Treating dyspareunia (painful sex) after breast cancer

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Charles Runels. Somewhere around one in eight women in the United States will eventually suffer with the effects of breast cancer. Thankfully most women who have breast cancer will survive it, but unfortunately they survive with some problems that might plague their love life. One of those is dyspareunia, or painful sexual intercourse, due to the fact that vagina may be dry with hormonal changes that are secondary to the treating of breast cancer. So it might be helpful to look at a couple of papers involving that.

This paper was published in SKINmed here on PubMed. You can see the whole paper if you click up here and find it. But these guys talked about using platelet rich plasma and how it uses the same technology, or the same bowel Segler strategies, that are used in the face and in growing hair, to help the tissue of the vagina become healthier, even when there’s no estrogen. Which it’s better to have estrogen on board, but if you can’t have it because of breast cancer, as much as you would like, this is a great way to help the tissue become healthier and more moist. And so this is one paper that talked about it.

Another one of my favorite research papers appeared in Menopause, a highly respected journal, where they use platelet rich plasma and documented that the pain from the sex went down because they were lubricating better after having an O sharp procedure done. So I highly recommend you forward this to anyone you know who may be struggling with this. There’s … breast cancer is … it’s not just about the cancer. It’s how it affects families and love relationships. So it’s a serious problem. And there are other ways to do it. You could use a lubrication, you could use lidocaine cream, but it seems to me nothing would be better than actually making the tissue healthier. So I’ll put links to this research below the video, and I hope you’ll share it with anyone who might be helped.

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