Juice up your O-Shot® Skills for Great Benefit for Your Patients and for You

I just created a very powerful step-by-step way to understand and do what our most successful providers have done. To learn how to both provide the O-Shot® in an excellent way and to connect with women who need the procedure, take the journey with our new course; if you do all 3 modules, you and your patients should benefit greatly (click to start the journey...private for only our active and licensed O-Shot® providers)<--

Includes all of the following:
*Consent forms
*How to treat some cases of stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, dyspareunia, anorgasmia, decreased libido, & lichen sclerosus
*Which problems are more likely to be helped and which are less likely to benefit.
*A list of supplies needed
*Multiple videos of the procedure
*A tool for surveying your patients in a private way
*How to make videos to explain your procedures to your patients.
*A way to download a year's worth of emails to send your patients
*Much, MUch, MUCH more

Prizes will come to those who complete all three modules<--

Physicians and nurse practitioners interested in learning the procedure and enrolling in the course can find more information about requirements here<--

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