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823 thoughts on “Reviews”

      1. I have lichen sclerosus since 5 years.I have lost my inner lips ,also my clitoris is getting so small ,scare it will soon disapear and also my anus might close. Doctors here in Quebec did not even took a biopsie ,neither a immunity system test. I was giving a cortisone creem,no follow up.left by myself. I have been with my girlfriend since 16 years,i feel she does’nt want to touch me anymore,scare of hurting me.Can anyone tell me if there is specialist in Québec Canada. Thank you so much. Monika

        1. Monika,
          It is sad that the medical world understands so little about this condition. Some women respond to steroid creams, some do not. The miracle of Platelet Rich Plasma has helped women with lichen sclerosis regain normal sensation and sexual function. The improvement can be quite dramatic, though not immediate. Changes begin in about 3 weeks and are maximal at 3 months. More than one Oshot may be required. It appears that the nearest Oshot provider to you is in Ottowa, but click the “Find Provider” tab at the top of the page to see. Just being an Oshot provider does not mean that a physician has been specially trained in treating Lichen Sclerosis and Atrophy (LS&A), however. You want to work with someone who has been trained specifically in how to release the delicate clitoris from the prepuce without injuring it, how and what to biopsy, what to do if cancer is detected on biopsy, and the specific injection techniques to use for LS&A. A trained provider will be willing to spend a few minutes on the phone with you and answer any questions you may have. I know that Dr. Kathleen Posey of New Orleans, (who also comments in this section) has such training, because she trained me.
          Elizabeth Owings, MD
          Birmingham, Alabama

          1. Dr Owings is also a skilled surgeon who provides excellent care in this area.

            We have new research that will be published soon with a nonprofit to help fund the studies. All of the revenue from the O-Shot book goes into research, but until now, the studies with Dr Runels’ protocol (done along with Dr Andrew Goldstein) were entirely 99% funded by the O-Shot provider group.

        2. Monika,

          Also look for MonaLisa Touch or any provider of fractionated (DOT) CO2 laser. There have been a number of trials showing improvement with the fractionated CO2. PRP is likely to help to and in combination. You may be able to stop/reduce the steroid – or it may just make it more effective.

      2. Hi I got the o shot and a vampire Brest lift, I found out I have hashimotos hypothryroid didease is this going to affect me negatively? Please email me at I’m worried. Thanks

  1. Have had lichen sclerosis for couple of years. At least that is when it was diagnosed . Steroid cream no longer helping.

    1. Hi I would find a provider in our group ; my preference would be a dermatologist or a gynecologist in the O Shot provider group who would do a biopsy if you have not had one and knows how to treat the LSnA with the O Shot. You can look up the state you live in and see if there is a trained person in your area. I have found it very helpful with LSnA.Take care.
      Dr Kathleen Posey

  2. I read some of the information and watched the interview. I have complained about painful intercourse for more than 10 years and all anyone has done is prescribe a hormone cream that changed nothing other than relieve me of $70. I had a complete hysterectomy in 1986 and suffer with incontinence as well. Is it possible that this procedure would help me?

    1. Hi Anne,
      The Oshot has helped many women with painful intercourse achieve improved comfort and lubrication. It should be combined with assessment of overall health as well as hormone status. The improvement in continence is almost immediate, and the other improvements ensue in 3 weeks to 3 months.
      It is sad that the medical establishment has done so little to help women like ourselves return to the status of fully participating sexual beings. Hormone replacement therapy is important, but does not help repair the damage done by aging and childbirth. I have many clients who report better orgasms and more enjoyable sex than they have ever had after the Oshot procedure. I just performed the third Oshot on one woman because every procedure has given her so much improvement, she wants to see how good it can become. She is 65 years old. There is hope!
      Click the Find Provider tab at the top of this page to find someone near you who can provide this life-changing procedure.
      Elizabeth Owings, MD
      Birmingham, Alabama

    2. Anne- The O- shot procedure can be a good option for you to try. Although this procedure and every other procedure do not help 100% of patients , our practice has seen great results for treating vaginal dryness, and pain with intercourse and mild/moderate urinary incontinence. The major benefits of this procedure compared to other options such as slings and medications for incontinence is that the O shot does not have any risks, side effects or downtime. As a side effect of the O shot, most women report a beneficial effect on orgasms as well.

      Amy Brenner MD
      Mason, Ohio

  3. I am 41 and have been living with Lichens for 5 years. I have unsuccessfully tried a variety of treatments. I will be contacting a provider in my area. Thank you for giving me hope to regaining normalcy.

    1. Some swelling is normal after the procedure although most of my patients have seen little to no discomfort or swelling afterwards. the “downtime” is really minimal if any after the treatment. Hope that answers your question!

  4. I was diagnosed with Lichen Planus since 2011 the creams and ointments did not help itching. I started using a anti itch hair and scalp product on my skin twice daily and the itching it subsided but I have dark spots over 80 percent of my body. A month ago i developed new sores but this time they are more painful than itchy and is generalized on my left arm and right ankle. I really do not think my provide is doing all they can to help. I have been tested for everything from AIDS to Hep C. Hep C I am immune to. The light therapy helps but only for a little while.

  5. Just received my diagnosis, after years of suffering, I feel like my world has crumbled, my relationship with my partner is already weak, he is not tactile loving or emotional, and without sex, there will be no intimacy, the gynacologist gave me very little information, only a prescription, was told the pharmacy would tell me how and when to use cream, and suggested counselling for myself and partner, as our sex life would never be the same.

    1. Hi Jool, sorry to hear of your suffering and unfortunately i hear the story a lot that the physicians who do not offer this procedure have little to help you with. The O-Shot can help rejuvenate tissue, increase sexual stimulation and pleasure, make sex not painful and really enhance relationships! Not sure where you live but i would be happy to help you. you can contact my practice at or call 2058700204. Hopefully this can help you!

  6. I just wanted to leave a review for anyone who was considering the O-shot. I have always enjoy sex, but after my hysterectomy it became so uncomfortable and painful, my husband and I just stopped having sex altogether. We had not had sex in 5 years!! Then, I was referred to Dr. Kathleen Posey in Madisonville, LA. I cannot believe how incredible our sex life has become. I’m 63 years old and this is truly the best sex I’ve had in my life. It has also given my husband and I a renewed sense of intimacy and love. Our relationship is better than ever too!! If you’re on the fence about trying the O-shot, just do it!! You won’t regret it!! Thank you Dr. Runnels and Dr. Posey for making this procedure possible!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!

  7. Hello
    I am 18 years old have I have been suffering from chronic LS for the past 4 months. Am I old enough to benifit from this procedure? I want my life back.

  8. Lucky you.I had the o-shot a month ago due to bladder and sex issues but I have not felt anything different..maybe it was not for me…

    1. Hi Mel, sorry to hear you are struggling but there is hope. 1 month is not enough time to see the effects of the treatment. it is common to not see any real change for several months. i would give it some time and if you are still not seeing any improvement at 3-4 months then i would discuss it with your provider!

  9. Hi, sorry to hear about your lack of result. Did you have the treatment with a Certified provider (trained and approved to provide the O-Shot)? If so, i would discuss it with them first. You are welcome to contact me about it for more information at my practice 205 870 0204.

  10. Recently diagnosed through a biopsy but suffered for years before I went searching for answers. This is an embarrassing disease!
    It is still slowly spreading, I have it all over my body – including my face and now one on my lip…
    I want to stop the spreading, as it has just started in my vaginal area.
    I want to stop the progression! I loose sleep (of course from the rectal itching)
    But more so with the mental/emotional distress!!!
    I want help before it worsens!

    1. Hi Eileen, sorry to hear of your problems. The O-Shot and PRP injections in the other areas could really help you. Not sure where you are located but my practice is in Birmingham AL and you can read more at We would be happy to see you and discuss the procedure if you want to call 205-870-0204. Hope this info helps.

  11. Hi, my name is Milena.i have had lichen Sclorosus for a few years now. Occasional urinary incontinene and pain with intercourse. Now everything is worse. I basically cannot have intercourse. I tried Botox injections with no relief. On top of it I currently have no insurance.


    1. Hi Milena, sorry to hear of your suffering with your condition. The O-Shot should help you! Not sure where you are located but my practice is in Birmingham AL and you can read more at We would be happy to see you and discuss the procedure if you want to call 205-870-0204. Hope this info helps answer your post.

      1. Good Evening Dr. Seiler:
        Thank you for responding. I am located in Wallkill, NY. At this point and time I am unable to travel. I am currently unemployed.

        Thank you again.

        1. Hi Milena, I understand. Please let me know if i can help in the future. You can also look at this website and search for a certified provider nearer you but i am happy to help you in the future when the time is right for you.

  12. I was told 2 years ago that i had this lichen condition finally after years of searching for an answer. I finally found white raised spots on my labia upon close inspection of pulling the skin tight there and focused on that for the first time with my OBGYN as i was disturbed by what i found. I questioned if ot was normal. My sex life has been difficult for most of my adult life with alot of pain and an emotional rollercoaster around the painful intercourse in my serial monogamous relationships . I never really knew why , was always chasing the pain around with diet and different therapy, etc. I thought I has chronic yeast problems that I was chasing with anti yeast / fungal diets, cremes, remedies.. With a recent move to SW Fl, (Damp Heat) I have a flare up, as I cannot walk down the street without itching. I have bought some long shirts to be more discrete. It is miserable and I am at a loss. Come to think of it, every damp heat condition seems to make it worse. I remember a trip to Costa Rica where I couldn’t enjoy the trip with friends I had so much vulvar and anal itching. I would so love to be done with this miserable and embarrassing predicament . I have had other autoimmune diagnosis like fibromyalgia but later attribute it to a diagnosis of Gilberts syndrome. We lack the ability to make an enzyme that unlocks a detox pathway in the liver, it’s the same one that turns billirubin to bile, so there is excess bilirubin floating around in us…It seems alot of us are chronically tired, and achey , foggy , etc, and lots of other random weird symptoms…like splotches on our skin, and itching upon excercise, blurry vision. The reason I write all this is to see if there is a tie in somewhere.

    1. Sonja

      I think the PRP in the O shot can help you. Look on the provider web site for a doctor near you and call their office. I have had a lot of success treating patients like you. Take care and please get some help.
      Best Wishes

      Kathleen Posey FACOG

    2. I have lichen sclerosus since 5 years.I have lost my inner lips ,also my clitoris is getting so small ,scare it will soon disapear and also my anus might close. Doctors here in Quebec did not even took a biopsie ,neither a immunity system test. I was giving a cortisone creem,no follow up.left by myself. I have been with my girlfriend since 16 years,i feel she does’nt want to touch me anymore,scare of hurting me.Can anyone tell me if there is specialist in Québec Canada. Thank you so much. Monika

      1. Hi Monika and sorry to hear your are suffering. I would advise seeing a specialist that can confirm the diagnosis and rule out any other problem/cancer. If it is truly LS, then the O-Shot could really help regenerate the tissue. this website ( should help you find a provider if you look at the “find provider” at the top of the page. if that doesn’t help then you can email me directly and i will contact Dr. Runels and see who is close to you. I am in Alabama so that might be too far but i would be happy to help but surely we can find you someone closer to you. Let me know!

    3. Hi Sonja, sorry to hear you have been suffering with those conditions. Although i am not a specialist with the other conditions (Fibromyalgia and Gilberts) and am not sure of the relation if any to your LS, i still think that the O-Shot could help you with the Lichen Sclerosus and help you feel better and help you have a better sex life. Let me know if i can help! My practice is in Birmingham AL,

    4. Sonja – how did you find out about the bilirubin test. Recently I just got a well check and mine was considered high on the test. They didn’t do any further testing though. Thank you in advance.

  13. I have been performing the O Shot for a couple
    of years for patients who suffer from different conditions and have tried and failed other treatments. The O Shot when administered by an expert is a safe, effective, life changing procedure that my patients are happy with. If you are looking for a female Dermatologist who was personally trained by Dr. Runels to perform the procedure in a supportive environment, we can help. We offer free consultations and many of my own staff have had the O Shot and can tell you first hand how they love their results. If you are feeling hopeless, the O Shot is definitely worth “a shot”! 🙂

  14. Hello, I have been considering the O-shot. I’m only 21 but I have never been able to have an orgasm without the help of a very strong vibrator, and sometimes that doesn’t even work. It’s been a downer on my marriage, I just want to enjoy sex and not have to focus so hard, it’s very very frustrating that I cannot be pleased. I cannot even make it happen while masturbating. Would I benefit from this shot? And it is permanent, or something that I would have to come back and get every couple months?

  15. So what is the O shot?
    Can anyone get it even if they don’t have some conditions or diseases?
    How much does it aprox. cost?

  16. Hi. I have suffered from vaginal / painful intercourse most of my adult life. I was always told that is “just vaginal dryness” but nothing seemed to help or work, even to relieve symptoms. I had a total hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy at the age of 28. Then, sexually, everything went down hill and for years I blamed myself. Finally, at the age of 53 – 5 years ago, after 3 biopsies, I was diagnosed with LS. I thought my troubles had ended now that I had a name for my condition; there must be a cure! On top of it, I am a doctor and surely I would find help among my colleagues to give me the best referrals, point me in the right direction. Many doctor have not even heard of LS, much less seen or treated one. I only had one Onco-gynecologist that knew how to treat it, but treatment w/ steroid creams was unsuccessful. This is a shameful and embarrassing condition, also rapidly progressing. Also, I noticed that many people talk about having other immune disorders/ conditions/ deficiency. I am currently under study to rule out Multiple Sclerosis, have neurogenic bladder, peripheral neuropathy, and severe vascular insufficiency – is there a relationship b/n immuno-compromised conditions and LS? In addition, I was just hospitalized for pyelonephritis (kidney infection), as I have recurrent UTIs. At this point, I am willing to fly anywhere, look at any kind of treatment – conventional or otherwise, and participate in any research just to get ONE good night sleep. If I am sounding desperate is because I am… Thanks.

    1. Hi Dr. V, sorry to hear of your suffering. i am not aware of a relationship with immunocompromised conditions although they see to go hand in hand with LS. The O-Shot could bring you great relief. I would be happy to help you and happy to discuss over the phone first, my practice is in Alabama,, 205-870-0204.

  17. hi everyone , reading all the comments here just wanted to say i to have lichen sclerous,
    i was diagnosed in dec, 2015. the pain, itching, stinging, is unbearable.i cry when i have to urinate
    it burns soooo bad. i have an appointment with the gynecologist again in may, hopefully a biopsy
    will be done to get further answers,, just to share this i use a vagisal cream extra strengh
    anti-itch creme it do help with the itching, burning , and stinging i apply lots ,it will burn a little
    for a few seconds, but i do get relief, even when i urinate. i sooooo feel all your pain. i live in canada
    alberta, lets keep praying that we all beat this LS.

    1. Hi Veronica, sorry to hear you are suffering. i would suggest trying to find someone close to you that is a certified O-Shot provider. you can search on this website to find providers. If not, I would be happy to help you, my practice is in Alabama. I think the O-Shot could really help you and there is good research on treating LS on the “research” tab on this website.

    2. hi …i live in ontario…..and have lichen sclerosis….so bad…..what is the cream that you use? i need relief…..please help. thank you

  18. Hi,

    I am in Australia & have found a provider who is on your list and have made an appointment (yay!). I was just curious to know, does being on your provider list mean she has been trained by yourselves or has simply paid to become a member? Being such a new treatment the amount of experience anyone in Australia has is going to have will be quite low, I’m super excited about my consultation but also very nervous because of that. Also, if by chance the injections are done in the wrong place or miss the target can this cause any complications? I’m particularly nervous about the injection into the clitoris because I can achieve orgasm from there so naturally I would be devastated if I lost that ability. I’ve never been able to get there from sex and I have tried eeeeeverything else so fingers crossed this is the miracle it sounds like and works for me too 🙂 Thanks for your time, fingers crossed I don’t get scared and cancel my appointment!

    Em 🙂

    p.s. keep up the good work, it’s wonderful to see someone looking out for the girls for once! I would bet you have saved quite a number of marriages!

        1. Hi, just to chime in and try to help, as i perform this procedure in my practice in Alabama,, the certified trainer has to have taken the full training course by Dr. Runels or a certified trainer like myself. Regarding your other questions, you do not have to get the clitoral shot but i have never heard of it causing problems, only benefit. “missing” the treatment area is rare and would only cause lack of result. Yes complications are possible with any procedure but extremely unlikely to occur with a trained injector. Hope that helps and you keep your appointment!

          1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions when admin didn’t, I really appreciate it and you’ve really eased my mind! I’ve been up and down on keeping my appointment but I’ll definitely keep it now. I will of course have this conversation with the doctor too but she is a few hours drive from where I live so getting a little information before I take a day off and make the trip is really helpful 🙂 thanks again for your time!

  19. I was diagnosed with lichen sclerosis in 1998. I was given treatment of different steroid creams and eventually 3 different sized shafts to try to keep me from closing up. It helped a little but it was still painful to have intercourse with my husband. My husband passed away over 3 years ago. I haven’t had sex but have tried to use a vibrator for stimulation. I can no longer fit anything inside me nor can I feel anything. Everything has been covered over.

    1. Hi Patti, sorry to hear you are suffering and that you lost your husband. It is pretty remarkable with Platelet Rich Plasma injections in the O-Shot can do to help with this condition. you could actually see the tissue retract and help increase the opening. I suggest finding a certified provider (must be listed on this website) to help you. However, i am happy to help. my practice is in Alabama,

  20. Hello I have just heard about the O-shot. Still getting information about this and similar procedures. I have never felt a vaginal orgasim. Is this something that could help me? Or would I have better luck researching something else? I appreciate any feedback that can point me in a right direction. –KY female

    1. Hi, yes the O-shot could definitely help rejuvenate the tissue so you can start to achieve a vaginal orgasm. it will also help you achieve a better clitoral orgasm. I suggest finding a certified provider (must be listed on this website) to help you. However, i am happy to help. my practice is in Alabama,

  21. I have been diagnosed finally with Lichen Planus which started on my tongue so I go twice a year to MD Anderson to check it for turning into cancer and being going since 2013 and now in the past 6 months I have it all over my body now and my body is bruised from the scratching the itching which when it starts it want stop. I need help as I can not take this much longer. Dermatologist has me on a drug that can cause vision problems so really don’t want to take it. Thank you Billie

    1. Hi Billie Jean, sorry to hear you are struggling so much with this condition. We as O-Shot providers know that the procedure can improve Lichen Sclerosus of the vagina/labia. To be dead honest, i do not have any experience using Platelet Rich Plasma to treat Lichen Planus. I would defer to other comments that will hopefully be made here by other providers. In theory i would think that PRP injections could help but i just have not seen it done.

  22. I have it and i’m in alot of pain hard to sleep at night can’t wear my underwear what can I do for it help i’m so swollen down there having a bad out break it has never been this bad I have had it for 5 years

    1. Hi Beatrice, sorry to hear you are suffering. It is pretty remarkable with Platelet Rich Plasma injections in the O-Shot can do to help with this condition. you could actually see the tissue retract and help increase the opening. I suggest finding a certified provider (must be listed on this website) to help you. However, i am happy to help. my practice is in Alabama,

  23. When I attempt to look for a local provider the website asks me to log in as a member provider…
    If you could, please resend the email that has the 1hr or so video of the procedure.
    I have LS and no insurance and am interested in participating in the study but only if I can go locally.

  24. Help! I am in tears, I’ve had LS for a long time, mostly in the anal perianal area. It itches all the time, I bleed a lot with BM. I have tied the autoimmune diet with no luck. I’ve taking clobetesal but when I stop & switch to triamcinalone it always comes back. I go to a clinic one hour away. Any info or help will be appreciated.

    1. Very sorry to hear you are suffering from LS. It is pretty remarkable with Platelet Rich Plasma injections in the O-Shot can do to help with this condition. you could actually see the tissue retract and help increase the opening. I suggest finding a certified provider (must be listed on this website) to help you. However, i am happy to help. my practice is in Alabama,

  25. Billie Jean
    I have treated patients with Lichen Planus with PRP. If you want to call my office to discuss this I am available . I am board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology . My office is outside of New Orleans,La and my office number is 985 8454111. I have been doing the O shot for 3 years and have been trained by Dr Runels.. Take care and I wish you the best .

  26. It’s my understanding that the O-shot will either help prevent or reverse vaginal thinning secondary to perimenopause or menopause. It’s also my understanding that limited studies have been done on the O-shot. Hence, how do we know that the O-shot will either help prevent or reverse vaginal thinning?

    1. Hi, as the O-Shot’s main function is to rejuvenate and thicken tissue, it can help with vaginal thinning. The studies that have been done on this procedure are listed under the research tab on this website and a lot of clinical opinions have supported the results! Clinical experience of providers is very supportive of this procedure.

  27. 1. How young are you able to get the o-shot?
    2. Can you just get the shot if you can’t reach orgasm during intercourse?
    3. I’m under 18 years old and have not reached orgasm during intercourse with several people.

    1. The O-Shot® has been used for many women under 18 (especially for urinary incontinence). Women do have relations and get married at ages less than 18. Also, for the orgasm part, remember there’s a whole system that’s required (psychological, the partner’s understanding or your body, hormones, and more). See this book for more (especially the last chapter)…Activate the Female Orgasm System

    2. Hi Alex. Although there is no real age minimum to receive the O-Shot, we recommend the patient to be past puberty. You can get the O-Shot to help you achieve orgasm if you cannot achieve. It can also help you strengthen orgasm if you are able to achieve. You could benefit from the O-Shot. I suggest finding a certified provider (must be listed on this website) to help you. However, i am happy to help. my practice is in Alabama,

  28. Dr.V
    I am a board certified Ob-gyn doctor treating LSnA with PRP for 2 years and would be happy to talk to you, My cell number is 504 4958388. I was trained by Dr . Runels and would love to hear from you.
    Best Wishes,
    Dr Kathleen Posey

  29. I’ve had vaginal LS since 2001. As you can imagine I have scarring and have not been able to have sex since then. My question is does the O-shot revive vaginal walls allowing for penetration? Or is it too late for me, for my husband and I?

    1. Hi Donna, sorry you are suffering. The O-Shot will rejuvenate vaginal wall tissue and help ease penetration. The procedure will also help to soften, retract and even lessen the tissue stricken by LS. I suggest finding a certified provider (must be listed on this website) to help you. However, i am happy to help. my practice is in Alabama,

    2. Hi I have treated patients with vaginal scars. I live outside of New Orleans. Feel free to call my office to discuss. Take care and I hope we can help Office number 985 8454111

  30. Hi I live in Ireland , can I get the O shot here and how much would it cost or would I need to travel to the UK ?

  31. I’ve been suffering with LS for years, and about at my wits end. I’ve tried everything and refuse another biopsy. I’m almost to the point of giving up on everything, including my 33 year long marriage, because I just feel he deserves someone that can satisfy him without him feeling guilty. I get even more frustrated from reading the links here, thinking that maybe the medical professionals finally thought enough of us women to find a cure, or at least some relief, just to get another slap in the face to read that insurance doesn’t cover the treatment you are speaking of. It’s not as if I’m asking for a boob job, or just for better sex. All I’m begging for is some relief before it’s too late. If they had to live one day in my shoes, they wouldn’t think twice abut it being an elective procedure, but more of a needed for survival procedure. I don’t know how much more I can tolerate, and it’s not fair to us that are suffering for this long.

    1. Hi Sarah, so sorry to hear you are suffering. Many women suffer from LS and you are right that no one has found a way to help before now. The O-Shot could greatly help you. There is research on this website to show you proof. It is pretty remarkable with Platelet Rich Plasma injections in the O-Shot can do to help with this condition. you could actually see the tissue retract and help increase the opening. I suggest finding a certified provider (must be listed on this website) to help you. However, i am happy to help. my practice is in Alabama,

      1. Hi!

        Has there been anyone on here that has lichen scerosus and has received treatments from one of the Doctors provided through this website?
        If so how many prp o shots have you had and what has been the positive/negative results of the treatment?

        Thank you. I’m considering getting this done very soon. I live in Texas. Is there anyone close to FtW?

    1. Hi Charisse, I have not had any of my patients who have received the O-Shot report a delay in their period. i would contact your provider (if you had the O-Shot) and discuss this with him/her.

  32. Hello,
    I am 25 with a very high sexual drive however, I have very minimal vaginal sensation during intercouse. Can the O-Shot help me get more sensation during sex?

  33. I had a hysterectomy with removal of both ovaries 3 years ago at the age of 44. About a year ago I started having trouble having an orgasm. I am now on Estradiol and Testosterone pellets for the last year but I really haven’t had much improvement in that area. Will the o shot possibly help? I can still have an orgasm, it is just much more difficult. Oddly for the first year to year and a half after hysterectomy I had more vaginal sexual energy/responsiveness, it has been the last year or so with this new problem. Now my vaginal tissue is dry and not sensitive and not much sensation in my clitoris. I kept waiting on the hormone replacement to fix things, but it hasn’t happened.

    1. Hi Jen, i do think that the O-Shot could really help you from what you are describing (especially with the lowered sensation, tissue dryness and function/sensitivity). If your hormones are being assessed and properly treated then i believe you could really benefit from the O-Shot.

  34. I had my i shot done 3 month ago by a certified doctor.I still don’t feel any difference.I am very dissapointed in spending $1500 for something that don’t work.

    1. Hi Josefine. i would follow up with your provider and see what they have to say. In my experience, some patients see little to no result in the first 3 months and then all of a sudden start to see results after that so hopefully it will still work for you. Everyone is different in how they respond. I would also suggest discussing with your provider the possibility of an underlying cause or condition that might make results less impressive. However, i have seen in my own practice that it can take months to see results in some patients. Hope that helps.

    2. For what did you have the procedure done?
      Most doctors in our group will either repeat the procedure or refund your money if you have no results…but if you want to be well..this is very important…
      The O-Shot® procedure rejuvenates vaginal tissue, nothing more and nothing less. This helps IMMENSELY for problems like urinary incontinence, pain with intercourse, decreased lubrication, decreased orgasm intensity in someone who is able to have an orgasm, also it helps with lichen sclerosus, lichen planus, and decreased arousal.
      The orgasm/arousal response is very complicated and involves a whole system (the ORGASM SYSTEM) which involves hormones, relationships, nerves, and other parts of the anatomy (for example a woman could have pain from uterine fibroids …which are not affected by the shot).
      The most difficult to treat and less likely to see help..
      1. the woman who has NEVER had an orgasm. The O-Shot® may help but hormonal therapies and counseling will be needed in most.
      2. the woman who wants to have an orgasm with penis-in-vagina sex. The difficulty here is that the lover (man) may have premature ejaculation, or may not understand his lover’s body, or many other factors.
      For more information, every woman should read the last chapter in this book for various treatment protocols…
      Activate the Female Orgasm System<<--click here.

  35. How is the procedure done? Do you get a local before the shots? How long till you are able to have intercourse? How long does it last? I’m so tired of EVERYTIME I sneeze, cough, jump, laugh to hard, or run embarrassed by the “dribble!” I need HELP!! So embarrassed and tired! Can anyone help answer my questions?
    Thanks in advance!

  36. I am wondering how long the treatment results last and will I need more treatments in the future? Also if treatment is successful do you still continue using the topical steroids?Thanks for all your research efforts! I pray there will someday,in my lifetime, be a cure for LS!

    1. We don’t yet know the exact stats with this question. Like any other treatment, not all women respond. But, the good news is we have even more data (double blinded biopsy studies) showing results using the protocol created by Dr. Runels & the O-Shot® group (especially working with Dr. Posey) and documented with ongoing trials with Dr. Andrew Goldstein).

      In the women who respond, many do come back at 6 weeks for another treatment to touch up the small areas that do not resolve with the first treatment. Then, after the second treatment (that not all need), our providers are seeing some women still without symptoms or signs of the disease at 1-2 years out.

      Perhaps, the most exciting development to come out of the O-Shot® group has been this history making breakthrough in using PRP alone (no stem cells needed because your body will make them) to treat lichen sclerosus, but the sexual response to the O-Shot® can also be amazing (to see details click here) and this response can also happen with some women who receive the O-Shot® procedure from one of our certified providers.

  37. I’m a 41 year old mom of 3. At my last pap appointment, the doctor told me I should consider having the sling procedure done. To be honest, I have heard so many negative things about it and I really don’t want to have any more surgeries. Right now I am not able to jump, laugh, run, cough or anything else to that matter. My question is has anyone else had this procedure done for the urinary incontinence? Did it help? How long does it last? How long until you can have intercourse? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Kerry, Urinary incontinence is one of the two main reasons to get the O-Shot. It could really help you. It can last years in many patients. You can have intercourse right away. You should find a certified provider near you!

  38. My clitoris is slowly disappearing and my vagina seems to be changing so quick . I have only had symptoms for less then a year

    1. Hello

      See the answer for Monika. When it appears that the clitoris is disappearing, what’s usually going on is the lichen is scaring down the clitoral hood so it can’t be retracted. A skilled surgeon can reexpose the clioris for sexual stimulation (instead of the clitoris being covered and so becoming less sensitive by scar tissue). It’s important that the surgeon then use our modified O-Shot to prevent the scaring from immediately recurring.

  39. So here is my question. I’ve always been able to get myself off with ease but I have never been able to cum with a man orally or with penetration. Would the o shot help me? To be be able to get off with a man?

    1. Hi Ms. Caines. The O-Shot could help you but you need a full work up first, hormone check, medical check etc. there may be other things that are contributing to that problem that need to be ruled/out and or investigated/treated so that the O-Shot can work. You should find a certified O-Shot provider near you and go for a consult.

  40. Hi. I am looking for an o shot provider who has been trained in handling lichen sclerosus. I’m 30 and have been undiagnosed for 5 years and I’m currently breast feeding which makes it worse. I’m also on the clobetasol regiment. Does the o-shot help with atrophic vaginitis as well? I would need a provider in Virginia or possibly North Carolina.

  41. I have ichen schlerosis all over my body. Suffering from 2008. It is affecting my anal area aswell . I would be so excited about some sort of relief.

  42. In October 2015 I got my first o-shot to help with lubrication, quality of orgasms. I went to Dr Amy Brenner in Mason, Ohio. She was very professional and put my mind at ease for this intimate procedure. It was surprisingly a simple, painless procedure. The office was wonderful with following up with me to make sure I was getting the desired results. I did have a lot of important with the first o-shot but was offered another o-shot at the 12 week mark to help even more with sensitivity. I am so glad Dr Brenner explained the second shot to me and how it would be beneficial. I can now say it feels the same as when I was in my 20s. This is an amazing procedure! Go see Dr Brenner today!

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