Lichen Sclerosus

hi i have linchen sclerosus, the o- shot will that help with the itching, stinging , and burning ?

Yes! Not in everyone, but in most. New research coming soon (out for publication). But, should be done intelligently by someone who understands both the O-Shot® procedure and lichen sclerosus.

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  1. Agree with above comment. The O Shot does help many women with LS- it some it resolves the problem. About 20% of women don’t respond to ultra-potent steroids either. Daily steroid use has its own set of problems and side effects. One of the many benefits of the O shot is that it doesn’t have any side effects, down- time or risks as we are using your own blood/tissue to regenerate healthy tissue. The “side effect” women may see with the O shot is less “leaky bladders” and better sex 🙂

    Amy Brenner MD

  2. I agree with the above comments. The standard of care is high potency steroids, but there are side effects and they don’t always work. Until the O-shot, women would continue to suffer and even be at risk of cancer. With the Oshot, the healing factors present in your very own blood are used to regenerate the tissues. However, it may take more than one Oshot, depending on the severity of the condition. Find a provider who knows how and what to biopsy (to prove the diagnosis and to prove there is no cancer), as well as how to handle the delicate tissues (including the clitoris) so as not to cause injury.
    Elizabeth Owings, MD

  3. If the O-Shot has a better response, why are the “specialists” in the vulvovaginal clinicals not even mentioning it?

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