Ultimate Intimacy

Cindy Barshop: Hey ladies, we’re here at The VSPOT, which is a women’s intimate health spa. And my name is Cindy Barshop and we’re here with renowned Dr. Carolyn Delucia, world renowned gynecologist. And we’re here to tell you the truth about women’s intimate health and vaginal rejuvenation. So first of all, vaginal rejuvenation is not saying, “I want a cute vagina.” It’s saying that we want more intimacy. We don’t want to suffer in silence with what? Let me just think of a few of the things, dryness, inability to orgasm, difficulty to orgasm, after you have a baby, some looseness, yes, that’s possible. It doesn’t pop back.

Carolyn Delucia: And losing urine.

Cindy Barshop: That was my big problem was the losing urine. So those are just a few of the things that we’re going to address. But why are we talking about it now? Because it’s super, super important to get the word out. We’re trying to educate people. And the most unbelievable way to educate people is the way Carolyn did it, is she put out a book, a simple, unbelievable, the greatest book about everything. Even your child should know. Well, not child, let’s say mid age, like after menstruation, to really find out. So just please Carolyn, tell us a little bit about it.

Carolyn Delucia: Thank you, Cindy. The book I wrote is called Ultimate Intimacy: The Revolutionary Science of Female Sexual Health. It’s available on amazon.com right now on an ebook. And the reason I wrote the book, as Cindy has mentioned, is that we have all been suffering. Women suffer every day. You may be suffering from not having comfortable intercourse with your partner and stopping from even being intimate because of pain, because of lack of pleasure. Why are we going through this when women have a solution? And there-

Cindy Barshop: Because there’s not enough information out there. That is the facts.

Carolyn Delucia: That’s right.

Cindy Barshop: And that’s why Carolyn came out with the book. Honestly, Carolyn, I even read through the book super quick and I was like, “Whoa, finally people have the truth. They have the options.” You know, what do I do for looseness?

Carolyn Delucia: Yeah, exactly. So in the whole book, we’ll go through what traditionally has been done, what the problem is, what solutions we have now, and what is to come in the future. There’s so much promising information out there for women and these conditions. Never having to go through those lonely times, when you’re sitting there wondering, “Do I even like my partner anymore? Is it me? Is something different?” And you torture and torment yourself.

Cindy Barshop: Is it in my head? I hate that. It always goes to women, it’s in your head. It’s horrible. It’s not.

Carolyn Delucia: It’s not. And there are ways to treat this. So the book goes through all of those topics. And my goal was to really educate women that there are solutions to everything we’re experiencing, and we provide them here at The VSPOT. But there are many other physicians, as well, and I give resources to that in the book.

Cindy Barshop: Let’s stop suffering in silence, ladies.

Carolyn Delucia: Yes.

Cindy Barshop: Excuse me. Let’s let our friends know that there are solutions out there and join together. It’s like the year of the woman. Yay.

Carolyn Delucia: Yay.


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