O-Shot® Procedure Helps Woman Conceive?

Hey, so I thought you might be interested in this article where this woman got an O-shot and not only did it make her sex better but somehow helped her to conceive. So, you can believe it or not believe it, but I think it’s a pretty simple concept to think that maybe if someone wants to have sex more they might be more likely to get pregnant. But more interesting, and it doesn’t cover that in this article, but some of the people in our O-shot group have demonstrated that you can actually inject the ovaries and a postmenopausal woman be able to become fertile again.

Some Italian doctors published that study about a year ago, but people in our group have been doing it now for several years. So really interesting, but it might be fun to actually go look at some of the research about it. If you go over to PubMed and you look at this article, it’s written by a Brazilian doctor Dr. [Nato 00:01:01] down in Brazil who sees so many patients as a gynecologist down there and documented the improvement in incontinence and in sexual function, which makes sense, PRP’s been around so long.

So if you go Google, if you just look at platelet-rich plasma in PubMed, there’s so much about it. I’ll just show you right now. If you just Google platelet-rich plasma on PubMed where all the good research lives, you’ll see there’s 11,000 papers. It’s been researched for the past 20 years, and if you think about what we’re doing, if you just look at the anatomy of the vagina, I’ll just pull it up here for you, and look at images here, what we’re doing is we’re coming in and rebuilding the tissue that’s right here between the vagina and the urethra, and this tissue correlates on ultrasound studies with the ability to have an orgasm. It correlates with continence. It becomes thin with menopause. We’ve known for 20 years, the orthopedic surgeons, the wound care doctors, that PRP helps rebuild healthy tissue with fibroblast and new blood vessels and new nerve.

But we’re just now beginning to explore this with research about how rebuilding tissue here using the same protocols can help with sex and can help with continence. So if you’re interested, you should call one of our doctors listed on the directory and have somebody check it out for you.

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