Genital Mismatch (G.M.)

WARNING: The following discussion could make you uncomfortable BUT your happiness could hinge on what’s here…

Keeping the “Happiness Machine” Running Smoothly Includes Sexual Relations

Religious leaders, marriage & family counselors, and your best friend will all tell you that family and relationships are the “Happiness Machine” and that sexual behavior plays an important part in the relationship of family leaders–especially in the early formative years of a family.   But, after examining over 10,000 men and women over the past 25+ years as a physician, I found that women and their doctors seldom speak of the following sexual problems (even though these problems can destroy a marriage)… 

  •  A very small vagina may result from genetics or from surgery.
  • Because of a smaller vaginal canal, some women experience pain from a penis more than 4 inches in length or circumference (yes, this does happen)
  • Vaginal canal enlargement may result from childbirth, aging, & some sexual practices.
  • Some women with a larger vaginal canal may not be able to appreciably feel a penis less than 7 or 8 inches in length and 6 or more inches in girth. In other words, only the 20% or so of men with a penis larger than average will bring appreciable sensation.
  • Muscles surround the vaginal canal and contract or relax to accommodate a range of penis sizes (both diameter and length can change).
  • Even though the vaginal canal can change in size, for every vagina a specific range of sizes feels best to that particular woman.
  • So, for every woman, there is an “ideal custom penis size” or ICPS that offers the most sensation and pleasure.

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Sensation During Physical Relations Affects the Relation!

At first, both men & woman may recoil at the idea of the “ideal custom penis size” or ICPS. Of course many experience best relations without a penis at all (lesbian couples) or with a non-erect penis (loving couples where a man suffers erectile dysfunction). But, even though such relations represent absolute bliss and  connection for many women, can we please give some women permission to actually prefer sex with a penis that gets erect and that fits her body?  

If a woman can be attracted to a particular color eyes or ethnicity or age or body type or personality type or income level, could we please also give her permission to care about whether or not she and her male lover “fit” in the bedroom?

Let’s test the idea with the extremes.  Most women would not find a one inch, micro-penis to be sexually stimulating.  And most women would find an upper limit above which a larger size would cause tearing, bleeding, and pain.  Somewhere in between those two extremes she finds a range of sizes that facilitates pleasure, connection, and stronger sexual and emotional relations.

Genital Mismatch (GM)

So, genital mismatch (GM) could occur if the man presents a penis that is much larger than average and the woman has a smaller or average size vagina.  Or if the woman has  smaller than average vaginal canal due to surgery or genetics, then her relationship may suffer from GM if the man has an average or larger size penis.

For every woman, there is both an ideal custom penis size (ICPS) and ideal custom penis range (ICPR) where a penis anywhere within that range will provide pleasure and connection and  a penis either larger or smaller than that range will make sexual intercourse (with penis in vagina) either painful or not stimulating.  To speak of this reality will make some women and men uncomfortable, but to deny this reality would be to deny the pain of those couples who suffer with GM and so to deny them a solution.

The brain (emotions, connections, memory, genetics, hormonal influence) contributes most to sexual pleasure and the resultant connection. But denying the role of the sensory input to the brain that comes from the genitalia in sexual connection denies reality.  If some women prefer that sensation come from a penis that fits, should we ignore that reality?

Many women connect exclusively with other women and a penis does not play a part in the Happiness Machine. That couple would not be affected by the possibility of GM.

If a couple faces GM, many solutions can be used to bring both pleasure and connection. But, even though vibrators, sensate focus, fingers, tongues, and toes can all be used for connection, why not think about ways to help the genitals match in size and function?  If a couple suffering with GM could undergo a simple process so that the penis and the vagina matched in a way that brings both increased pleasure and connection, why should such a solution not be offered just because other techniques exists?

There will always be a need for better education, conversation, touch, and all that goes with the Yin and the Yang outside the bedroom.  But, GM can and does affect many couples.

The 7 Emotional Pains of GM 

The problems from GM represent the problems from sexual dysfunction. Even if the woman otherwise functions perfectly, GM affects the Female Orgasm System potentially resulting in all of the following:

  1. Decreased pleasure for the woman.
  2. Decreased creativity because of loss of sexual pleasure.
  3. Families break when the woman either endures loss of connection with her lover or when she seeks another lover.
  4. Children hurt when either families exist under unconnected parents or when the parents separate.
  5. Extended family, friends, and even neighbors hurt when the family breaks.  (Research shows that friends of couples who divorce become at increased risk of divorce).
  6. Decreased pleasure of the man in the relationship.

Note that the man’s pleasure comes last on the list.  Correcting GM is not about pleasing the man in the relationship (though this can happen).  Correcting GM is about the woman finding more pleasure and connection for herself with a man or woman who otherwise provides what she wants (not about adapting her body to please a man (though many men and women may exercise and do other things to try and please a lover, it’s part of the genetics of mating even though it may not be politically correct).

Women loving women may find more pleasure in the bedroom if the vaginal wall is tighter, even when no penis is involved.

A woman with a very small vagina may suffer pain with most men. This can limit her capacity for love making comfortably and make her feel isolated and unworthy (not saying she should, but let’s be real and not judge her for her feelings when she knows that most men will cause her pain in the bedroom). For example, some cancer surgeries leave a woman with a shortened vagina or a vagina with decreased circumference.  Also, some women develop a smaller vagina after hysterectomy or child birth and episiotomy repair.

For the woman with a smaller vagina, the O-Shot® procedure (combined with gradually increasing size vibrators) can lead to complete relief and the ability to tolerate a larger penis.  Or she may simply seek a man with a smaller than average penis.  For many women with a smaller vagina, a 4 inch erection can be the perfect size.  If your best friend had this preference, statistical research shows neither you nor her doctor would ever know.

Due to genetics, childbirth, and age, a woman may develop a larger than average vaginal canal length and circumference; therefore, she may not experience her ideal pleasure because most men will not fall into the ACPS range.

Why Your Doctor Has Not Helped Solved Genital Mismatch

Problems not talked about don’t improve.

Research shows that only 14% of women IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFETIME, EVER have a conversation with their doctor about sex.

If the woman does bring up the subject, research shows that mot of the time she will get only one question answered before the doctor avoids the subject. Research also shows that part of the reason the doctor avoids the subject is that since there are few solutions available the doctor changes the subject to avoid discussing something she cannot help.

Topical hormones do not change the size of the vaginal canal.

Hormones applied to the surface of the vaginal canal help with pain if the mucosal surface is atrophic from age but the hormones do not change the size of the vagina. So, when the penis is larger than ICPS, even woman with a healthy vagina may experience pain.  Also, topical hormones do not improve the sexual response of a woman if penis size is smaller than ICPS.


 Laser Enhanced O-Shot® (LEO) Tightens & Rejuvenates the Vagina and Inner Clitoris

With Laser Enhanced O-Shot (LEO), we use a combination of two ideas…
1.  A vaginal laser stimulates new collagen, lifting, and tightening

2.  Then, the O-Shot® procedure is done in the usual way with injection of platelet-rich plasma into the O-Spot and into the glans clitoris…with one important addition

Platelet-rich plasma improves results and accelerates healing when applied to the surface of the skin after a laser treatment of the face.  Research demonstrated this benefit in multiple research studies.  Why would this effect not also happen in the vagina?

Research shows that it does happen.  So, now some physicians who have been offering the O-Shot® procedure are offering Laser-Enhanced O-Shot® or LEO with very impressive results with most women.

No procedure is perfect.  Injecting platelet-rich plasma is a procedure (not a drug).  We are now doing research to look at the results of these procedures on lichen sclerosus, dyspareunia, anorgasmia, and other problems. Resulting effect can be very dramatic and with each procedure complimenting the other or can be no result or there could be side effects.

Also, both the male and female sexual response is very complex.  Other factors play very important parts including hormones, psychology of each partner, the relationship, prior history, drugs that each partner may be taking and other medical conditions.

So, there is no perfect procedure, but…

After LEO, Women Have Reported All of the Following Experiences

  • Since both the O-Shot® and vaginal laser therapy will change the angle of where the urethra and bladder connect and stimulate new tissue formation, both have been shown to help with urinary incontinence.  Combined, there seems to be a synergistic effect.  Women go back to exercise and social activities without worrying about embarrassing incontinence episodes (without needing to undergo surgery or take the drugs that cause constipation and depression).
  • Improved orgasm as the O-Shot® rejuvenates the tissue of the clitoris and tissue around the urethra and the laser therapy causes increased pleasure from the same volume of physical stimulation.  In short, the same size penis feels larger and more pleasurable.  Again, this would not be the thing to do for a woman who already has a smaller vaginal canal. But, women are reporting increased pleasure even without “penis-in-vagina” sex as there is increased pleasure due to the same amount of stretch.
  • The man lover of the woman experiences more pleasure with increased tightness around the penis.
  • Some men experience increased firmness of erection with the increased stimulation of a tighter vaginal canal.
  • Often complete resolution of GM occurs.  The recurrent comment we hear from these happy couples is “We are rediscovering our bodies.”

To find a provider of Laser Enhanced O-Shot® and discuss if it may be right for you, go here–>>(click)

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