Brave Reporter Undergoes the O-Shot® Procedure–Tells All in Cosmo

Sophie Blackman does very brave reporting about her quest to find better sexual relations. Thousands of women will benefit.

Sophie Blackman reports the details of her experience with the O-Shot® procedure in this eye-opening report. Not only will the last 3 paragraphs make you laugh–if you have a heart–you’ll understand why sexual dysfunction can cause deep emotional hurt and why finding better ways to help women is so very very important.
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WARNING: Spa’s ‘Vampire Facial’ clients urged to get tested for HIV-How to stay safe

Questions Answered in the Video…

1. What is a Vampire Facial®?
2. How exactly does the process work?
3. What benefits does the procedure offer?
4. What are the health risks of undergoing the procedure?
5. Is there any data on how many people undergo this procedure in the U.S.?

6. How rare/common are incidents like the one that occurred in New Mexico?

7. Why did it occur?

Important Notice from the Cellular Medicine Association–the recent incident in New Mexico took place at a center illegally using our name (Vampire Facial®). Qualified medical professionals handle blood all day long without serious problems and this procedure is even safer since it’s done with the patient’s own blood. But done improperly–people can be killed by cross-contamination. The providers in this article were imposters.

This is the official website to find those who have been certified to do the procedure by the Cellular Medicine Association and where you can read the research–click to see our directory<– Providers found there agreed to use devices approved by the FDA to both prepare the blood and to do the micro-needling. Anyone advertising the Vampire Facial® who is not listed there is stealing intellectual property and cannot be trusted. See PubMed & our website for more research

The Vampire Facial® name is owned by Charles Runels (see the website for the US Patent & Trademark office), although the name is currently under attack by those who would want free use of the name to sell devices and procedures without regard for our standards.

Someone using the name —as described in this article (click)—to trick people is exactly like someone making a fake Tylenol bottle and putting poison in it. Please—buyer beware! Only providers listed on our official website should be trusted to do the procedure.

We do our best to shut down the imposters. We list those we have found to be imposters/infringers at the website for the Cellular Medicine Association. But, the legal wheels turn slowly and expensively so people still use our good reputation to trick people.

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Woman dies in the office of a massage therapist advertising the Vampire Facelift® (if you read the article, you’ll see the person actually died from a buttocks injection of something other than blood (probably something from the hardware store–NOT from a Vampire Facelift®). This woman would have never been accepted into our provider group and was using our name illegally.

Woman possibly contracts infectious disease from someone illegally using the Vampire Facial® name (again someone who never was part of our group, could never have been part of our group, and who was using our name-“Vampire Facial®” illegally).

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Where to see the people actually licensed to use the name of those advertising the Vampire Facial®<–

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Official Website for the Vampire Facelift®

Platelet Rich Plasma used to treat scars<—

Microneedling for scars<–

Research showing the use of platelet rich plasma combined with microneedling (what’s done with the Vampire Facial® in a very specific way)<–

Platelet rich plasma used to help fight infection<–

Platelet rich plasma used to help with incontinence and with serious female genitalia issues (like lichen sclerosus)<–

Platelet rich plasma use to help with male genitalia problems (like Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction)<–

Blood tubes like what an infringer/imposter may use to look like they are doing the procedure<–

Mironeedling devices that are NOT FDA approved to use in a medical clinic that my be used by an imposter<–

Where to see infringers under notice or under litigation by the Cellular Medicine Association–those people who are using our names illegally or who have used our names illegally (these are those who are not to be trusted because are NOT certified to use our names but have been identified as illegally advertising)<–

US Patent & Trademark Office<–

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Directory of teachers for the Cellular Medicine Association<–

Who is Charles Runels?<–

Research about the O-Shot® procedure<–

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Inventor of Orgasm Shot® Procedure to Appear at a Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health

Dr. Charles Runels, MD, the inventor of the Orgasm Shot®, the Vampire Facelift® & Vampire Facial®, will make a guest appearance at the meeting of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) this week (Feb 23-26) at the Grand Hyatt in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Runels along with Dr. Andrew Goldstein published a study last month in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology showing a new and effective treatment for lichen sclerosus using Orgasm Shot techniques; that research will be discussed at the meeting. Dr. Runels will also sign free copies of his book, Activate the Female Orgasm System.

The Orgasm Shot (also known as the O-Shot®) evolved out of Dr. Runels’ work with the Vampire Facelift® & Vampire Facial® procedures—all of these procedures use blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate tissue. The O-Shot® has been less publicized; but, since The Guardian recently did a feature article about Dr. Runels’ struggle to bring the procedure to the public even while personally on chemotherapy, the procedure gained much in popularity and is now offered in multiple universities and by around 800 physicians in 34 countries.

Dr. Runels said, “The best sex doctors and therapists come to the ISSWSH meetings. I’m looking forward to both learning from them and sharing with them more about the O-Shot® procedure. Presently, flibanserin (Addyi) is the one drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction—even though men have over twenty FDA approved treatments. Flibanserin gives an average of one extra sexual encounter per month, and does nothing for the treatment of dyspareunia. The O-Shot® uses a woman’s own blood (just like the Vampire Facelift®) and has been shown to help with dyspareunia, decreased desire, decrease lubrication, urinary incontinence, decreased orgasm & now with this latest research we see that it may help with lichen sclerosus.”

Physicians are encouraged to attend the meeting. Dr. Runels will freely offer interviews to the press at the meeting and will make himself readily available for comment by phone.

The Cellular Medicine Association coordinates and supports the research and clinical practice of physicians using cellular medicine for the improvement of health, beauty and sexual relations. The group includes 1,947 doctors in 46 countries.

Charles Runels, MD
Medical Director
Cellular Medicine Association

Prevention Magazine Talks about the O-Shot® Procedure…

I remember seeing Prevention Magazine on my Grandmother’s coffee table…
so I was thrilled to read about the O-Shot® procedure in Prevention Magazine….(click now to see this provocative article) <–

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Inventor of the O-Shot® in the Guardian

I was honored by a visit by Kathleen Hale who spent 3 days trying to understand the reason for and the science behind the O-Shot® procedure. The article she wrote was courageous…just talking about sex brings very strong emotional and sometimes angry responses from people. If you want examples, just look at the comments on this excellent article…

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Madison Ashton talks about the O-Shot® procedure…

Madison Ashton, in an interview, reported that the O-Shot® procedure contributed to her success…
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More about Ms. Ashton in this video…

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Brave reporter tells her experience with the O-Shot® procedure…

Many major media sources have written about the O-Shot® procedure. But few reporters have actually had the procedure done. Much easier to report on Paris if you actually travel to Paris!

Here’s a very detailed article about the O-Shot® procedure by a very brave reporter, Lisa Fogarty.

Read Ms. Fogarty’s detailed description about what happened with her vagina (click) <–

Best regards,

Charles Runels, MD
Inventor of the O-Shot® procedure