Severe vaginal yeast treatment using combination of O-Shot® with antifungal

Story and photos courtesy of…
 João Brito Jaenisch Neto

João Brito Jaenisch Neto

Dr. João Brito Jaenisch Neto

42 years old with 2 vaginal childbirth. Came in to office complaining with vaginal itch, burning and white vaginal discharge.
Physical examination: I saw this issues and took pictures.

before treatment








I told her that her symptoms were from the acute and severe fungus , yeast, candidíase. I told her that I would like to treat her with PRP to repair the tissues damages and just oral cetoconazol for 5 days.

I never ever had such amazing tissues restore. I did PRP in all damage tissue area. She came back 7 days later and the outcome was the pictures.

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