Research for Incontinence and for Better Sex

Here’s new research about how to improve urinary continence in women…

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So stress incontinence is a really serious problem that can affect your life and in ways that are sometimes difficult to deal with it, both in your personal and your business life. It can make it difficult to focus at work. It makes it difficult to get through a meeting, difficult to travel without stopping, it wakes you up at night, it makes it hard to exercise because you might be leaking urine and you’re not sleeping well so it makes it hard to feel rested during the day so it’s a significant problem and a lot of research going on trying to find an in between.

The pills that you take can sometimes cause anticholinergics can cause trouble with constipation, trouble thinking and associated with dementia and surgery is a viable option but all of us would like to avoid surgery if we can. So here’s a really interesting study where they looked at successfully using autologous drive muscle STEM cells. Autologous muscle drives cells to grow, not STEM cells, but muscle drives cells to grow the bulk of the sphincter that helps a woman control her urine and actually it’s not a circumferential sphincter like a man, it’s more like a flap which makes it more difficult to hold urine and that flap is only a few cells thick so increasing the strength, just like you strengthen your bicep might help with that and that’s exactly what they showed; significant increase in sphincter volume as in a larger bicep muscle instead of larger sphincter volume or muscle to hold the urine in when compared with the placebo group.

So check this out. It’s not something that’s mainstream yet as far as being able to offer but you might want to talk with an alternative which does something similar which is using PRP. In the athletic committees have sometimes even banned platelet rich plasma because not only does it heal tissue, but can add sometimes strength to the muscle.

So it’s possible that one of the reasons our O-Shot is improving incontinence is because platelet rich plasma can increase the muscle strength as well as improve the health and the blood flow around the tissue. So a side effect could be improved sexuality response with orgasm or ability to have orgasm. So you might want to talk with your physician about this if they’re not a provider, there’s training on the website and we have a list of licensed providers on the website that are already trained, agreed to follow strict criteria and with the FDA approved devices.

It’s not for everybody but that’s who I would contact to find out more information about this or talk with your physician about becoming certified or licensed to do the procedure. Hope you find it helpful and you’ll share this idea with your physician or with someone who might be suffering with incontinence.

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