoughts. The key is the massage the g spot which you will brush against with the dildo if large enough. I have always been given oral to climax and never had opportunity to have vaginal orgasm. Deny her clitoral and focus on Vaginal . Just work at it manually on your own until success. Dont give up

  3. Hello,
    I am 27 years old and I have not had a sex drive in over 3 years. My husband is very understanding but it is so hard for me to explain how I just have no desire to have sex. I have been to 3 different gyns. Have had my hormones checked and was told they were normal. I had my birth control switched several times and in July I decided to just go off of it but I still have no change. I have tried different natural supplements , etc. I am pretty sure I have HSDD from doing my own research but no dr has ever even brought up the possibility to me. I don’t have any pain with sex or urinary problems, just no desire… have their been proven cases of the o shot helping people with situations such as mine? I am thinking of making an appointment with a provider listed here but It is not a cheap procedure and am nervous that it will not work for increasing my sex drive…

    • Kira,

      I’ve been there. And it’s no fun at all. Sure, birth control pills can decrease testosterone and stopping them can help some. There are tons of other medications including blood pressure medications, anti-anxiety medications, and especially anti-depressants that can also squash a libido. I’m not at all surprised that you saw 3 gynecologists and were told your hormones are normal. To be honest, I’d be very surprised if a single one of them actually checked your testosterone. Estrogen and progesterone play a much lesser role in libido than does testosterone and also your thyroid. I suffered for years after having my children with libido and newly unsatisfying sex when it did happen. I finally checked my testosterone and it was undetectable! I’ve benefitted greatly from bio-identical hormone pellets and a testosterone in the 150-250 range. I’ve also really enjoyed the O-Shot and while it definitely does improve orgasm and sexual satisfaction, I have no doubt that your results will be multiplied (and your money much better spent) if you optimize your testosterone prior to getting the O-Shot. Imagine spending $1200 to have your car professionally detailed only to find out when you go to take it on a joyride that there is no gas in the tank.

      Emily Porter, M.D.
      Austin, TX

      • Thank you for your reply. I checked my tests and one test did have my testosterone checked and it was :
        TESTOSTERONE, SERUM 43 8-48 ng/dL
        FREE TESTOSTERONE(DIRECT) 2.4 0.0-4.2

        That was while I was on BC. I recently had tests run while not on BC by a different provider and you are right, they did not check my testosterone and then I noticed it said amount was not sufficient for them to check DHEA And total estrogens. So there was so information on my recent testosterone, estrogen, or DHEA while not on BC. Not sure if that would have made a difference in anything…
        This was from a provider who does the OShot, but I did not meet with the provider , just the nurse practitioner and she ordered the tests then I received the call that “all is normal” I asked for the results to be emailed which is how I got the above information. Not sure what to do now 🙁
        No one in the office brought the OShot up to me.. I know I am younger so maybe not the average patient but still a little upsetting.

      • I agree with you Dr. Porter, there are other contributing factor and sometimes multiple modalities work better.

  4. I have been diagnosed with LS for two years. I am now 23. The pain is unbearable. I use the clobetasol cream and it help for a little bit. But I have to use it everyday. And even with that, sex hurts so bad. I am at a loss at what to do next.

    • Haley,

      I am so sorry to hear you’re suffering. Lichen sclerosus is a terrible disease and pain with intercourse is one of the most terrible things because it’s difficult to pretend when things are hurting. First, if you didn’t have a biopsy as part of you’re diagnosis, I’d recommend one. Albeit rare, especially at your age, vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (risk of developing into cancer) can look like LS.

      I and many other physicians have successfully treated LS patients using the O-Shot. It sometimes requires 2 or 3 shots about 2-3 months apart, and usually involves some injections in the affected areas of the labia (and not just the clitoris and internal vagina). If you’re going to go that route, I recommend finding one of us who has the icon next to their name that we’re comfortable treating it. I also recommend holding the Clobetasol during the treatment period because it interferes with the inflammatory response we are trying to elicit with the injections. In my experience, a series of a few injections and then maintenance every 6-12 months has done the trick for nearly everyone. I truly hope it can be the case for you, too.

      Emily Porter, M.D.
      Austin, TX

  5. I had the O shot done exactly a week ago and I havent had any results. I have actually had a harder time acheiving an orgasm and the inability to produce arousal fluid. I think something is wrong. In addition, when I research the procedure it mentions a shot to the clit. However my doctor injected me twice in the clitoral hood and not my actual clit. Please advise.

    • ? Injected the hood?
      Someone on our directory? (go here to check).

      If so, please write to me ( and tell me who. If not, then it’s not surprising. We have many imitators who think they can guess the technique that took us 9 years and much money and work to bring to it’s present excellent (but not perfect) state.

      Even when one of our providers does the injection, nothing is perfect, here’s more about what to expect after the injection

  6. I can not find any information about when I can resume having intercourse with my boyfriend. Can anyone answer that for me?

    • Very good question. If you had a laser treatment or a Thermi-O® treatment (using radio-frequency), then usually there’s a short waiting time of a few days (this should always be as per your provider’s instructions because everyone is different). If you received the O-Shot® [Orgasm Shot®] as a stand-alone procedure, then most physicians (including me) tell our patients that they can have sex immediately (again, you must ask your physician, but this is what’s normally recommended). You’ll want to sit in the tub and wash off the numbing cream. And the effects will vary over the coming weeks as per described here…

  7. Hi just wondering if the o shot would be a step in the right direction to curing my Vaginismus. I’m 2- and have never been able to fully have sexually intercourse.

    • The following should not be taken as medical advice to any particular situation or person…

      I have not heard of the O-Shot being used to treat vaginismus directly. However, I think there is a chance that it could help, if the PRP is able to improve an underlying condition(s) which may be contributing to the vaginismus. For example, decreased lubrication could lead to pain, which could contribute to vaginismus. Taking this example, we know that in many cases the O-Shot seems to improve lubrication and thus improve comfort during activity.

      I think most O-Shot providers would say that based on history and research, the O-Shot procedure has a low risk of making anything worse, including vaginismus. But before considering the O-Shot, it would be important to have full consultation with a OBGYN who specializes in vaginismus.

      Another thought: with vaginismus, it may be more difficult to perform the O-Shot procedure; it should be done by someone with good experience and technical skill.

      Patrick Yam

  8. What is the 3 day 3 week 3 month mean? I had the O-Shot yesterday and my doctor did not mention anything about that.

    • I believe these timelines regarding the O-Shot refer to the following:

      3 days: The first three days after receiving the O-Shot is the initial period of time where you *might* have increased sensations including increased sensitivity, bladder irritability, urinary frequency or urgency, heightened arousal, or almost anything else. One anecdotal report was of a woman would couldn’t wear tight fitting pants for a few days after receiving the O-Shot because the increased friction was leading to orgasms, but this is extremely rare! It’s important to state that In the majority of cases, most women don’t notice much change at all during this time.

      3 weeks: There is usually not much change during the first three weeks after the O-Shot, but around the 3-week mark, the positive effects of tissue regeneration may just start to become noticeable and may include things like increased sensation and sensitivity, increased lubrication, increased ability and intensity of orgasm, etc.

      Note: An exception to the 3 week mark seems to be any urinary or bladder symptoms, which seem to improve much faster than 3 weeks. Patients often report dramatic improvement in urinary symptoms within a few days after the O-Shot and these improvements seem to be very durable, lasting several months or longer.

      3 months: This is when the effects have usually reach their maximum and also the point when you may wish to discuss with your provider about whether or not to consider a repeat procedure for additional benefit. For example, in the case of improved sexual function, about 65% of patients are satisfied with the level of improvement after one O-Shot, but this increases to ~85% of patients after two treatments.

      A note about frequency and number of treatments: Some providers will offer a series of O-Shots at an interval which is closer than 3 months. Based on what we know about how PRP for hair restoration and other areas of the body, this would make sense. For example, we know based on a study for hair restoration that 3 sessions of PRP spaced 1 month apart works far better than 2 sessions spaced 3 months apart; and PRP for Peyronie’s disease seems to work a better when a series of treatments are also given at intervals of ~2-4 weeks.

      Hope this helps
      Patrick Yam

  9. I had mine done 3/21 mainly for my inability to get lubrication during sex, low arousal & orgasm. My drs office (one listed here) has said it takes about 3 months to kick in. I’ve not had any improvement at all. I’m 41. I feel like if nothing happens by the third month I’m going to have to pay for a second shot all over again since the office hasn’t mentioned money back or any other options. Would a second shot even help at this point or am I more or less “immune”.

    • Have you had your testosterone levels checked? They decrease as we get older.A lot of women struggle with these issues. I would look into a bio TE provider near you:)

  10. I tried the O-shot and nothing changed. The doctor suggested going back for a “booster” shot, but with the upfront expense of the first shot with no results I’m extremely hesitant to try.

    • Two things…

      1. Is your provider on the following list (if not, then I have no idea what was done and it could have been not good)…
      list of licensed providers<---

      2. Most of the licensed providers will repeat for free or return money if you saw now results. Contact your provider and let her/him know what’s going on with you.
      Also, see this (since there’s not mention about what the problem is or how long it’s been, you could still see results with the first procedure).

      Let us know what happens. Very best wishes for the result you’re looking for.

    • research shows your clitoris is likely hidden by phimosis and is healthy, it’s the clitoral hood that needs attention. Look at the research published by Kathleen Posey on the following page to see what’s possible with a combination of surgery with the O-Shot® procedure. Nothing is 100% effective, but you’ll see photographic evidence of what’s possible…
      click and scroll down to find the research by Dr. Posey<=-=<<

  11. I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis and year ago ,it’s been life changing for me I would really like some help and I don’t know who to turn to in Ireland as all I’m been offered is steriod cream , Maria

  12. I am 51 years old and noticed it was becoming more and more difficult to reach a vaginal orgasm. I made an appointment with my Gyno and she recommended the OShot and a facility that could help me. I made an appointment and had it done on June 5. I am close to 4 weeks in and have not noticed any changes. Is it still to early? I see most reviews noticed immediate changes. Of course this is not my situation, just my luck!

    • I realize you asked your question in July and it’s the end of December. I’m hoping that you saw results after 8 weeks; that’s the recommended time to “wait and see’ if the O-Shot works. It can even take up to three months. And sometimes, things don’t change until after a second shot. Another thing to consider is your hormone levels, especially the testosterone level. Even if you haven’t already gone through menopause, your hormone levels are probably not optimum at this time. There are several different ways to deliver hormones to your vagina – intravaginal creams, transdermal creams, or subcutaneous pellets.

      Hopefully, you saw good results and everything is great. If not, don’t give up. As I’ve outlined, you may need to look at some other issues.


      Patricia M. Nevils, MD
      Lafayette, Louisiana

      • Hello Dr. Nevils.

        No I never saw results after my two O Shots. In Oct 2019 my testosterone levels were Testosterone Total 12mg/DL and Testosterone Free .9mg according to my Gynecologist these totals were fine. She prescribed Intrarosa for the vaginal dryness which works great. She discouraged testosterone due to fear the labia would grow.

        I went and got a second opinion recently. (March 2020) This Dr did prescribe the testosterone cream .1mg and after no results after 2 weeks she prescribed .3mg. I did start to feel some sensation and was able to achieve my goal of orgasming quicker than I had been. However I did notice a slight change in labia and clitoris and have since stopped using the cream.

        I did consider testosterone pellets but now I fear I might have the same results as I did with the cream.

        I started taking L-Arginine and Ginkgo Biloba Extract. Hoping this might help me.

        I am truly at my wit ends here. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them…

    • Ines,
      The O-Shot can help increase sexual pleasure again by increasing sensitivity, bringing healing growth factors to help with scars or lichen sclerosis, and improving lubrication. Also, there are new medications on the market to help with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD)! If you are suffering from decreased libido and would like your sexual desire or enjoyment to increase, I encourage you to contact one of the wonderful providers in this directory. Members of the ACCMA who are listed here self-select themselves to treat sexual health because they have a keen interest in sexual wellness. You can access the full directory from the link above.

      Dr. Maryanne W. Lindsay
      Innovative Aesthetics M.D.
      Winston-Salem, NC

  13. question – I had an O-shot one week ago. I definitely have increased sensation / sensitivity already but I feel more “loose” in my perineum…more “relaxed”? Wondering if I need to see a PT who specializes in pelvic floor issues? Could the 2 be related at all?

    • Hello, I’ve thought about this and cannot imagine how the PRP could cause increased laxity in your perineum or pelvic floor. If anything, the O-Shot should actually improve laxity, for example in the area between the anterior vaginal wall and the urethra near the pubourethral ligament where it helps with urinary symptoms. Perhaps with overall increased sensitivity and sensation you are simply becoming more aware of pre-existing laxity? Age, BMI, pregnancy history and other health conditions could contribute to these symptoms. A pelvic floor physiotherapist may help. Other technologies such as the Emsella might also be beneficial. Since you are still fairly early after the O-Shot, the full effects would not yet be noticeable. Hopefully you will see gradual improvement during the coming weeks and months. Best wishes!

      Patrick Yam

  14. I am almost 37 and have never been able to orgasm. I’ve tried anything and everything… do you think the o shot will help my finally achieve an orgasm?

    • Hi Colleen, I don’t know if anyone has responded to your question, but it doesn’t look like it, so I will offer my thoughts. The following should not be taken as personal opinion, for information purposes and not specific medical advice:

      Success rate with the O-Shot varies, according to the condition being addressed: There are some conditions that it seems to have a very high degree of success with improving: such as stress urinary incontinence (SUI), dyspareunia (painful intercourse). It seems to be good at improving lubrication and sensation. It’s less effective at improving orgasms, and if someone has never been able to orgasm, it has a lower chance of success – around 30% from anecdotal reports. The overall success rate seems to improve with multiple treatments. For instance, the overall reported satisfaction rate of women after one O-Shot treatment for improving sexual symptoms is 65%, but this increases to 85% after two treatments. For urinary symptoms, the success rate is much higher, as stated.

      You describe a difficult situation as far as seeing improvement with PRP. However, some providers might be willing to try the O-Shot as a 30% success rate is still better than zero, and chances might be better with multiple treatments. The O-Shot, when performed by an experienced and trained provider, is considered very safe with very low risk of adverse events. Most of the providers that are in the CMA group are willing to offer a refund if the procedure doesn’t work, or do repeat procedures at a lower cost.

      Of course, there are many other medical issues which could contribute and should be reviewed with your physician such as hormonal health, etc. Besides medical, also mental, emotional, relational, etc which are also important. If you decide to pursue the O-Shot further, look for a physician in your area with good experience and who can offer high quality PRP (double-spin). Best wishes.

  15. Hi. I just came across the O Shot. I am 50 years old. I have always been very sexual active, have had no problems with orgasms or lubrication. The past few years all of this has changed. I experience dryness and painful sex. I have no desire anymore and that is something I have never experienced. My husband has been very thoughtful and caring in this situation , but I truly miss be able to experience what i use to. I have talked to my gyno thru this time, but I have never been given any options. She just says to use alot of lubrication. I really struggle with this because I have never had to before. Is this something that would work for me? I have also experienced bladder problems in the last few years. I have to go so frequently. Any time I go anywhere, I always look for the bathroom first.

    • Hello, thank you for sharing about your situation. You are not alone in experiencing these types of symptoms at your age. I think there is a good chance that the O-Shot could improve your situation including lubrication, painful intercourse (dyspareunia), as well as your urinary symptoms. There are a lot of gynecologists and urogynecologists who are trained providers for the O-Shot® procedure who have reported a good improvement rate with this procedure in their patients. If you are interested, check the list of registered providers of the O-Shot for someone in your area. I would also recommend that you have your hormones checked and talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy as hormones can also play a role in all of the symptoms you are experiencing.

      Best wishes,
      Patrick Yam MD

  16. Thanks for any help or advice you can offer. I had to have an emergency hysterectomy due to placenta accreta. I almost died. I am happy to be here but I lost my amazing uterus contracting orgasms. My clitoris is less sensitive now and it takes me more time and a lot of work to have an orgasm and when I do have one, they are lackluster, whereas before the surgery they were mind blowing and so satisfying and easy to have. I am so so so sad. Is there any hope or help for me? I don’t know what to do. I have tried thermiva (3 treatments) and use a topical testosterone cream. I feel suicidal at the thought of never having that level of pleasure again. Please help. Thank you 🙏

    • Hi B! I am sorry to hear that you have experienced those kind of changes after your hysterectomy. As a Gynecologist that is a member of this group – I definitely want to say there is both hope and help for you! There are several treatments that can be done that can potentially help with clitoral and vaginal sensitivity as well as orgasmic
      intensity. Please do not consider self harm as an option, you can reach out to me or any of the other Oshot providers for help and support!

      • Thank you Keisha for your kind reply and encouragement. I really feel lost on what to try next. What would you recommend? I am saving up to try to get the O shot. I would love any advice of other things to try. Do you think it’s really possible to have the same level of pleasure and satisfaction even with out a uterus? I understand it won’t be the same but I am hoping to find a way to say it is just as good even if different. I appreciate any direction you have for me. Thank you 🙏

    • So sorry to hear about your situation. Without a uterus, it won’t be physically possible to have exactly the same type of orgasms as before. However, the body has an amazing way of adapting and healing. You could develop increased sensation in other areas like the clitoris and G-Spot. Many patients who have had the O-Shot report improved sensation and increased intensity of orgasm. Like any treatment, it is not without potential side effects and risks, but overall it is very safe. I would suggest that you find a trained provider in your area to have a consultation with. Also, don’t forget about the central nervous system: Some peptides have been reported to increase intensity and pleasure in both women and men and are interesting in that they act on the central nervous system (i.e. the brain, and not the clitoris, uterus, etc) so perhaps this could be explored as well. Best wishes.

      • Thank you so much for responding! What kind of peptides do you recommend? Is that something you take via a pill? I am currently saving up money to try the O shot procedure. I really hope to find a way to have an amazing Orgasm again even if it’s not the same. I have a hard time believing I can ever have anything as good as the uterine orgasms, but I hope to find a way. I notice another thing missing is that deep bliss feeling afterwards. Is there a way to get that afterglow feeling back? I am guessing the uterus contracting produced something that gave that almost drunk feeling afterwards for me. The euphoria. Thank you for any advice on this. I really appreciate your time.

  17. I got my o shot sept 11th.
    I was sore for 2 days and didn’t have sex for two weeks.
    I still suffer from vaginal dryness and haven’t experienced any of the great things i heard .

    • Hello, Thank you for sharing and sorry to hear about your situation. This is a good reminder that the O-Shot® will not work for every person. Of course, there is no drug or treatment which is 100% effective in every situation. Although the O-Shot® is a low-risk procedure overall, it is not without risk and the cost is not covered by most insurance companies. The decision to have an O-Shot should be made after careful consideration of your symptoms, medical history, appropriate investigations, and discussion with your doctor. The initial consultation at our clinic usually takes around an hour – sometimes we proceed the treatment, other times we send for investigations like lab tests or make other recommendations. Hopefully you will be able to follow up and discuss your situation further with your doctor. There may be other investigations and treatments which could be offered. We have had situations like this in our practice as well, and we always try our best to follow up. Some options we might consider in a situation like this: other investigations or treatments, e.g. hormone replacement, offer a repeat procedure, or simply offer a full refund.

      Best wishes,
      Patrick Yam MD

  18. I wanted to submit a review for those suffering with LS and considering the O-shot procedure. My advice is to DO IT!! Do not hesitate!! I have never spoken about this before but I feel courageous and hopeful now so I am going to bravely tell you my story. I have suffered from LS since about 2011 (10 years!!) after I hit menopause. There may have even been signs of it emerging when I was peri-menopausal looking back. The LS symptoms were terribly irritating and scary in the beginning and I was desperate to figure out what was going on. In 2012, I was officially diagnosed with a biopsy and put on Clobetasol. I stayed on it regularly until 2016. So many side effects from that, such as weight gain, round face, thinning skin in the vaginal area – and it was not curing it! In 2016, I finally found BioTe and that helped for a bit so I didn’t have to use Clobetasol every day. Then I found another procedure called FemTouch that seemed to help (along with continuing the BioTe) but the procedure was expensive ($300+ per month!) and then stopped working. I was desperate! The LS was wrecking havoc from my vaginal area all the way through to the anal area. I hated going to the bathroom or have anything touch the entire area due to the stinging, searing pain. I could barely sit down or walk but the nights were the worst! At this point, I still had never told my husband about my LS condition and sex was becoming a real issue. I suppose I was afraid to tell him – or ashamed – or because it is (WAS) a chronic condition, maybe he wouldn’t love me? What if it turns into cancer? So many terrible thoughts and worries ran through my mind and I just felt the LS was literally consuming my life. My OB PA was very concerned also, as she said it was the severest case that she has seen. Then, this December 2020, my family relocated to San Antonio, TX for work. I had been searching for an OB in the area that had experience with LS for some time before we moved and discovered The Scarlett Phoenix that offered the O-shot to treat Lichen Sclerosis. I set an appointment with Dr. Alexandra Runnels, MD as soon as we arrived in town and she discussed at length the O-shot procedure that would actually cure my LS. She answered all of my questions and was very supportive and empathetic because she understood the trauma that I was enduring. I’m not going to be able to remember all of the technical /medical terms but the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) uses my body’s stem cells from my plasma. Because of my age (54), she also included another type of stem cell therapy to help regenerate the affected areas. Yes, regenerate! And that is exactly what I am experiencing right now! The procedure was done on 11 Dec 2020 and it is now 14 Jan 2021 and I can not believe the difference! I will not say that everything is back to normal yet – but I can say that the area is MUCH better! The skin is not thin or delicate anymore; the anal area is not fissuring and is smoothing out; I have not felt the need to use any medications or even Aquaphor to reduce pain or friction. I am so hopeful now! Dr. Runnels said I may need a follow up treatment since my LS case was so severe but I am all in now! I finally shared with my husband the whole story and he has been so supportive! And the sex…well, let’s just say that the O-shot along with the BioTe has been pure bliss! I hope this testimony gives you hope and inspires you to take action to kick LS to the curb!! I know it was cathartic for me to share it with you.

    • Wow. Thank you for having the courage to share your amazing story. It sounds like you suffered greatly from lichen sclerosis both physically and emotionally. It’s so encouraging to hear that you had such good care from Dr. Alexandra Runels from the consultation to the treatment plan with PRP and the other regenerative therapy. Stories like yours are also very encouraging for physicians like me as I’m very passionate about regenerative medicine and the body’s ability to heal itself. For you to be able to experience such a tremendous healing in your body which also improved your emotional health and personal relationships is absolutely wonderful. Hopefully your story will inspire others who are suffering to also have hope that there are effective treatments available which are worth pursuing. I wish you continued healing and health in every way.

      Best wishes,
      Patrick Yam MD

    • Just an update on my progress; it is now 11 Mar 2021. On 1 Mar 2021 I had my 2nd O-shot procedure. I fully expected to need at least another procedure and the reason for the 2nd O-shot, along with additional exosomes, was that my doctor said my vaginal area was healing nicely but not completely and my anal area still had the LS on the walls of my bottom. The 2nd procedure was even easier than the first, especially since I knew what to expect. To elaborate on my experience and help reduce your concerns of what you might expect, they draw blood and work their medical magic to separate the plasma from the blood. I gather they add the additional exosomes in some way. They put the numbing cream on the affected areas. Then they inject numbing medication. That is a little bit uncomfortable but my doctor was good to let me know where it’s going and she follows the numbing path so the first injection is the main one that you need to breathe through. Then during the O-Shot procedure (with exosomes), I could feel the injections but it’s not painful per se. Just breathe through it. Then the LS injections are even less noticeable than the O-Shot injections. Immediately afterward you’re still numb but can feel some sort of sensation. It’s not pain or burning, more of a “tight tingling” feeling. After the numbing wears off, I still just felt the “tight tingling” feeling. I took Tylenol and did just fine (don’t take aspirin/ibuprofen /Advil/Motrin – Only Tylenol!). I wore a pad just in case. I put numbing cream on the affected area that night but it really wasn’t necessary. I didn’t really feel like I should exercise right away but the next day, I felt like I could. So I did and I felt GREAT!!! Absolutely no soreness, no pain, and in fact, it seemed like the areas were already healing up!! So surprising!!

      I think a key thing to point out is that I am also on BioTe (and so is my husband) and I have been for several years since I am menopausal. That is really helping with sex drive and vaginal dryness (although the O-Shot has really helped with vaginal dryness too!!! Good grief, it’s like a flood of vaginal fluid). I don’t know if this advice will help you, but for those of you who have had the O-shot yet are not experienced remarkable results, do consider BioTe. It’s not covered by insurance but I am here to say that it is worth every penny! The world is much brighter and clearer. You can think, have energy to get everything done, have the desire to move forward in life, and have sex! Get your partner on it too so you can enjoy life again together!

      For those of us who are suffering with LS, I know contemplating these things is scary. You don’t want anyone to ever see that area, much less touch it. The first time I was a nervous wreck. But my doctor, Dr. Alexandra Runnels in San Antonio, is so understanding and calming and SKILLED, I felt completely safe in her hands. I’m sure your doctor (that is a properly trained O-Shot provider) will be too. Please be brave. You deserve to continue to live your best life; to feel beautiful and sexy. To feel like having sex and wanting to make your partner feel loved and connected. This zest for life was missing for me for too many years. I covered it up. I hit it well. I did everything I could to fix this LS scourge, all without letting my partner know I had such a debilitating problem. But now, changes worth noting are that it is not painful to have sex, masturbate, have a bowel movement, wipe, use our new bidet, sit, run, bike, or anything normal people do that I was unable to do before. I am now back to exercising at least 5 times a week and loving it! Also worth noting, although he is on BioTe and has been for some time, I am kind of driving my husband crazy (not necessarily in a good way :D) with wanted to have sex. I’m going to have to temper that…

      • I am a 72 year old woman who gets my bio identical done every 3 months. I have also found that I need to keep redoing my Oshot just as often to keep my urinary issues in check.

        I have no regret. I do have a boyfriend and there is no doubt that this really enhances my libido and makes me feel so alive. The process is not an issue; but how often the process needs to be done is such an individual decsion. Each lady will figure out her needs once they start this process. No doubt the older a lady is…..the more frequent the need.

  19. I had the o shot 2 and 1/2 years ago. It lasted for 2 years. Brought me right back to my early 30s sexually. I’m 49 now. It’s the most amazing thing ever. I’m going to get it doing again soon.. it’s a little pricey that’s why I delayed. As soon as the shot was over you fell the “wetness” and a feeling like you have a combination of yeast infection/ need to urinate. I drove home took Tylenol and when I had sex 2 days later it was mind blowing.

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