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The following video shows how to log into the O-Shot members website (where you can see the video about how to give a painless O-Shot® procedure and more...If you're already logged in you don't need to watch this, just click here to go straight to the video (click)<--

To be able to login, your membership in the O-Shot® provider group should be up date. If your credit card expired or for some other reason you can't log in, then please call us at 1-888-920-5311.

Here's where to see the email address attached to your name (only if you're a current member)<--

Here's where to login to see the video (click)<--

Here's research that YOU helped sponsor by your membership in our group...

Click the following link to see the research just published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology about treating lichen sclerosus with O-Shot® methods (be very proud that our group did the concept and financed this study...

--->>lichenSclerosusJAAD<-- Click to download the pdf.

For Your Presentations--Click to Download (this is open access material) ...

  1. Keynote slides for the lichen photos (click here)<--  to use in your presentations.
  2. lichen photos from JAAD in Power Point (click to download)<--


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  1. Hi

    I have just tried to log in and view this email and video but my username and log in were denied.

    Could you please assist me with this matter.

    Lynn Theron

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