“Isn’t it about time women have their turn?”

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2. Every revolution needs a poster, a book, and a T-shirt

The purpose of the tools is to help those who are suffering (with problems we can help) to find the courage to ask for help.  Also,  the tools show those who can be helped how the procedures work, and describe realistic expectations so that those who most need you will find you and those who need something else will find that instead.

These are shipped within one business day.  If you don’t receive a tracking number within one business day of ordering, please let us know (click to email me).  The only exception is that the posters are being printed and may be delayed for about a week.

Vampire Facelift® Books

vampire facelift book cover10 Vampire Facelift Books for $59.70
50 Vampire Facelift Books for $275
100 Vampire Facelift Books for $479

Be sure to permanently put your info on the inside cover so that wherever the book goes, your info goes.

O-Shot® Books 









Tip:  Permanently put your info on the inside cover of the books so that wherever the book goes, your info goes.


O-Shot® Tee Shirts (woman’s, short sleeve)

(woman’s, sleeveless)

Scottie Kidd (wearing the shirt). She’s the magic lady who makes all these tools appear at your door when you place an order. Chief Fulfillment Services









O-Shot® Banner

O-Shot poster

Danielle. Marketing/Education Modeling O-Shot® Banner











Vampire Facelift® Banner

Marcus is in LOVE with our Vampire Facelift® banner 🙂







Explaining the O-Shot® to your patients can be exhausting and can result in telling people just enough to talk them  OUT of the procedure (without meaning to, you’ll convince people to NOT do it). Better to give them either a book or a brochure and tell them to let you know if they want it. Give one of these to everyone with incontinence or sexual dysfunction who meets the criterion for someone who may be helped. Expect about 1 patient for every 10 to 20 that you hand out.

pshot leave behind bamboo final2-page-001 (1)

Priapus Shot® Brochure








25 O-Shot Brochures. $14.97
25 Priapus Shot Brochures. $14.97
25 Vampire FaceLift Brochures. $14.97
25 Vampire Facial Brochures. $14.97


O-Shot® Coffee Mug

Oshot® Coffee Cup

Priapus Shot® Banner (G Rated)
Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.35.57 AM













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