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697 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Hi. I rang the Harley Street office today to enquire about the O-shot with Dr Wakil. I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosus in 2012 but my gynaecologist suspects I have had it for some time. I have architectural changes to my vulva as a result and the skin is pale and dry. I have decreased sensitivity and am finding it increasingly harder to climax. My questions are these:-

    1. Would the o-shot improve the skin quality?
    2. Could it break down scar tissue in order for me to look more “normal”?
    3. Could it help to increase sensitivity?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi AB, on further thought on your condition, it sounds like you may need surgical treatment to the area and then potentially the OShot could help (this is what i was alluding to in my other comment but did not fully explain). Therefore, i would recommend a board certified OBGYN doctor who can surgically address and treat LS in office and also perform the OShot. This would give you the best chance to get good results!

  2. Hi AB, the short answer is yes to all three of your questions. The OShot has helped women with LS by improving the skin quality, decreasing and causing regression of the sclerotic tissue, and increasing sexual sensitivity and ability to enjoy sex and just normal function. There are many certified OShot providers but only a few who really specialize in properly treating LS so you should ask your provider about their experience treating that condition in addition to just offering the OShot. Hope that helps and you get great results!

    1. Hi AB, on further thought on your condition, it sounds like you may need surgical treatment to the area and then potentially the OShot could help (this is what i was alluding to in my other comment but did not fully explain). Therefore, i would recommend a board certified OBGYN doctor who can surgically address and treat LS in office and also perform the OShot. This would give you the best chance to get good results!

  3. Thank you for your reply. I am based in the UK. I have an appointment with my dermatologist/ gynocologist at the end of this month where I will discuss surgery and then the O-shot. I actually thought this would be the best way forward. I don’t however think that surgery is offered routinely here in the UK And that the main stay of treatment is clobetasol. I would be interested to see if there were any certified O-shot providers who performed surgery or could recommend a good private surgeon. As I said in my previous email, i have been in touch with your Harley Street office in London.

  4. Hello,
    I’m 21 years old and I’ve never had an orgasm vaginally. I’m head over heels for my boyfriend and he’s starting to notice that I don’t enjoy sex as much as I let on. My libido is alive and well but getting down to the actual act is unpleasant and unstatisfying. I create no real vaginal lubrication on my own and there’s no sensation whatsoever when he’s inside me. Will getting this procedure done help me whatsoever? I’m starting to feel like there’s something wrong with me.

  5. Hello,
    I left a comment before and wasn’t sure if it worked. I’m a 21 year old who is unable to feel anything during vaginal sex. It just feels numb and sometimes painful. I’m afraid that I might never enjoy sex. Will getting this help me at all?

  6. Hi Alice, sorry to hear of your struggles. The OShot could help you. i would suggest that you find a certified provider near you. You should also have a full medical and OBGYN workup to evaluate other causes or potential medical issues. A certified OShot provider should be able to help educate you about potential causes of your issues and help evaluate if you are a good candidate for this great procedure! Hope that helps.

    1. Nothing about the O-Shot that would be dangerous to a child (it’s just the mother’s blood). But the procedure does involve an injection around the vagina and if you went into labor early you’d always wonder if the shot caused that to happen (even though it’s unlikely that it would).

      I’d recommend that you wait until after delivery. However, the procedure WOULD not only be safe after delivery, it would likely help the tissue recover (if you had a vaginal delivery) helping repair any tearing/episiotomy and helping prevent/treat urinary incontinence that can be made worse by childbirth.

  7. I would also think the O shot will stimulate stronger and more orgasms which cause the uterus to contract and could cause premature labor When I did Obstetrics I would tell couples to go have sex to bring on labor if they were near due date also
    Advised pelvic rest if in premature labor No sex if premature labor so that should answer the
    question Take care and have fun

  8. I am so grateful that Dr Runels office referred me to Dr Posey. I have had LS for over 16 years and my clitoris was buried under what seemed like tons of scar tissue affording me no sensation at all. Because of the advancement of the scar tissue I was now starting to have difficulty voiding. The LS was also spreading to my anus. My skin would tear at the slightest touch to the point that I was constantly bleeding from open areas around my vagina. Open sores and constant bleeding made my life miserable. Not to mention VERY painful, itchy, unsightly and annoying. My Doctors ( including my Gyn) said there was no sense in trying surgery as they found that the LS just came back right away. Fast foreward to Dr Posey. I was in to see her within 10 days of talking with her in person about my situation. The first day she spent at least 2 hours with me on the table doing surgery and another 2 hours again the next day. A lot of surgery BUT it was definitely a huge relief to be able to immediately urinate normally and not have the urine spray over my open skin and burn it as it had before. Plus I now had my clitoris back! And no more itching, burning or disfigurements! My skin is smooooth and I am very happy with the results. I know that I will require follow up and oshots perhaps on a regular basis but believe me that is nothing compared to the alternative of suffering with LS.
    If you are considering this type of surgery please ensure that your doctor is qualified to do it. I can not emphasize that enough. Dr Posey is not only highly qualified to do this type of surgery but is genuinely kind, caring and compassionate. A great Doctor and a great person!

  9. Hi Beverly,
    It was a pleasure treating you and I am honoured to call you my patient.You taught me a lot about patience, perseverance,and faith. As you remember after the first day I told you I didn’t think I could free up the clitoris and you asked me to please try .I put more PRP in the area and told you to come back the next day. I kept working on you ; said a little prayer and the results are a miracle .Thank you for the kind review. I will see you soon as I would like to retreat you and teach other Gynecologists what we have accomplished. I will give you a call tomorrow.
    Kathleen Posey MS MD FACOG FAARFM

  10. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Elizabeth Tuttle (Columbus Wellness Medicine, Ccolumbus, OH), the O-Shot has improved my sexual experience. I’m 66 years old and realize that I’ll never have the orgasms I did when I was 30, 40 or 50 but this has definately improved the experience when I thought I would never be able to havce an orgasm again.

  11. I would like to know how much cost for O shot (just for an average price)? how long will it last – like good for 2 or 5 years?

  12. I am 57 years old and on BHRT for around 7 years. I seem not have any problem with orgasm but i continue have a problem with pain and dryness vagina even tho I use lubricant because of post menopausal. I wonder if O shot would help or reduce pain (more likely spasm in muscle) and dryness vagina? If so how long O shot may last long? What is range price for O shot and how much often?


  13. I am hopeful the O Shot will help me in several ways. I have Lichen Sclerosus and also have always had a problem reaching orgasm which in turn has affected me as well as my relationships. I would just one time wish to have a normal sexual experience. I would like my LS to be helped.

  14. Marcia If your LSnA is mild , you can find a provider near you to treat you with the O Shot and PRP in the lichen areas If you have extensive scarring please call me and I will refer you to a doctor near you that can help you My cell number is 5044958388 I’m sorry you have been suffering with this problem
    Dr Kathleen Posey MD FACOG FAARFM

  15. Diane What kind of cancer did you have radiation for? We have had great success with breast cancer patients. If you had squamous cell of the cervix. I would proceed with caution unless you are free of disease for several years.

  16. I was referred to Dr Kathleen Posey for hormone replacement therapy. Little did I know that she is an expert in her field and could offer hope for treatment of my vulvodynia of the past 7 yrs. After a minor surgical procedure to release scar tissue of vaginal introitus and the O-shot, I now have renewed sexual experiences – increase vaginal lubrication, greatly decreased pain with penetration, increased libido and increased orgasm intensity. A “big” thank you and much appreciation to Dr Posey’s knowledge and determination to help when no one else could. My marriage has a new found joy and revitalization. Dr Posey not only persists to find a treatable solution but also trains other physicians. She is an answer to prayer!

  17. I am 52 year old lady who has had LS for the last 4 years and I’ve seen 4 doctors for this condition all who were board certified either in dermatology or gynecology. My last gynecologist did surgery on me which was not successful. My husband found information about the O shot and Dr. Posey was 30 minutes from my house. She removed scar tissue and treated my LS with PRP as well as doing an OShot. Within 3 weeks I was able to have intercouse without pain. There still was some itching and a little pain around the clitoris so Dr. Posey did another treatment with OShot and more PRP. My hormones were nonexistent so she has placed me on bioidentical estrogen , progesterone, and testosterone. I can’t wait to see the smile on my husband’s face and I’m so relieved my pain is gone. Thank you Dr. Posey and Dr. Runels.

  18. I had the Oshot yesterday plus additional PRP to areas of Lichen. I have had symptoms with painful intercourse for 5+ years and Dr. Posey is the 3rd gynecologist I have seen for this problem. I was given steroids and yeast medication by the other doctors and Dr. Posey used the Oshot and additional PRP and I rated my symptoms as a 10 and after 1 treatment I am now a 2! Please, please get the word out to other women suffering with this disease about the use of the Oshot with additional PRP to alleviate the symptoms of Lichen!

  19. I am 41 years old and have never had children. I developed severe stress incontinence 5 years losing my urine if I jogged,coughed,sneezed, or rode my horse. I had an O shot and got relief shortly after my shot. I am 3 weeks out and all is good. I am so grateful that Dr. Posey suggested that I try this procedure.

    1. Hi Angie, in my practice experience it usually takes several weeks to see the improvements in the sexual function and longer for the improvement in urinary incontinence. We usually say results peek in about 3-6 months and wait until then to evaluate the need for a second treatment. Hope that helps!

      1. Ok.. Thank you! I am 3 weeks out from the 1st shot and while I do notice a little something just wondered about a 2nd shot.

  20. I have had the o-shot procedure done two months ago. I have not noticed anything positive. Very disappointed. I was on the testosterone shots that worked great for my sexual desire but with all the office visits and out of pocket money. Plus some side effects. I finally talked my husband into it. I stopped the testosterone shots before the procedure. I am experiencing dryness which I did not have before and no desire and harder to be aroused. I started taking silenor (3mg). But I don’t think that’s interfering because I had the procedure done 3 weeks prior. Is there hope that the o- shot will kick in??

  21. Hi, I had the O shot done 15 days ago by someone trained by Dr. Runels. I’m 37 and currently taking Yaz for PMDD, but I haven’t had any PMDD symptoms in about 5 months. It’s been two weeks since the shot and I’ve felt no difference. Is there still hope that it may start working? How much longer should I wait before assuming that it did not work?

    1. STARTS to work at around 3 weeks. It’s not a drug, it’s an infusion of growth factors —so the body needs time for growth. Think of it like “fertilizer” with sprouts beginning to appear at 3 weeks and full effect at 2 to 4 months. Wayyyy to early to become discouraged.

  22. I willing to share anything that would be helpful to women who have this disease.

    I had sought help from my hometown OB/GYN and my family physician and the only treatment which was prescribed was Clobetasol ointment. The ointment was supposed to lessen the symptoms, but didn’t seem to help very much. The itching was fierce/miserable. I felt depressed, helpless, and was very uninterested in sexual activity.

    I was in Dr. Brenner’s office for a cosmetic treatment, and saw a sign advertising the O-Shot and thought that maybe it would help with my lack of libido. But, what ultimately made me decide to have the O-Shot, was a text I received from my daughter who had learned that the shot was supposed to help/possibly cure Lichen Sclerosus symptoms. I was THRILLED to know that there was a treatment available. I decided immediately to try the O-Shot therapy.

    To date, I have received the O-Shot twice.

    I felt it was a relatively safe procedure as
    my own blood was drawn, and then the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) extracted from my blood was injected into my vaginal tissue. Dr. Brenner also removed the scar tissue from the disease that had formed, which completely covered my clitoris. It was a huge part of why I was so uninterested in sex, and even I did not know it had progressed so badly.

    The 2nd O-Shot was done because there were a few areas where the itching remained. Dr. Brenner targeted the injections to these areas and the results have been amazing. THE ITCHING IS GONE!!! These treatments have greatly
    enhanced my sexual health and I am grateful to Dr. Brenner for making this treatment available to women who have sexual dysfunction and/or Lichen Sclerosus.

    I would strongly encourage anyone with Lichen Sclerosus and/or sexual dysfunction to receive the O-shot therapy. I was told by other medical doctors that there was no cure for this condition, and after suffering with it for about 4 years, I have been successfully treated and CURED. I am cautiously optimistic that I will not need an O-Shot therapy again, but would absolutely do it again IF the symptoms return.

    1. Thank you very much for being brave enough to share your story. I’m sure you will help bring hope and healing to many suffering women and their families.

  23. My name is Wendy and I received PRP and the Oshot for Lichen In Dec. The last normal sexual intercourse I had was 7 to 8 years ago. Since then bleeding, tearing, and pain. I had intercourse 5 days ago without pain or bleeding. I had adhesions removed around my clitoris in Dec prior to the PRP. Dr Posey did my treatment and it’s a miracle! I am at her office today to get second treatment for minor itching.

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