Dyspareunia. Painful Sex.

Treating Dyspareunia.
Let’s talk science…

Multiple studies have shown that PRP injected into injured muscle will hasten recovery [1,2]  The O-Shot® procedure is the very specific method for the preparation & use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) (in the case of dyspareunia) in a way analogous to the methods used for the past 15 years by physiatrists, dentists, orthopedists, and wound care physicians–& it works! 

A pilot study, by Runels, et al, showed that similar results can be had when PRP is injected for dyspareunia, possibly acting with the pelvic floor muscles in a similar way [3].  Also, PRP has never been associated with a granuloma formation in over 7,000 research papers on PubMed, unlike the FDA-approved Coaptite which in one study showed granulomas causing obstruction in 1 in 40 cases [4]. Furthermore, PRP is used to treat scarring in wound care and in aesthetics (acne scars) and so would be unlikely to cause scaring (if you saw it happen it would deserve reporting in the literature as the first case seen). The pilot study showed significant statistical improvement in Female Sexual Distress scores & in FSFI scores after the injection of PRP for dyspareunia [3].

Another study of the treatment of the dyspareunia and other symptoms of vaginal lichen sclerosus with PRP (as in the O-Shot procedure) showed a statistical improvement in symptoms and two blinded dermatopathologists reported decreased inflammation in post treatment biopsies of the injected areas [5].

There have been over 10,000 O-Shot® procedures over the past 6 years without one reported serious sequelae. There are around 500 physicians in 17 countries doing the procedure including urologists and gynecologist from various universities.

As for the cost of the procedure, insurance does not yet cover the costs of the procedure with requires the use of FDA-approved kits manufactured for the process of preparing platelet-rich plasma to be injected back into the body as well as other lab supplies and the time of myself and my staff. I charge $1,200 for the procedure. I have the strict practice of refunding the money of those who have the procedure but who do not respond to treatment. So, as far as I know, I do not have the money of anyone who was not happy with treatment with PRP. On the contrary, most of my patients have been delighted and I have physicians from around the world calling me about my observations (Watch the video at the top of this page, if you’ve not already. Can you see the conviction? Can you see the tears in her eyes at remembering the people she’s helped who were without hope? Do you want the same thing for your patients?).

In summary, the O-Shot is simply doing what we’ve done for many years with trigger point injections of the pelvic floor for dyspareunia (using triamcinolone) and with periurethral injections for incontinences (using Coaptite), only with the O-Shot a material is used that is known to be safer with no known reports of granuloma formation or scar tissue formation—PRP.

I’m happy to answer further questions about the procedure and to provide the name of other gynecologists and urologists who regularly do the procedure.

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Charles Runels, MD
Inventor of the O-Shot® procedure

P.S. Your patients with dyspareunia NEED you to learn this procedure. We wouldn’t have 500 plus doctors in 17 countries doing this if it didn’t work.
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