Reviving Ovaries to Improve Life

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You might’ve seen this episode of the Housewives of Orange County that came out this month. A lot of press has been out and discussing what happened with Shannon Storms, and why she got the shot and what might be possible with it. I think might be helpful to actually go to the medical research and look at this paper that came out this year about actually seeing what happens with the behavior, and the sex drive and, the whole life of people who have platelet rich plasma injected into actually the ovaries.

So what this study did was they injected ovaries with PRP, which is just a … It’s the concentrate of the growth factors in the platelets of someone’s blood. And then they documented that the ovary started to create new hormones and creating a younger mindset within the woman’s body. Obviously your ovaries do more than make eggs.

They have to do with metabolism and how you think, and how things work. So they documented an improvement you see and clarity of thinking. Lots of things happened by waking up the ovaries. There’s also been recent studies showing that you can use platelet rich plasma to help a post-menopausal woman sometimes produce fertile eggs again.

But now what we do with our O-Shot®, what Shannon had, was instead of using it in the ovary, or instead of using in the face like with our vampire facelift, we’re using it in the genital tissue to restore blood flow and nerve function, and improve the sexuality and the urinary continence of women who might have problems with those things.

If you think this might be of help to you, I will put a link to the research below the video and also there’s a link to find one of our providers who would be happy to talk with you about it. I hope you found this helpful and you’ll send it to someone whom you think might be helped by it.