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845 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Dear Dr Runels,
    Thank you for all your work to help the sexually dysfunctional woman. I am 61y/o and not had a vaginal orgasm, ever , until I had vagina rejuvenation procedure and the O shot.! I had removal of uterus and ovaries in my late 30s and 20 yrs of menopause w pain and severe dryness, causing tearing of vaginal mucosa w penetration- resulted in an abstinence of intercourse for the last 5-6 yrs w our intimacies, libido was nil. Since my procedures last fall 2015 and O shot (dr elhorr). , and my husbands P Shot– we can’t get enough of each other-!! Not only is there more tightness, my moisture is unbelievable! Btw- I now have multiple vaginal orgasms with an ejaculate! Wth! My libido is in hyper mode .Beyond all mine and my husband’s (of 35 yrs) expectations . He calls me his “tight faucet” , and says that I’m tighter and wetter than when we were courting 36 yrs ago!! Imagine that– the O shot made my “normal” better!
    Wow, thank you for all your contributions to women’s sexual health.
    Allan and Cheryl

    1. Hello Allan & Cheryl,

      Thank you very much for your kind words and your courage. I’m sure others will be encouraged and helped by your story.

      Though nothing works all the time for all people, the majority of people who receive the O-Shot® do see improvement. Though I was the first to use PRP to treat the female (O-Shot®) and the male genitalia (Priapus Shot®), it’s been the collective efforts of our amazing provider group ( and the courage of the people (like the two of you) who have trusted us with their health and their intimate relationships that have allowed us to move forward.

      Though we now have physicians in 17 countries and most major cities in the US, most gynecologists and urologists are still not offering the procedure. It usually takes and average of 20 years for most therapies to become standard of care: 10 years to prove the effectiveness and 10 years for doctors to adopt the new procedure and it’s only been 7 years since I first started doing these procedures. For example, the first heart cath was done in the 1940’s. The procedure was not widely done until over 20 years later.

      Thank you again for your courage in helping us find a better way to keep marriages together and to reclaim healthy sexual functioning. And, Thank You Very Much for having the courage to educate people who need the procedure and the physicians who should be offering the procedure.

      Very best regards,
      Charles Runels, MD
      Inventor of the O-Shot® procedure

      1. I agree, Dr Runels and Dr Seiler, I work for the last 40 yrs in health care and I have seen first hand the great advancements and results with PRP technology used with plastic, orthopedic and most recently our cardiovascular surgeries.
        It was frustrating, as a menopausal woman, to find that there was no effective solutions to the difficulties myself and my husband were suffering in our relationship The physicians I work professionally and as their patient had little effective treatment or answers for us. Dr Runels email about the plane crash and impending doom –hit home — I couldn’t accept that fate, so 3 yrs ago, We researched options– all was cutting edge technology, with pioneer research physicians, like Dr Runels– that gave us hope. We were very fortunate to have these amazing results–this connection to my husband has never been stronger– Caring Physicians with your foresight and brillance, Dr Runels, have done a great service to women of all ages.
        You’re our Hero, thank you so much.

        Sincerely, Cheryl Nagengast

        PS: I share my amazing results with all my peers (female) and friends .

        1. Thank you for your review, 7 years ago I went into full blown menopause it came fast and only missed 3 periods before menopause was over which caused such a shock to my body that vaginal relaxed quickly and was not able to have vaginal & clit orgasm or feel my husband penis
          Inside me this was devastating to us left me in a dark place . In 2014 while searching for what had happened to me I came across
 , I had vaginal rejuvenation along with several other procedures, after surgery I regained clitoris sensation a week after surgery for only 6 weeks but no intercourse for 12 weeks so felt cheated , then 2016 had ThermiVa 3 treatments 4weeks apart I got nothing from those procedures:( I am scheduled for O shot & Breast lift lost sensation in breast also September 11/17 with Dr. Amy Brenner she feels with my history that I may need to repeat O shot in 10 to 12 weeks, I am praying that it will only take 1 , but I will continue if needed We have come this far I will not give up on my love life , I am very excited as I have researched the O shot it makes so much sense, I wish this would have been available to me before all other treatments this would have been first choice. I will update after procure is done and there after monthly. It is my passion to be very open and honest for all ladies to know the truth . This has been a very difficult loss for both me & my husband we enjoyed a wonderful sex life 33 years before all this came about . I will be up front & very honest. Thank you Dr. Runels

    2. Hi Cheryl and Allan, just wanted to quickly say thanks for the great feedback and i am so glad you have seen such great results. My patients have had great success too with these procedures and I agree with Dr. Runels’ comment about the time it takes for procedures to be accepted and become standard, but we are trying to pioneer the waters!

    3. I just had my first O Shot after doing pellets for a year which was great till I was not having orgasms but they are telling me I might have to have a second O shot before everything stats to work properly. I had heard once you do the one O Shot with the pellets it should last a year?!? Did you have to do a second O Shot?

  2. My wife has had female problems for the last 17 years. We have a provider that doesn’t cover more that take a pill. After her historectuimy she lost interest in sex-completely. What are our chances of rekindling our relationship ?

    1. If things changed after the hysterectomy, then she’s likely got some hormonal issues as well (especially if she also had an oophorectomy at the same time). The O-Shot will help improve the vaginal tissue but look at the last chapter of this book and talk with your physician about the hormonal issues.

  3. hi i have linchen sclerosus, the o- shot will that help with the itching, stinging , and burning ?

    1. Yes! Not in everyone, but in most. New research coming soon (out for publication). But, should be done intelligently by someone who understands both the O-Shot® procedure and lichen sclerosus.

      1. I have been a lichen sclerosis sufferer for 20 yrs and still premenopausal. Where can I find a practitioner ? I am in Fl but willing to travel to find help

        1. I have a great Dr in Phoenix he’s a Vulva specialist I also have lichen sclerosis and am going to get the o shot soon his name is Dr. Brooks I hope I’m allowed to tell you

  4. I sadly have to say the o-shot have done nothing for me.I have spent $1500 and went back to the doctor and was told to get the testosterone pallet now.She said it would be great in combination to the o-shot.This would cost me more money.I was bot offered for anothet shot unless I pay full price.I would really consider thinking about paying so much money on something that is not working.

    1. I’m very sorry that you were not helped. But, would you tell someone with cancer to not do chemo because only 85% are cured just because 15% are not? And the O-Shot® is much safer than chemo.

      The shot alone does not cure everyone just like one therapy alone often does not sure many other medical problems. Sex is a complicated system and we freely admit that other factors including hormones and relationships and other drugs you may be affect the outcome. The book here explains the whole system (free if you have a kindle).

      Did you use one of our providers? All of our providers will stand behind the results. But we admit there’s a 15% failure rate (depending upon the outcome desired). The most difficult to treat problem is “never had an orgasm in my life.” What particularly is your problem? I would follow the advice of your doctor or seek another doctor but do not give up…the whole system must be looked at.

      Hope you find healing…don’t quit.

  5. I am interested in the treatment of liChen sclerosus not the O-shot. I have good sensation and multiple orgasms. I am having surgery to remove a section of lichen sclerosus as mine is very aggressive.

    1. Very good point. Some think because it’s called the O-Shot that’s it’s just for orgasms. The O-Shot® is used for many women to help with urinary incontinence who already enjoy amazing sex. And some women get the O-Shot for urinary incontinence who don’t want to have sex at all…they live alone but want to just be able to walk or laugh without leaking. Same for lichen…the O-Shot is simply a way of using very carefully prepared PRP used in a specific way to rejuvenate and heal vaginal tissue. The procedure varies with the person and the goals but you wouldn’t just make a broken finger better to play piano but not fix the same finger because your not interested in say catching a fix the finger and then what you do with it is up to you! The O-Shot helps heal vaginal tissue…that can improve the pain of lichen scleorus and the cracking and bleeding…it can help dry urinary incontinence…and when the tissue gets healthier, in some women, sex is better…but there’s no rule that you have to have sex or that you can’t get the procedure just because sex is already good.

      The O-Shot is a way of making vaginal, labial, peri-urethral tissue healthier. What happens when you go home is up to you. If you’re a little girl with lichen sclerosus…it’s got nothing at all to do with sex at the present time…it’s just about getting the tissue healthier. If you’re a single mother living with your children and not interested in dating men but want to calm down your bladder from leaking when you go to the YMCA to jump rope, then that’s wonderful, the O-Shot will probably help you. You don’t have to have sex or even think about sex to get the procedure.

  6. Im 20 years old have great orgasms, stay moist but I would love to increase the pleasure. Also, I often bleed lightly would this improve the bleeding? am I too young?

    1. Often young women will have bleeding from reopening of scar tissue formed during delivery (episiotomy scars for example). Other forms of bleeding cookie include genital mismatch (which we can also help) or various dermatological problems (some we can help, like lichen, and for some the O-Shot would not be appropriate (like squamous cell). Visiting one of our doctors for a close examination would be helpful.

      1. my partner is on the larger side. I have had no kids, I am overall pretty healthy. because I bleed I can’t get the O shot at all, thats a bummer

        1. Bleeding alone, if only because smaller or because your partner is large, does not keep you from having the O-Shot® procedure. It’s just that if you’re bleeding someone should examine you to see why. For example, one woman we treated keep bleeding every time she had sex. The bleeding was coming from where she had an episiotomy scar from a previous delivery of a large baby. After bleeding for YEARS, every time she had sex, the quit bleeding and had comfortable sex after the 3rd O-Shot procedure (each time she got a little better as the thin tissue improved).

          On the other hand, if a woman had squamous cell cancer and that’s the reason for bleeding, then the treatment would be surgery.

          Please know that the VAST majority of bleeding is NOT cancer. But, if you have something that needs to be removed, it should be removed. If you have think or poorly healing tissue that needs to be rejuvenated/thickened with better blood flow and nerve supply and increase collagen, then the O-Shot® would be exactly what you need.

          Point of all of this…the O-Shot® could be your healing but someone should examine you to find the etiology of the bleeding then chose the appropriate treatment. Those of our providers who are dermatologists or gynecologists or primary care physicians who do many pelvic exams would be best able to determine the cause of bleeding (click).< --

    2. I agree with the admin comment. this procedure can help increase sexual pleasure in patients without dysfunction. However, i would strongly encourage you seeing your OBGYN about the bleeding first to rule out other problems.

  7. Has any provider used this procedure on a diabetic patient? Is it safe for that population of patients who’s sexual dysfunction may be a result of their disease?

    1. Yes!

      It helps rebuild tissue with improvements in the blood flow and decreased nerve function that can happen with diabetes.

  8. Hi Diane,

    I am an Ob-Gyn doctor trained by Dr. Runels and I have a special interest in Lichen Sclerosus. I live outside of New Orleans and my office number is 9858454111. If you call my office I would be happy to talk to you and I think I could help you.

    Kathleen Posey MD FACOG FAAFRM

  9. How much is it to get the oshot
    And is it guaranteed to work
    I have and upside down uteris and have issues climaxing. Wanted to find something affordable I could to do help mysel

    1. You can resume all normal activities including intercourse immediately afterwards. Some patients have mild discomfort for a very short period of time afterwards and may wait a day or two, but it is safe immediately after.

  10. I have not seen a lot of reviews made by customers about their results , maybe because it’s still new to public . I am going to try my shot with dr Peggy Pruchnicki in Las Vegas . She is very nice BTW. I am super exited , my next post will be with about my results . I think that would help a lot to spread the word . I hope it will work from the first shot , I can’t afford the second one if I have to repeat , as I understand each shot is at the same price regardless . I am 28 ,mother and wife , looking forward to improve my sexual response and I would really hope the O -shot is the best gift for myself . I have never had a vaginal orgasm …so sad ….

    1. I just seen your post Tatiana , I will pray for your results , I lost my ability to have orgasms 7 years ago & have had surgery, ThermiVa treatments and nothing has helped me , I am excited to get the O shot 9/11/17 with Dr. Brenner . I will up date my results monthly, I to look for women’s reviews . Have you had your O yet ? Would love to hear your results .
      Prayers for you.

  11. I recently had the O-shot performed by Dr. Kathleen Posey. I went to Dr. Posey because she has been highly trained in the procedure. I found her to be extremely knowledgable in all aspects of gynecology, as well as many health issues. The shot has helped me tremendously. I am 62 and was having a lot of stress incontinence (with coughing, sneezing, etc.). To my great satisfaction, this almost never happens anymore. My sex drive was okay, but the O-shot improved that, too. My orgasms are much more intense than they have ever been. It is my opinion that, for a lot of women, this procedure is well worth consideration.

  12. I am 23 years old , and I have never had an orgasm through intercourse! I do have orgasms through oral sex activities, but sometimes when in the process of Intercourse I experience some pain or it just gets hard to fully get into it since it just doesn’t feel as good as oral sex. Would the shot help with getting great sensations with intercourse as well as orgasm ?

    1. JJ, this treatment should help you for those reasons. It has helped many patients. I would suggest that you have a gynecological check if you haven’t in the recent past to make sure that everything else is ok, including hormones, to rule out any other causes. If everything else checks out ok then, the O-Shot should help to rejuvenate and strengthen the tissue and improve your symptoms. Just make sure that you go to a certified O-Shot Provider.

  13. I think the O shot would help you. Look at the
    Providers list and found a doctor near you. Take care . I would also have your testosterone level checked. Take care .
    Kathleen Posey FACOG FAARFM

  14. I would also like to especially encourage trials specifically for vestibuladynia (vulvar vestibulitis) in addition to the Vulvodynia trial already planned.

    Pelvic pain is broken down into many subcategories, including pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pudendal neuralgia, as well as other pelvic nerve neuralgias. I’d like to encourage trials in various subcategories. I know there would be a lot of interest if successful.

  15. I had issue with Urinary Incontinence, when bending, sneezing, coughing, just about anything I would leak. I wore mini pads throughout the day and changed them several times a day. Recently I heard about the O-shot and how it can help some people, I went to Dr. Amy Brenner and checked it out. So I went ahead and received the O-shot and it worked wonders. I rarely have an issue now, (no more mini pads WooHoo!), and the side benefit is the improvement in sexual intercourse.

  16. Hello,

    I wanted to know if the O Shot will enlarge the clitoras, as my wife’s clitoras is very deeply seated and often times she has a hard time getting aroused or reaching orgasms.


  17. Hello I had an O shot done a week ago for my urinary incontinence and it doesn’t seem to b working well enough for me to control my pee.. Also it doesn’t do anything for me getting an orgasm , I still burn cause I’m still dry . How long does it take for the O shot to work

    1. Usually takes 3 weeks for results to START to appear. Though many women see wonderful results the day treated, remember, this is not a drug. The O-Shot® uses growth factors from platelets to fertilize pleuripotent stem cells. Those cells grow into new tissue–that takes time. Full effect is 3 months. Usually you’ll start to see things improve between 3-6 weeks but it’s way to early to decide if your procedure worked or not.

  18. I had the o-shot and it did not enlarge.The o-shot did not help me at all.I spent $1500 and it’s been over 6 month and no results.

  19. Hi Dr Runels & Dr sherif wakil

    I am a Indian origin Londoner. I have been suffering in silence with my Lichen Psoriasis since many years . Itchiness down there had become so worst that for years I couldnot sleep well. I cant even remember when was the last time I had no itchyness at all incontinence also became worst . After trying from steroid
    creams to all I finally went to Harley street for o shot treatment and now I am lot better. I had awesome sleep after years. My incontinence has also improved big time. My skin down there is also changed. Big Thanks to you all and please keep up da good work.

  20. How can I find out what doctors in my area (Louisiana, Baton Rouge, la to be exact) specialize and/or are Certified or have been certified by Dr Runels to perform the o-shot procedure? I’m
    Also an hour away from New Orleans.

    Does anyone know the cons or Possible side effects to this?


  21. Hi Shanta
    I am an OB/Gyn Doctor in Madisonville Louisiana and my office is off of I-12 about an hour from Baton Rouge I have been doing the O Shot for the last 3 years I would be glad to see you My office number
    Is 9858454111 Take care

    Dr Kathleen Posey

  22. I was diagnosed with lichen sclerosus in college and I am now 44. Although I’ve had minor improvements with steroid creams, I’m looking into the Oshot. I have three questions:

    #1. Is the OShot one shot or a series of shots?
    #2. Are the results permanent or temporary?
    #3. Since this treatment is for medical reasons, will insurance cover it or can I use Flex Spending money towards it?

    Thanks for your time!

  23. Hi JRT

    I will be glad to answer any questions you have on LSnA if you call my office at 9858454111. My cell phone is 504 4958388 if you would like to text me.

    Kathleen Posey MD FACOG

    1. Hi Janet, interesting question. I honestly do not know but would suspect that since the treatment is not really affecting the ovaries or uterus that it would not make much change. I would be interested to see if any of the other providers of the treatment have a comment on their experience with that. Sorry that I was not much help on this question.

  24. I was with a man for four years. He ignored my physical discomfort and I had to break away. I finally got the courage to go to a Doctor. When she walked through the door and asked what I was here for, I just broke down and cried. She put her arms around me and she just said OMG, you poor thing. She really cared. When she examined me, she tested for and said I had a STD, a yeast infection and this think she called Lichen Sclerosis. The pain was horrible and the itching and burning, alone, was excruciating. She gave me meds for the STD and helped me with the yeast infection. She conferred with other doctors and they came in and examined me and came up with a cream called Clobetasol. It did not work. I went back and she gave me, I think, Halobetasol. She said it was very strong and not to use it often, like once a week. I felt some relief and she said she thought the skin looked a little more pink. It seemed better for awhile. About a year ago it came back. My Dr moved to Connecticut. I have yet to find a Dr since that seemed to know how or want to deal with me. I had to have surgery because my bladder dropped a couple of years ago and at that time the Gynecologist to told me to keep an eye on it, because it could become cancerous. Well, he retired. I am alone again with no information and no answers and really tired of trying to get answers. Sexual intercourse is impossible and my partner is so patient, but I want sex again.

    1. Karla, sorry to hear you have been suffering. I feel for you. I would search the provider link on this website to find an O-Shot certified provider. This treatment could really help your sexual dysfunction, pain, and the Lichen Sclerosus. I would also say that Dr. Posey in New Orleans is great at treating LS. Hope that helps.

  25. I have had post-intercourse blistering issues for 12 years now. It has gradually gotten worse. I’ve had multiple biopsies through the years. My symptoms appear like severe lichen sclerosis, but my biopsies are always inconclusive. Most gynecologists send me to dermatologists who send me back to gynecologists. Nobody knows how to help. I currently do a sub-satisfactory job of managing things by taking chlobetosol, which gives me a yeast infection, so I also take a weekly dose of fluconazole. My current gynecologist is recommending a vestibulectomy. She is unaware of the O-shot. Based on the little I have read, it seems like I would be a good candidate for the shot. Is there anyone in the 65203 area code or anywhere nearby who could help?

  26. Karla Look in the directory and find an ObGyn doctor that is trained in the lichen treatment If you tell me where you live I can make suggestions to you.
    Best Regards,
    Kathleen Posey MD FACOG

  27. Hi , it’s Tatiana,it’s been 4weeks post the O-shot , no results . My goal was to increase sensitivity. Now I’m thinking maybe I should’ve invest in a hormonal therapy instead .

    1. It’s not one or the other…it’s whatever it takes. Some women need both. Some just need one or the other.
      Please read the following (can be read for free)…

  28. I am 62 years post menopausal and on 12.5 mg of Paxil. I have painful dryness during intercourse and lack of desire. Otherwise I am in great shape and health. I work out 4x per week and eat healthy food. Would the O shot work for me?

  29. I just had the shot a few days ago. I felt it the same day. My wetness is crazy tightness is also!! Worth every penny I will always do this when needed no question

  30. I have three children and a new partner. I am 27 years old and not being able to reach climax has only bothered me slightly. My new partner wants to please me as much as I please him and it’s hard for him to accept that he can’t get me there. I have only reached climax through clitoral stimulation but I enjoy sex a lot. I stay wet and I have no pain. I do have urinary leaking but it’s only a small amount. Could the o shot actually help and is there anything else that I could do? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Kristen, from your history I do think that you sound like a perfect candidate for the OShot to help you. It will help strengthen and rejuvenate tissue and make it perform in a healthier, younger state. It can also help orgasm, sex drive, and overall enjoyment from sex. Our patients notice that it helps them achieve orgasm faster and fuller. I suggest that you find a provider on this website who is certified to provide the OShot near you. I would be happy to see you for a consult if it is convenient for you. Hope that helps!

  31. I would love to have this done i think it would make me feel alot better about myself an about being able to please my husband more an myself.where can i get this done at?

    1. Hi Ronda, glad you are interested. This procedure has helped many patients. i would suggest looking at the “find a provider” tab on this website. There are many physicians in different locations who are certified to provide this procedure. My practice is in Alabama but most states have certified providers. Hope that helps!

  32. I recently just received the O shot last week. I was wondering if it was done properly. It was with someone from the list of providers.

    He said he was right on target with injecting the Gspot. At first I was like awesome…then I read you don’t inext the inject the O spot and that they are different.

    Please help clarify!

    1. You are exactly correct. Unfortunately, even some of our skilled providers go back to the old terminology occasionally (out of habit). Likely, you still received a good treatment.

      In summary, the O-Spot simply designates the place between the urethra and the anterior vaginal wall that’s furthest from the bladder (closest to the outside). The G-spot is the place along the anterior vaginal wall that when stimulated most brings pleasure. This place can vary from woman to woman and even in the same woman from day to day. Dr. Graufenberg (for whom the spot takes it’s name) thought the urethra to be the most erotic part of woman’s body. Later, people associated the place along the urethra that brings the most pleasure to be the g-spot.

      To find the g-spot, you actually have to stimulate the woman or have her stimulate herself to “map” the area. This does NOT need to be done when doing the O-Shot since the fluid used (PRP) is aqueous enough (low viscosity) and voluminous enough to cover the ENTIRE urethra if injected in the proper area (the O-Spot).

      Hope this helps and thank you for your excellent question. Chances are your provider did the procedure properly but simply reverted back to old terminology.

      1. Thank you! I’m almost 3 weeks out and have noticed a slight change. It’s almost like I’m more ‘awake’ or aware down there. I’m excited to see what 3 months is like! Thanks for the reply!

  33. I have read the book by the inventor. I would like to become a model a dot spokesperson for the Oshot. How could I go about that.

  34. What are you thoughts on someone who has systemic lupus and newly diagnosed with lichen sclerosus tolerating this procedure well? I’m concerned about exaggerated side effects due to the lupus. I also read that the procedure is contraindicated in those with immune deficiencies. I am being treated for my lupus with Humira and methotrexate. Would that then make me an unsuitable candidate for PRP treatment for the lichen?
    Finally, if I was able to have the shot administered specifically to treat the lichen, would there be the added benefit of that same shot also helping achieve orgasm?

  35. I am having the o shot on Monday. I have already had three thermiva treatments with no improvements. The doctor recommended I try the o shot. In your opinion will the o shot work if thermiva hasn’t changed anything? Also the doctor says the treatment doesn’t hurt at all is this correct? I don’t do very good with pain so I’m hoping he is telling me the truth?? Dr Alinsod is my doctor. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Judy. The treatment is usually painless with at most some mild discomfort so you should be fine. The OShot works very different than the ThermiVa. The Oshot works on rejuvenating and strengthening tissue to encourage it to work in a healthier, younger state. You should see good results if you are a good candidate for it, which you should discuss with your doctor. Hope that helps!

  36. I would like to know how long an O shot normally last? And are there any certified Doctors in Midland TX that do the procedure? And what does it cost?

  37. Hi Judy
    Can you let me know what you had the ThermiVa for? The O Shot helps with stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction around 85% of the time. Have your hormone levels been checked? Dr Alinsod is a great doctor and is giving you good advice. I wiukd just like a little more information.

  38. Hi Judy
    The O shot works 85% of the time for stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Alinsod does great work and I find the combination of the O Shot and the ThermiVa to be cumulative in my patients and I have used them in both and it is called the ThermiO. Let us know how you do after your OShot on Monday . It hurts very little or not at all . Kathleen Posey MD FACOG FAARFM

  39. So, I’m 29 and have never had kids, STDs, or surgery on my reproductive organs and am in a very loving and supportive relationship with my boyfriend who is eager to please and gives me the foreplay that I want. I can achieve orgasm nearly every time I masturbate, but not all of my orgasms are made equal. When we have sex after adequate foreplay and when I’m aroused, there are times I have very little sensation, pleasant sensation, and wonderfully orgasmic sensation, but I tend to orgasm about 1/4 sexual encounters. My vaginal sensitivity doesn’t stop with penetration, it also varies widely with the use of fingers and toys; it’s not as consistently sensitive as I’d like it to be. Many times it takes a long time for me to get there during intercourse if it’s going to happen at all, even after taking breaks to regain sensitivity and for foreplay. I’d like to increase the likelihood and intensity of my orgasms and not worry if I’ll have an orgasm next time. I have anxiety about it, and it makes me nervous about having sex because I’m so worried about how unpredictable my sensitivity is. It’s the first year we’ve started living together and while my libido has decreased his hasn’t, and I’m on Nexplanon which may have something to do with my dulled libido too. I want to be able to feel that huge rush of arousal where I’m fully in the moment, free of worry about how cooperative my body will be. I find it hard to get in the mood, and it’s during rather specific times that I do. Would I be a good candidate for the O-Shot? I set my appointment for it this Thursday with a qualified provider, so I’m hoping it works! I’ll try to post with results.

  40. Hi C. B. Sorry to hear of your struggles. I do think the OShot could really help you. I think that the Nexplanon could have something to do with it so i would talk to your gynecologist about that. It sounds like the anxiety of the problems can be contributing to it (lack of orgasm causes anxiety which in turn causes lack of orgasm!) and the OShot could help you with both sides (mental and physical). Some patients see an increase in sex drive and a decrease in anxiety about their problems just because they are looking forward to the shot working. I would certainly try it if i were you. Hope that helps!

    1. Dr. Seiler III,

      Thank you very much for your response. I rescheduled the appointment for this upcoming Monday, and I’ve had an increase in sex drive and a decrease in anxiety out of sheer anticipation for the shot like you said. I’m looking forward to it! I hope me being on my period and wearing the Softcup won’t interfere with the procedure either. I’ll try and post results after a few weeks so I can see how it unfolds.

  41. I had the O shot and hormone replacement by Dr. Kathleen Posey MD FACOG and am having amazing results. Thank you Dr. Runels and Dr. Posey for all that you do.
    Julie B from New Orleans, La.

  42. Hello Doctors,

    I am a healthy 49 yr old woman who had the OShot 3 months ago due to the fact that I have vaginal dryness; a hard time to achieve orgasms and stress incontinence. Previous to that I have been using pellets for hormone therapy. The pellets showed a marked increase, in my sexual desire, but did nothing for my orgasms.The Oshot improved my lubrication, however it did not improve my orgasms. Additionally, my incontinence significantly worsened. Prior to the shot I would have annoying leakage…but now I have very close calls of urinating on myself and at times have had dribbles running down my thigh (it gets worse once I get in the bathroom). I am afraid I will urinate on myself because I wont get to the bathroom on time. I called my gyn who said maybe the area is just hypervigilant…but I am afraid this will get worse.
    How could this get so bad in a such a short time? Did my doctor not do the procedure correctly? Is there anything I can do to fix this.

    1. I’ve only heard of 2 other cases where incontinence worsened. The three possibilities include a urinary infection and that the procedure was not done properly and something that we’ve not seen yet.. I think you’d need an exam to know.

      The good news is that PRP is a healing agent, not know to cause any permanent harm and both of the previous 2 cases resolved completely and the woman improved to a place better than before she was treated (only 2 that we know of with worsening urinary incontinence out of over 20,000–twenty thousand–procedures)

      Was the doctor you saw on our provider list (that’s hugely important because otherwise the procedure may have been done by someone who does not understand our methods)?
      Here’s the provider list…please make sure that your provider is listed there (click)< --

      Then, if not listed, let Dr Runels know here so that he can have attorneys punish the doctor for misleading you into thinking he/she is part of our provider group (click).

      If the person who did the procedure IS listed as a provider, then contact Dr. Runels here and tell him who your provider was so he can discuss your case with your provider and understand what happened (click).

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