A Way to Calm the Pain of Vestibulodynia

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Charles Runels: So I thought you might want to share this research that came out this month. It’s talking about using Botox to help with provoked vestibulodynia. In other words, it hurts when you touch the opening to the vagina, so the vestibule or the opening of the vagina, dynia or pain provoked by touch. This is a very severe problem, and although you may not suffer with it, I can tell you this right here really breaks up relationships, and if you know someone who’s suffering with this, I’d really like you to forward this to them, because it just came out this February of this year.

What they did was they took women and they divided them into three groups, and one group got saline, and then one group got 50 units of Botox, and another group got 100 units of Botox. They found by injecting the Botox, the group that got the Botox at three months and again at six months, they had significant decreases in their pain. I also think it might be helpful because of the anti-inflammatory effects of it, of injecting PRP in this region. We’re seeing that helps also with dyspareunia, especially with lichen sclerosis and with scarring. We’re not sure exactly what caused provoked vestibulodynia in many patients, so that could be a combination therapy.


There is not a lot more I can say about this except that the downside of it should be not bad […for most people, please see consent form, results will vary and no medical procedure is perfectly effective or perfectly predictable in either results or side effects]. The worst that’s going to happen is if it doesn’t work, and hopefully the good side is that if your body or your lover’s body responds as they did in this trial, it could really be life changing.

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I hope you’ll give us a call if you think this might be something you want to try, so thank you very much.