Prevention Magazine Talks about the O-Shot® Procedure…

I remember seeing Prevention Magazine on my Grandmother’s coffee table…
so I was thrilled to read about the O-Shot® procedure in Prevention Magazine….(click now to see this provocative article) <–

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Inventor of the O-Shot® in the Guardian

I was honored by a visit by Kathleen Hale who spent 3 days trying to understand the reason for and the science behind the O-Shot® procedure. The article she wrote was courageous…just talking about sex brings very strong emotional and sometimes angry responses from people. If you want examples, just look at the comments on this excellent article…

Here’s the article in the Guardian (click)<–

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Brave reporter tells her experience with the O-Shot® procedure…

Many major media sources have written about the O-Shot® procedure. But few reporters have actually had the procedure done. Much easier to report on Paris if you actually travel to Paris!

Here’s a very detailed article about the O-Shot® procedure by a very brave reporter, Lisa Fogarty.

Read Ms. Fogarty’s detailed description about what happened with her vagina (click) <–

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